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Pinterest Highlights the Power of Positivity, While Criticizing Engagement-Baiting Approaches, in New Guide

Pinterest has published a new guide which focuses on the power of positivity in social media, especially in respect to building your brand online.

And Pinterest has also taken a veiled shot at other social networks, which use engagement as a key incentive: [...]

Pinterest may have a valid point - yes, you can generate engagement and interaction by being divisive, and prompting debate and response. But is that really helping to shift your company's bottom line? Pinterest's guide focuses on how brands can maximize consumer response by taking a positive approach.

18 September 2020  |

Pinterest Releases New Data on Key Trends Heading into the Last Quarter of 2020

Every year, according to Pinterest, September is a time when people reassess their key goals, and re-focus on what's important heading into the last months of the year.

But in 2020, things are looking a little different. Pinterest has published a new listing of key trends that it's seeing among its audience, which may help you map out your Pinterest marketing approach leading into the holiday season.

17 September 2020  |

Pinterest Taps Marie Claire’s Aya Kanai as Head of Content and Editorial Partnerships

Marie Claire editor in chief Aya Kanai joined Pinterest in the newly created role of head of content and editorial partnerships. Kanai will be responsible for leading editorial integrations between Pinterest and creators and publishers with the goal of bringing fresh, inspiring content to the platform.

16 September 2020  |

Pinterest's new D&I chief will report directly to CEO

As Pinterest faces a lawsuit alleging bias in hiring, promotion and compensation, the tech company named Tyi McCray as its new global head of inclusion and diversity, according to an Aug. 31 announcement. For the first time, the position will be within Pinterest's executive management team. McCray will report directly to Pinterest co-founder and CEO Ben Silbermann.

15 September 2020  |

Ferrero shares '31 Days of Halloween' on Pinterest

Candy maker Ferrero plans to celebrate Halloween with a month-long campaign that includes shoppable pins on Pinterest, digital advertising and influencer posts. The "31 Days of Halloween" celebration will last throughout October, per an announcement.
The shoppable pins let Pinterest users order Ferrero's brands including Baby Ruth, Butterfinger, Crunch, Fannie May, Kinder, Nutella and Tic Tac. The confectioner and influencer partners also will share ideas on Pinterest of how to celebrate Halloween.

12 September 2020  |

Pinterest Provides An Overview Of How It Has Improved It’s Home Feed Ranking System To Display More Relevant Results To Pinners

Last week, Pinterest provided a few pointers for advertisers as part of an overview of how the company has improved Pinterest’s Home Feed ranking. On September 4 of this year, the company published a blog post on the Pinterest Engineering blog and outlined how the company has improved its Home Feed ranking system to display more relevant results to Pinners.

11 September 2020  | Read more at takes a greater interest in Pinterest

Furniture e-tailer identified Pinterest as an avenue for driving growth in 2020, and the early signs of the partnership appear positive.

A strategy consisting of several different strands, including search campaigns and conversion optimisation using Pinterest’s shopping ad and retargeting tools, resulted in a reduction in cost per click in its key UK, France, and Germany markets.

10 September 2020  |

Pinterest says it will no longer allow ads on elections-related content, employees get time off to vote

Pinterest announced Thursday it will no longer show ads to users when they search for common elections-related terms like candidate names or “polling place.”

The company also announced Thursday it will give employees eight hours of paid time off, the equivalent of a work day, for “civic engagement,” which can be used to vote, serve as a poll worker or other forms of civic or community engagement, it said. Employees can use the paid time off anytime, not limited to Election Day, the company said. 

4 September 2020  |

How Hilton Is Marketing Through the Pandemic (Pinterest Has Been Key)

Lately, travel brands have taken to Pinterest, advertising directly to “dreamers”—travelers who have shown intent to go on a trip, but have yet to decide where they’re staying. Adweek spoke with Hilton’s Noha Abdalla, who formally used to oversee the brand’s social media content but has since expanded her role to overseeing all of the brand’s digital content, about how the hospitality chain is using the platform.

4 September 2020  |

Pinterest cancels huge SF office lease in unbuilt project, citing work-from-home shift

Pinterest terminated a massive 490,000-square-foot lease at San Francisco’s unbuilt 88 Bluxome project, citing a shift toward more remote work amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The company will instead continue leasing four existing San Francisco offices, including 651 Brannan St., and pay a one-time fee of $89.5 million to cancel the Bluxome lease. The cancellation is the strongest sign yet of how the coronavirus is reducing the tech sector’s once-voracious appetite for office space. “As we analyze how our workplace will change in a post-COVID world, we are specifically rethinking where future employees could be based,” said Todd Morgenfeld, Pinterest’s chief financial officer, in a statement.

29 August 2020  |

Pinterest Provides an Overview of How to Use Adobe Spark to Create Pins

Back in April, Pinterest announced a new set of creative partnerships in order to facilitate streamlined Pin creation and uploading from popular creation platforms like Canva, PicMonkey and Adobe Spark.

Highlighting the benefits that these official partnerships facilitate, Pinterest has this week published a new video overview of how Pinterest marketers can create great-looking, effective Pins within Adobe Spark, and upload them to their Pinterest account without leaving the platform.

27 August 2020  |

Pinterest Tests Labels to Bring More Context, Information to Product Pins

Pinterest is testing the addition of information to Product Pins, and it detailed updates to its Shopping Spotlights curated recommendations under its search tab.

New “Popular” and “Best seller” labels are being tested on Product Pins so that Pinners can see which products are trending based on what other Pinners have been buying. Updated sale prices will also be added next to the original prices on Product Pins so users can spot deals.

26 August 2020  |

Pinterest rolls out new quiz unit, with IKEA Canada first to try it out

With more homebodies looking for at-home creativity and a broader drive toward ecommerce, the quiz is giving Pinners a new way to curate their boards.

