The Ultimate Pinterest for Business Starter Guide

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“… 47% of social media users see Pinterest as the platform for discovering and shopping for products— more than three times higher than those who cited Facebook or Instagram.” (eMarketer, June 2019)

Post COVID-19, Pinterest has seen a record level of engagement on the platform, with global monthly active users growing by 25% in Q1 and searches up over 60%. (The Wall Street Journal, June 2020)

Want to increase online sales? Drive more traffic?

  • Start by creating a conversion focused Pinterest page for your e-commerce or service-based online business.
  • This starter guide provides you with a Pinterest marketing foundation to generate organic traffic for your online business.
  • Discover the secrets behind creating a performing Pinterest page.

This FREE 8-page guide will teach you how to:

Do a pre-launch check

Before you start, answer some specific questions to validate that Pinterest is the right platform for your business.

Prepare your website & Pinterest page

Helpful tips to prepare to prepare your website and Pinterest profile for pinning activities.

Build your Pinterest page

Guidelines to help you create an attractive and SEO optimized Pinterest page.

Create & share content

Creating and sharing content is at the heart of your Pinterest marketing activities. Learn how to do it right so that it generates traffic.

Learn what it takes to drive traffic to your site with Pinterest

Want to increase clicks to your online business?

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