26 August 2020  |

How travel brands are using Pinterest to inspire travel again

Some good news on the travel front: People are starting to move again. More than 850,000 travelers passed through US airport security checkpoints on August 16—nearly 10x the number in early April when shelter-in-place mandates began.1 While it’s still just one third of the volume compared to a year ago, we're beginning to see signs of recovery

As travelers look to ease back into exploring, brands are finding new opportunities to connect with travelers in meaningful ways. We’re seeing a shift away from the usual mix of TV and digital ads touting the latest deals. Instead, brands are promoting trips more attuned to current health and safety recommendations. 

25 August 2020  |

Pinterest Provides Tips for Travel Brands Amid Early Signs of Travel Recovery

With COVID-19 lockdowns still in place, in varying forms, in most regions across the world, it may seem like there's limited opportunity for travel marketing and pitching people on future holiday plans. But according to Pinterest interest in travel is seeing a resurgence, as more people look forward to future opportunities, and more travelers, right now, are moving through US airports. [...]

25 August 2020  |

New Pinterest Shop collection launches with Black-owned beauty and fashion businesses

To celebrate National Black Business Month, Pinterest has launched a brand new Pinterest Shop collection featuring 20+ Black-owned fashion and beauty businesses with 600+ products. [...]

Visit the Pinterest Shop to find businesses like lemlem, Studio One Eighty Nine, Mahnal, The Folklore, Ceylon and Beauty Bakerie. Each product is a shoppable Product Pin that links directly to the respective store’s online checkout, so you can buy in a few clicks. [...]

21 August 2020  |

Pinterest Highlights Black-Owned Fashion and Beauty Businesses in Latest Shop Update

In celebration of National Black Business Month, Pinterest has today launched the latest version of its Pinterest Shop, highlighting a range of Black-owned businesses in the fashion and beauty sector.

As explained by Pinterest: "[We've] launched a brand new Pinterest Shop collection, featuring 20+ Black-owned fashion and beauty businesses with 600+ products. With searches for “Black-owned business” up 13x*, Pinterest is making it easier to discover and shop unique products from these mission-driven brands."

21 August 2020  |

Pinterest announces first Black board member

Pinterest has appointed Andrea Wishom, president of real estate company Skywalker Holdings* and former Harpo Studios executive, to its board of directors. The appointment makes her Pinterest’s first Black board member and third female board member.

Pinterest added its first female board member in 2016, when it appointed Michelle Wilson, a former Amazon executive. Wilson was also the company’s first outside board member.

19 August 2020  |

Reddit, Verizon, LinkedIn, Pinterest join tech cohort fighting misinfo

A coalition of tech companies met with government security agencies on Wednesday to prepare for what's expected to be a tumultuous election cycle, per The New York Times. Tech companies and government agencies have shared information since misinformation and foreign interference affected platforms ahead of the 2016 election, but communication is now ramping up ahead of the 2020 US presidential election.

Most recently, reddit, Verizon Media, LinkedIn, Pinterest and the Wikimedia Foundation have joined the cohort—previously, it was composed of just Twitter, Microsoft, Facebook and Google. The government agencies involved include the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), FBI and the Department of Justice's National Security Division.

16 August 2020  |

Pinterest Pinned By Sexism

Another summer, another sexism case in Silicon Valley. This one brought by ex-Google, ex-Square power-woman and Pinterest COO, Francoise Brougher. Her accusations, laid out in a powerfully-written and detailed blog, echo every other bro-culture inditement of tech company cultures. Her’s carry particular clout because she’s so senior (and the New York Times has embraced her story). She had a seat at the top table, and a front-row view of the corporate culture. It ain’t pretty.

Pinterest was supposed to be the attractive poster child for humble, middle American leadership. [...]

15 August 2020  |

Hitting the Glass Ceiling, Suddenly, at Pinterest

The stories of gender exclusion I heard this week from women working at Pinterest and their former colleagues were numbingly similar, with most using the same words over and over again: Sidelined. Shut down. Doors closed. Inner circles. Toxic secrecy. Homegrown boys club. Left out of meetings. Out of key decisions. Out of promotions. Out.

Which is why the essay “The Pinterest Paradox: Cupcakes and Toxicity,” published on Medium by its recently ousted chief operating officer, Françoise Brougher, landed with a definitive boom. Ms. Brougher has also filed a lawsuit against the social media company saying she was fired after she complained about gendered treatment. 

15 August 2020  |

Pinterest employees are walking out today in light of discrimination allegations

Pinterest employees are walking out today to demand change at the company. The walkout is directly in response to recent accusations of racial and gender discrimination at Pinterest.

In addition to the walkout, there’s a petition circulating throughout the company demanding systemic change. The change they seek entails full transparency about promotion levels and retention, total compensation package transparency and for the people within two layers of reporting to the CEO to be at least 25% women and 8% underrepresented employees.

14 August 2020  |

Vimeo Partners with Pinterest to Enable Streamlined Video Pin Creation

Looking to boost your brand's presence on Pinterest? Creating video content can help - video views on Pinterest have increased more than 3x in 2020 over the same period in 2019, while Pinners are also 2.6x more likely to make a purchase after viewing brand video content on the platform.

And now, you have an easier path to creating video Pins, with Vimeo announcing a new partnership with Pinterest that will enable users of its Vimeo Create platform to upload their videos direct to Pinterest.

12 August 2020  |

Pinterest improves and expands its skin tone search feature

Pinterest is upgrading its skin tone search feature, which uses machine vision to sort pins in the site’s beauty category by skin tone. The feature launched in the US in 2018 and is now available in the UK, Canada, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand as well.

The feature is designed to make it easier for users to find content relevant to them, says Pinterest. It’s a common problem in the search world that certain queries default to show white faces. By giving users the option to refine their searches based on skin tones, Pinterest says it helps users find they content they want to see.

12 August 2020  |

Pinterest Accused of Gender Bias in Suit by Former No. 2 Executive

SAN FRANCISCO — In April, Françoise Brougher, the chief operating officer of Pinterest and its top female executive, abruptly left the company with little explanation.

In a lawsuit filed on Tuesday, Ms. Brougher accused the $21 billion company, which makes virtual pinboards, of firing her after she complained about sexist treatment. In her suit, which was filed in San Francisco Superior Court, Ms. Brougher said she had been left out of important meetings, was given gendered feedback, was paid less than her male peers when she joined the company, and ultimately was let go for speaking up about it.

12 August 2020  |

Facebook's Loss Is Pinterest's Massive Gain

Pinterest announced it estimated July revenue to be up 50% YoY and announces 35% guidance for Q3. In other words, Facebook’s loss is Pinterest’s gain.

Shopify integration for shopping already paying off, while ad business profits benefits from automatic bidding, conversion optimization objectives and medium-sized advertisers.

6 August 2020  |

Pinterest looks to implement U.S. success overseas as international user base grows

Pinterest saw its global user base surge and its international advertising strategy take shape as the world grappled with a novel coronavirus outbreak last quarter, CEO Ben Silbermann told CNBC on Monday.

The app saw user growth especially in Western Europe, Latin America, Brazil and parts of Asia, and the company is focused on replicating its success in the U.S. overseas, he said in a “Mad Money” interview.

“International revenue only comprised about 9% of overall revenue last year this time,” Silbermann explained to Jim Cramer. “Now, it’s up to 15%, and so we’re starting to see this same formula that’s working really well for businesses here in the United States also work well for advertisers around the world.”

4 August 2020  |

Pinterest tops 400 million monthly active users—with Gen Z, men and Millennials driving growth

It's official: More than 400 million people around the world now come to Pinterest every month to find inspiration. If our positive corner of the internet were a country, it would surpass the United States as the third largest in the world.

But what inspires me most isn’t how much we’ve grown—it’s the audiences that are growing with us.

[...] As we cross this 400 million monthly active users (MAU) milestone, Gen Z and Millennials are driving much of our growth, with the number of men on Pinterest also jumping nearly 50% year on year, too. 

1 August 2020  |

Pinterest Surges on Sales Lift as Advertisers, Users Return

Pinterest Inc. surged as much as 37% after it said revenue in July jumped from a year earlier as advertisers and users returned to the social-sharing service.

The company estimated year-over-year sales growth of about 50% for this month, through July 29. “We are encouraged by the performance of our business,” it said in a statement on Friday. “But a tremendous amount of uncertainty remains given the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and other factors.”

For the whole of the third quarter, Pinterest expects sales to grow in the mid-30% range, year over year. 

31 July 2020  |

Pinterest, TikTok Eyed As Beneficiaries Of Facebook Boycott

Although the majority of Americans (54%) are entirely unaware of the current Facebook boycott, suggesting the marketing industry has been paying more attention to this than the average person, new research from Mediahub suggests for those consumers who are aware of the boycott, it is a powerful motivator for brand perception and loyalty.

[...] They are exploring other platforms. One in three (35%) say they have scaled back their time spent on Facebook platforms. Instead, 60% are spending more time on Pinterest over the past 30 days, 44% are spending more time on TikTok, 40% are spending more time on Twitter, 31% are spending more time on Snapchat and 24% are spending more time on Reddit.

31 July 2020  |

Pinterest Search Trends Show How Couples Adjusted Wedding Plans Due to Covid-19

Pinterest shared some insights on how the coronavirus pandemic has skewed wedding-related searches on its platform and how marketers in different sectors can help fill in the gaps.

The company said in a statement, “Since the pandemic hit, the wedding industry is one of many that has been hugely impacted, as brides and grooms have had to rethink, postpone or even cancel their celebrations as a result of the pandemic. As a top destination for wedding planning, Pinterest’s insights provide a lens into how consumers are thinking about the future of weddings.”

28 July 2020  |

Pinterest Search Trends: Updated Insights For Summer 2020

A new report on Pinterest search trends reveals which topics are seeing a spike in popularity during the summer months of 2020.

Knowing what users priorities are can be useful in guiding the efforts of social media marketers throughout the rest of the season.

As it turns out, users priorities are increasingly becoming themselves, [...]

25 July 2020  |

Pinterest Launches 'Make a Statement Mask' Challenge to Encourage Mask Use

With US authorities now actively promoting the use of face masks to help slow the spread of COVID-19, Pinterest has this week launched a new campaign to help encourage face mask use, by showcasing custom face coverings created by the Pin community.

With its “Make a Statement Mask” challenge, Pinterest will look to highlight a range of creators who've made unique masks, utilizing individuality and style, while also adhering to public safety guidance.

23 July 2020  |

New Priorities: Pinterest insights show millions globally are restructuring their lives with wellbeing practices and an optimistic outlook

Many people know Pinterest as a place for recipes, home décor ideas and DIY. However, with COVID-19 creating new life stressors, more people than ever before are turning to Pinterest for wellbeing and self-care. In fact, Pinterest has recently seen the highest searches ever around mental wellness ideas including meditation (+44%), gratitude (+60%) and positivity (+42%) that jumped from February to May. Pinners are looking for creative ways to navigate and cope with their “new normal,” so we took a closer look at their shifting priorities to understand which trends will live out the remainder of 2020.

22 July 2020  |

Pinterest Releases New Data on Rising Search Trends Amid COVID-19

As we work our way through the next stage of lockdowns and impacts due to COVID-19, Pinterest has this week shared some new insights into key search trends on its platform, which focus on wellness, positivity - and even, surprisingly, 'starting a new business'.

It seems that the lockdowns have forced many to re-assess what they want in life, and how they can improve their mindset and focus - as per Pinterest: [...]

22 July 2020  |

UK staycations: 5 seaside towns as recommended by Pinterest users

Pinterest is also a great place to find your next travel destination. With users sharing tips of where to go and photos of their adventures from all over the world, it’s a goldmine of beautiful places to explore.

As we know, staycations are huge right now, and this is something that Pinterest has seen reflected in all of the travel posts flooding the platform recently. From pastel beach huts to cute boutiques, the charming sights of UK seaside towns have spiked over the last six months revealing the prettiest, most-Pinterest staycations to visit are.

19 July 2020  |

Pinterest Will Donate $300k to the Hospitality Sector as Part of New 'Chefs at Home' Initiative

With the hospitality sector being hit especially hard by the COVID-19 lockdowns, Pinterest has this week launched a new initiative called 'Chefs at Home', which aims to both showcase recipes from leaders in the field, while also providing support for the restaurant sector.

18 July 2020  |

Pinterest Cooks Up a New Chefs at Home Initiative for Its Today Tab

Pinterest kicked off its Chefs at Home initiative this week both to aid the restaurant industry, struggling with the effects of the coronavirus pandemic, and to provide inspiration for people quarantined at home and looking to sharpen their cooking skills.

Every Thursday through the end of August, Pinterest’s Today tab will feature new recipes from top chefs and culinary leaders including Giada de Laurentiis, Tanya Holland, Kwame Onwuachi and Andrew Zimmern.

17 July 2020  |

Pinterest Shares New Guide to Effective Pin Marketing in 2020

If you're looking to utilize Pinterest for your business, then this is the guide for you.

This week, Pinterest has published its 2020 advertising guide, which includes overviews and insights on all aspects of the platform - from the basics of creating an account, and how Pins works, to how the platform influences purchase decisions, and the various ad tools at your disposal.

You can download the full, 46-page guide here, and it's well worth doing so, but here's a look at some of the key points of note.

16 July 2020  |

Get Started With Pinterest Video Ads: Here’s How

Why should you use Pinterest video ads?
In short? Because they’re effective. Pinterest video ads are integrated in the feed to appear alongside organic pins. The ads come in standard or max width sizes, which are the same height as a typical pin but can be as wide as a double column on mobile. The ads begin playing automatically when they come into a user’s home feed, and they can be viewed in a larger view, replayed, or played with audio.

Here's how to create them.

14 July 2020  |

Pinterest Updates Feed Algorithm to Boost Specific Content Types, in Addition to Usage-Defined Trends

Pinterest has published a new overview of how a recent update to its algorithm has enabled it to better balance the types of content it shows in user home feeds, which will enable it to display a broader range of content, as opposed to simply relying on engagement data to drive its Pin recommendations.

The update is a new approach to Pinterest's algorithm distribution, which will enable it to put more focus on, say, video content, or content from a more culturally diverse set of creators, without having to compromise user experience.

11 July 2020  |

25 Things You Need to Know About Pinterest

Pinterest is a huge social platform with 367 million monthly active users.

As a marketer, this means Pinterest is a promising platform to showcase your brand.

But do you know everything there is to know about Pinterest?

Here are 25 Pinterest facts to turn your head.

6 July 2020  |

Why Pinterest Stock Is Up 19% Through the First Half of the Year

After crashing during the coronavirus sell-off in March, shares of Pinterest (NYSE: PINS) bounced back and finished the first half of the year up 19%, according to data from S&P Global Market Intelligence.

While the company's advertising business has been challenged by the crisis, investors have enthusiastically returned to growth stocks like Pinterest, believing that the crisis will accelerate a shift in advertising spending to digital platforms like the virtual pinboard.

4 July 2020  |

Pinterest testing new co-sold, revenue-share ad model for publishers with Tastemade

Pinterest is testing a new advertising model on the social media platform that will split revenue derived from a unique co-sales arrangement with publishers that will heavily feature video ads. But unlike previous video campaigns on the platform, high performing publishers will be creating the videos in their own style.

Currently in an experimental phase, Tastemade is the first publisher to sign on and the brand that is funding the early trial is corn chip snack Fritos.

3 July 2020  |

It's Time for the Earliest Holiday Planning Season Ever

This year, Pinners are starting to search for holiday ideas earlier than ever before. Historically, people on Pinterest start making holiday plans in September. This year, they started searching and saving for holidays in April. Holiday searches jumped 77% in April 2020 versus April 2019. That trend included a threefold increase in searches for “Christmas gift ideas”—eight months before December.

Why the shift?

Andréa Mallard, CMO at Pinterest, explains why Pinners are starting to search for holiday ideas earlier than ever before.

1 July 2020  |

Pinterest hires law firm to examine its workplace culture after accusations of racism

Pinterest has hired an outside legal team to examine its workplace culture in response to accusations of racism and discrimination by two former employees.

The company’s board of directors said Monday that a newly formed committee has hired the law firm WilmerHale to conduct a “comprehensive and independent review of our policies and practices concerning discrimination, harassment, and other workplace issues.”

The firm will also review how Pinterest “evaluates, promotes, and compensates employees and how the company responds to and investigates complaints of discrimination, harassment, and retaliation,” Pinterest co-founder and CEO Ben Silbermann said Monday in statement.

30 June 2020  |

Road Trip: Pinners Hit The Gas On Car-Related Pinterest Searches

As the stay-at-home orders related to Covid-19 begin to lift, road trips have become the rage, with people still reluctant to travel by airplane for numerous reasons.

Pinterest cited data from the Arrivalist Daily Travel Index showing that car journeys during Memorial Day Weekend saw volume up more than 70% compared with normal summer volume for many destinations.

Global automotive strategy lead John Gray pointed out in a blog post that Pinners are eyeing more sparsely populated destinations.

28 June 2020  |

Henkel Schwarzkopf Launches Australian First Collections Campaign On Pinterest

Henkel Schwarzkopf is now the first Australian advertiser to launch a Collections campaign on Pinterest, which goes live this week.

Leveraging a format that elevates a range of products at once, their new campaign celebrates experimenting with hair colours from dusty lavender to shocking pink, bringing many options for people to be expressive and vibrant even as they stay at home.

Collections ads include multiple products and images in a single ad so Pinners can discover great products and click to checkout on the retailer’s site.

26 June 2020  |

Google Chases Pinterest (Again) With An AI-Powered Rival

Google recently launched Keen, a social media platform that offers similar collection and curation features as Pinterest (NYSE:PINS). Instead of pinning interests onto virtual pinboards, Keen's users curate their interest in "keens", and the platform leverages Google's AI capabilities to suggest more content to add.

[...] Google added a "collections" feature to its image search engine for curating images in 2015, and upgraded the feature with AI-powered suggestions earlier this year. Keen seems to be another step toward Google's creation of a full-fledged Pinterest rival -- but is it far too late to enter the curation market?

25 June 2020  |

Pinterest CEO Ben Silbermann: ‘Parts Of Our Culture Are Broken’

Pinterest CEO Ben Silbermann addressed a litany of allegations by two former employees earlier this week in an email to staff.

Silbermann wrote in his email—which was obtained by Bloomberg News and confirmed as accurate by Pinterest—” What I’ve learned over the past few weeks is that parts of our culture are broken. Truthfully, I didn’t understand just how much work we have to do. That’s not an excuse, that’s a failure in leadership, and I’m truly sorry for letting you down. I’m grateful that so many of you had the courage to share your experiences honestly and openly.” Silbermann also pledged to add a person of color to Pinterest’s board of directors by the end of the year.

19 June 2020  |

How Pinners Are Planning A Different Pride For This Year

It is starting to settle in that there will not be massive street celebrations or big parades to celebrate Pride this year. However, June continues to be the month people around the world celebrate diversity and the LGBTQ community, and Pinterest has always been a positive place where people can explore their dreams and ideas to be themselves.

So it’s not surprising that Pinterest is continually seeing a high volume of searches for milestone moments “transgender transition” (+70%) or “LGBTQ coming out stories” (+93%)*.

18 June 2020  |

Two Former Pinterest Employees Allege Racial Discrimination At The Company

Two black women who until recently served in key public policy roles at Pinterest are making their claims of racial discrimination at the company public.

Ifeoma Ozoma, who as Pinterest's public policy and social impact manager was widely credited for leading its efforts to combat misinformation about vaccines, says she was unfairly paid during her time at the company.

Ozoma also took to Twitter to accuse her manager of “racism, gaslighting and disrespect” and slammed the company's response to online harassment at the hands of another employee. [...]

17 June 2020  |

Pinterest Publishes New Data on Emerging eCommerce Behaviors

Pinterest has this week published some new insights into the rise of grocery shopping online amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

[...] "An estimated 50% of all US consumers have now grocery-shopped online, a whopping 40% increase over last year."

Which is no surprise, right? We can't physically go to stores, and we need groceries, so more people are shopping online. That, of course, makes logical sense, but it's interesting to consider the future implications of such, and how that could relate to broader eCommerce behavior moving forward.

16 June 2020  |

Pinterest Details Spikes In Pride-Related Searches

The 2020 edition of LGBTQ Pride Month comes without many of its typical large parades and festivals due to Covid-19, but Pinterest is not lacking for related activity on its platform.

Pinterest said in a blog post that it compared searches from April 20 through May 17 with the exact same time period in 2019, and it found spikes in queries for LGBTQ coming-out stories (93%), drag makeup (77%) and transgender transition (70%).

16 June 2020  |

Pinterest, Numerator: Pinners 50% More Likely To Buy Groceries Online During Pandemic

Pinterest teamed up with market research company Numerator to analyze the surge in online grocery shopping spurred by the coronavirus pandemic.

Although grocery stores were classified as essential businesses and remained open, the two companies found that the number of Pinners shopping for groceries online was up 70% in March compared with February.

16 June 2020  |

Pinterest Has Begun Testing A New Version Of Stories, Called Story Pins, With US Creators

The “Stories” format popularized by Snapchat is now commonly used across social platforms. Today, there are Instagram Stories, Facebook Stories and YouTube Stories, for example. Even Twitter and Spotify are testing the concept. Last year, Pinterest also joined in by experimenting with a feature called “Story Pins,” which allowed creators to share their ideas in a Stories-like format. These Story Pins could contain multiple pages of text, images, video and links, but the new format never launched to the public. As it turns out, the product has not been scrapped. It’s been revised.

12 June 2020  |

How Designer Christina Henck Uses Pinterest

Since 2012, Philadelphia-based Henck Design has worked with a range of clients, from high-level executives to professional athletes to empty nesters. For owner and founder Christina Henck, Pinterest has become a key tool for communicating with those clients, generating new leads and curating interior design styles. We caught up with Henck to learn more about how she makes the platform work for her business and what tips she would offer others in the industry.

11 June 2020  |

Pinterest's Global Head of Marketing for Financial Services discusses how brands can connect with consumers post-COVID-19

Sarika Sangwan, Global Head of Financial Services Strategy & Marketing at Pinterest, speaks to what brand insights, inspiration, and trust mean in a post COVID-19 world. Sangwan discusses the role of brands post-COVID-19, addressing their power to inspire consumers and marketers through great communication, while staying authentic and trustworthy in a tense environment.

10 June 2020  |

Pinterest Juggles Requests for Late Payments From Advertisers

The chief financial officer of Pinterest Inc. is working to keep revenue flowing without alienating cash-strapped advertisers that use its online image-sharing platform. Pinterest relies primarily on retailers and packaged-goods companies for advertising revenue, and in recent weeks it has received an increasing number of requests for payment extensions from advertisers struggling with the fallout from coronavirus pandemic-related lockdowns, CFO Todd Morgenfeld said.

Several advertisers have asked to discuss payment terms related to invoices. So far, Pinterest hasn’t granted recurring extensions, but executives have discussed specific invoices with some advertisers facing extreme circumstances, Mr. Morgenfeld said.

9 June 2020  |

Facebook and Google Are No Threat to Pinterest

Pinterest (NYSE:PINS) has released several updates to its shopping features over the last couple of months. Pinners -- what Pinterest calls its users -- can now find products based on pins they've saved to boards, new searches, and even by taking a new photo in its Lens camera. It's creating style guides based on common search terms, artificial intelligence, and its deep catalog of images to recommend trending styles. It also partnered with Shopify to enable merchants to easily import their catalogs to Pinterest and create shoppable pins. And it partnered with publishers and personalities to curate products. [...]

5 June 2020  |

Pinterest Accelerates Tech Projects As Pandemic Boosts User Engagement

Pinterest Inc. has accelerated some technology initiatives in recent weeks in response to changing user behavior in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, said Jeremy King, senior vice president of technology. [...]

During the pandemic, Pinterest has seen user traffic and engagement grow to record highs and also change because of lockdown and social distancing measures, Mr. King said. [...]

Global monthly active users now exceed 367 million, up from about 300 million last September, according to the company. During the past few months, searches have increased by 60% compared with last year and the number of boards created is up by the same amount.

5 June 2020  |

Pinterest Outlines Steps To Promote Diversity And Racial Justice

Pinterest shared steps it is taking on its platform, within its company and elsewhere to promote diversity and help combat racism. On-platform, Pinterest is elevating content related to racial justice, including resources for how parents can discuss the subject with their children, organizations that users can support and educational information about systemic racism in America. CEO Ben Silbermann said Pinterest is striving to ensure that content on its platform represents people from diverse backgrounds, and it is investing more resources on that front. In addition, ads will not be served on results when Pinners search for Black Lives Matter, enabling them to focus on the message and the movement.

4 June 2020  |

Pinterest Seeks New Office For Dublin EMEA Headquarters Expansion

US-headquartered social media giant Pinterest looks set to grow its existing 100-strong Dublin-based workforce by up to several hundred additional workers, through a move to new offices in the capital.

The company, which is based currently at No 2 Dublin Landings in the city’s north docklands, is understood to have engaged JLL to secure between 25,000 and 40,000sq ft of fully-fitted office space to facilitate the expansion of its EMEA headquarter operations here. Such a move would provide Pinterest with the capacity to increase its current office-based headcount by up to 300 employees.

3 June 2020  |

Pinterest Adds A ‘Shop’ Tab To Its Lens Camera Search Results To Showcase Matching In-Stock Products

As more retailers are bringing their products online via Pinterest, the company this morning is launching a new “Shop” tab in its Lens camera search results that will show the matching in-stock merchandise similar to a photo you take of something offline in the real world or even uploaded as a screenshot.

While the camera was originally intended to help shoppers find matching products to those they saw in real-world stores and elsewhere while out and about, Pinterest suggests that consumers can now use the feature to find matches to products without leaving their house. [...]

1 June 2020  |

Pinterest Publishes New Guide to Standout Video Techniques

This may be my favorite digital content overview of 2020 thus far. This week, Pinterest has published a new guide to creating standout video content in Pins, which includes a range of tips and examples, and will definitely help to get you thinking about your visual presentation options. The guide provides an overview of 10 video techniques to consider, then digs into each with specific pointers on how to make them work.

23 May 2020  |

Pinterest Begins Rolling Out Shopping Spotlights

Pinterest added to its shopping arsenal with Tuesday’s rollout of shopping spotlights, which give Pinners access to expert recommendations from fashion and home tastemakers and publishers.

Shopping spotlights follow a host of shopping features introduced by Pinterest in early April, including a new shop tab in its search experience, as well as on Pinners’ own home décor or fashion boards.

20 May 2020  |

Pinterest Taps Influencers, Publishers to Drive Shoppable Content

Pinterest is making a push for shoppable content. The social media platform is rolling out a new feature, Shopping Spotlights, that allows users to purchase curations by guest editors, including influencers and publishers. Former Teen Vogue editor in chief Elaine Welteroth, influencer Blair Eadie, interior designer Sarah Sherman Samuel and publications such as Refinery29, Domino and Who What Wear are partnering with Pinterest for the launch.

19 May 2020  |

Pinterest Launches Updated Business Community To Facilitate Connection Between Business Owners

Pinterest has announced the launch of its updated Pinterest Business Community platform, which aims to facilitate discussion about Pinterest tactics, and other business tips, among Pinterest users.

The platform includes links to both help and advice guides to help maximize your Pin presence. It also includes case studies on successful Pin campaigns, and a community notice board where you can contribute to Pin-related discussion. 

12 May 2020  |

Pinterest Launches Updated Shopify Integration to Streamline the Creation of Shoppable Product Pins

As people DIY their way through the COVID-19 crisis, Pinterest search data is helping marketers predict consumers’ mindsets. But will everyone—users and advertisers alike—be able to pin their way through the pandemic?

Search data on the image-sharing platform show how hobbies, interests, and plans have shifted through various stages of self-isolation. Pinterest has also been a respite for some seeking ways to look beyond the lockdown—whenever that might be—and therefore a network for marketers to mine in an attempt to maintain relevance.

12 May 2020  |

Now, Shopify Merchants Can Quickly Turn Their Catalogs Into Shoppable Pins

A new app makes it much easier for Shopify merchants to create shoppable Product Pins in Pinterest.

The dedicated Pinterest app in the Shopify app store enables merchants to upload their product catalogs to Pinterest. It can automatically update products for Product Pins on Pinterest daily and add tagging to be able to track and measure performance. There is also an ads interface to run promoted Product Pins.

It’s live in the U.S. and Canada now and rolling out to countries where Pinterest ads are available in the coming weeks.

11 May 2020  |

Pinterest Publishes New Guide On Current And Future Marketing Considerations Around COVID-19

While it still feels like we're a long way off returning to normal amid the ongoing COVID-19 lockdowns and expanded impacts, there are signs that many regions are moving into the recovery phase, which could see a lot of businesses shift back to regular operations within the next few months. That won't be the case everywhere, and restrictions and limitations will remain for some time yet. But there are glimmers of light at the end of the tunnel, and people are now allowing themselves to plan for what happens after the world is re-opened. [...]

And for marketers, that could mean that it's worth planning now for the next consumer shift.

11 May 2020  |

Pinterest Launches Updated Shopify Integration to Streamline the Creation of Shoppable Product Pins

Pinterest has announced that it's updated its Shopify app, adding a new option that will enable Shopify merchants to quickly and easily feed their entire product catalog directly into shoppable Pins.

The Pinterest app has previously enabled Shopify merchants to create ads on Pinterest and track selected performance data, but the new integration will make it much easier for Shopify users to expand their product listings to Pinterest. That also means boosting their exposure to the platform's 367 million monthly active users.

8 May 2020  |

Shopify Merchants Can Now Tap Into 350 Million Pinterest Users

Shopify merchants in the U.S. and Canada are now able to share their products to about 350 million Pinterest users, the companies announced Thursday.

The partnership gives Shopify merchants a way to “upload catalogs to Pinterest and turn their products into shoppable Product Pins,” according to a statement from Pinterest.

Satish Kanwar, Shopify’s general manager and vice president of channels product, , also highlighted the move in a tweet.

The new app is live in the U.S. and Canada and will go live in countries where Pinterest ads are available, such as Australia, France, Germany and Spain, in the coming weeks.

8 May 2020  |

Pinterest rolls out new board features including notes, dates and section suggestions

Pinterest is introducing new features that make it easier for those planning recipes, virtual events and other quarantine activities. These include the ability to add a date or notes to a board as well as automated ways to better organize your pins on a given board, with the aid of machine learning technology.

[...] The addition of board notes will allow Pinterest users to annotate their saves with personal notes — like adding a list of ingredients accompany a pinned recipe, a list of tasks for a project, a to-do list or anything else they want to note.

Also new is the ability to add a date to a board [...] and Pinterest is upgrading its board technology to suggest sections to add to a board.

7 May 2020  |

Pinterest Adds 32 Million More Users in Q1, Now up to 367 Million MAU

Pinterest has repeatedly noted that it's been seeing record high levels of usage amid the COVID-19 lockdowns, and now, we have some extra perspective on what exactly that means, with the company posting its Q1 2020 results, which show stable increases in both active users and revenue.

Pinterest is now at 367 milllion monthly actives, up 32 million on its Q4 2019 report. Pinterest has maintained its growth momentum in Q1, posting a 9.55% quarter-on-quarter growth rate, outpacing the same at Snapchat (5%), Twitter (9.21%), LinkedIn (2.22%) and Facebook (4.20%). [...]

7 May 2020  |

Pinterest Announces First Quarter 2020 Results

SAN FRANCISCO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Pinterest, Inc. (NYSE: PINS) today announced financial results for the quarter ended March 31, 2020.

Q1 revenue grew 35% year over year to $272 million.
Global Monthly Active Users (MAUs) grew 26% year over year to 367 million. GAAP net loss was $141 million for Q1. Adjusted EBITDA was $(53) million.         
"In these challenging times, our mission of bringing ideas and inspiration to people around the world has never been more important," said Ben Silbermann, CEO and co-founder, Pinterest. "This quarter, we saw a record number of people turn to Pinterest for ideas on how to make living at home more convenient, fun, and inspiring."

7 May 2020  |

Canva Becomes a Pinterest Partner

Canva is known as one of the most popular graphics design platforms for creating visual content including pictures, presentations, posters, and much more. It is basically a tool that people use to create content using various templates.

Almost everyone is familiar with Canva and has used it at some point. Social media posts, banners, and presentations are just some of the ways that people utilize this. It’s natural that Canva takes their business to the next step. With that in mind, they’ve announced their partnership with Pinterest.

4 May 2020  |

Levi's Uses Pinterest's Advanced Style Matching to Create Customized, Branded Boards

With Pinterest usage on the rise, and its visual data-matching processes evolving, that provides some interesting new considerations for how brands can work with the platform to maximize their exposure and connection.

This week, Pinterest has showcased one specific partnership of this type, with Levi’s utilizing Pinterest’s style-matching capabilities to help users find more products aligned to their tastes.

Users are now able to head to ‘Styled by Levi’s’ and take a quick, visual quiz – choosing the images of models that best suit their style – which then generates a custom Pinterest board of shoppable Levi’s Pins, aligned with their chosen look.

1 May 2020  |

Pinterest expands resources for small businesses

The small businesses on Pinterest inspire us every day. Businesses like Pie Provisions, which bakes mouthwatering desserts, and Jonas Paul Eyewear, which makes fashionable spectacles for kids. Companies like these are also a key part of our economy, representing nearly half of US economic activity.1

But small businesses today are among the hardest hit by the effects of COVID-19, as they have less of a cushion to withstand such a dramatic slowdown. That’s why we’re proud to join the #StandForSmall coalition along with American Express and more than 40 other major corporations.

To respond to small business needs in this crisis, the coalition has organized key information and resources in one #StandForSmall central hub. [...]

29 April 2020  |

Pinterest Joins 'Stand for Small' Coalition to Assist SMBs, Provides New Resource Hub

With Pinterest searches for “support small business” increasing by over 350% during the COVID-19 lockdowns, and small businesses playing a key role in the broader Pinterest eco-sphere, the platform is looking to provide more assistance for SMBs impacted by the pandemic.

This week, Pinterest has announced that it's joining the 'Stand for Small' collective, while it's also put together a new collection of resources to help businesses optimize their Pin presence.

29 April 2020  |

Pinterest reports rise in food shoppers supporting SMEs

If there’s one thing many people can agree on, it’s that the global Coronavirus pandemic has created a greater sense of community. Businesses are collaborating to support the SME ecosystem, not-for-profit platforms are being established to help spread positivity amongst the food industry, and retailers are offering a helping hand to suppliers to keep them afloat.

But it’s not just the businesses that are supporting each other: customers are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of supporting smaller businesses when they perhaps need them most. This means many shoppers are opting to shop at their local deli, baker or farm shop, but it’s also seen a surprising trend emerge on Pinterest. The social media app has seen a marked increase in Pinners looking to support SMEs that may be struggling amidst the pandemic.

26 April 2020  |

Pinterest Highlights New Resources to Help Businesses Maximize Their Pin Presence

Like all social platforms, Pinterest has seen a big surge in usage amid the COVID-19 lockdowns. But in variance to others, Pinterest is specifically seeing increased shopping activity in its app, which could make it a more important platform for brands looking to maintain business activity, and offset some of the losses caused by the shutdown of physical outlets.

But making the most of Pinterest isn't necessarily easy. You need to understand the platform, how people use it, what they respond best to, and how to creatively frame your products to catch people's eye in Pin feeds.

24 April 2020  |

Pinterest Sets Creator Tool Partnerships With Adobe Spark, Canva, Over, PicMonkey

Creators on Pinterest can now work with creative tools from Adobe Spark, Canva, Over and PicMonkey following partnerships with those companies revealed by Pinterest Wednesday.

Pinterest also introduced a new creator corporate identity designed with illustrations to capture the inspirational feel of its platform.

In other Pinterest news, the platform is rolling out a new community hub with online support and self-paced education for business accounts, where creators can learn from Pinterest, provide feedback and see tips on expanding their reach.

23 April 2020  |

More Pinterest Partners To Help You Scale Your Success

Pinterest announced an expansion to Pinterest Partners, with more companies to help you with content optimization, ads targeting, shopping tools, and more.

Pinterest Partners can offer brands the help they need to scale their efforts efficiently on Pinterest, and as traffic on the platform booms during the COVID-19 crisis, there has never been a better time to scale.

Pinterest Partners offer sophisticated technology solutions in six areas – Advertising, Shopping, Content marketing, Creative, Audiences, and Measurement – and every single one of them has been vetted for “knowledge and technical expertise.” 

20 April 2020  |

Pinterest Expands Partner Program to Help More Brands Maximize Their Pin Efforts

With shopping activity on the rise on Pinterest amid the COVID-19 lockdowns, the company has this week announced an expansion of its Pinterest Partners program, with a range of new additions to assist brands with their on-platform advertising, eCommerce, creative elements and more.

Last year, Pinterest changed the name of its partner program from 'Marketing Partners' to 'Pinterest Partners' in order to better represent the expanded scope of what these partner brands now offer. Initially, Pinterest prioritized eCommerce facilitators to help more businesses convert their Pinterest profiles into virtual stores, [...]

18 April 2020  |

Pinterest Outlines Rising Trends Amid COVID-19 Lockdowns

Amid rising usage during the COVID-19 lockdowns, Pinterest has seen the emergence of a range of new search trends, which could provide some valuable insight for brands looking to use the platform to connect with their audiences.

And brands should, indeed, be considering Pinterest. The platform has seen a 44% YoY increase in Pinners engaging with shopping Pins on the platform, with many replacing their regular mall browsing with looking through Pins instead. That could present significant opportunity - to give you a better idea of some of the key shifts, Pinterest has this week highlighted three key, emerging trend areas.

18 April 2020  |

Beauty brands are ramping up their focus on Pinterest

Pinterest has experienced a surge in wellness, self-care and DIY beauty treatment searches, and brands are now evolving their activity on the platform.

It’s been over four weeks since salons and beauty services closed, and without professional help to maintain their beauty routines, customers are starting to figure out how to do treatments, like dying their hair, on their own.

At a time when brands — especially beauty businesses — like to state how community-driven they are, companies need to gravitate toward the platforms where their customers are already spending time. [...]

17 April 2020  |

Pinterest Updates Pinterest Shop to Highlight a Selection of SMBs Impacted by COVID-19

Pinterest is adding a new set of businesses to its Pinterest Shop showcase, in order to help provide promotion for those impacted by COVID-19, while also aligning with rising trends on the platform.

Originally launched last November, Pinterest's shop features a collection of trending, shoppable products, hand-picked by Pinterest's team. The latest additions include a range of eco-friendly, sustainable products from a range of partner businesses.

16 April 2020  |

The Pinterest Shop Stocks Shelves With Goods From Sustainable, Ethical Businesses

Pinterest is marking the 50th anniversary of Earth Day April 22 with a new collection of products on The Pinterest Shop focused on small, sustainable brands.

Shopping profile @PinterestShop debuted last November with hundreds of shoppable product Pins from 17 small businesses that craft and sell unique goods.

Pinterest said searches for “support small business” are up 351% over the past few weeks in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

Starting Tuesday, The Pinterest Shop will feature hundreds of curated and shoppable Pins from 21 sustainable and ethical businesses across the U.S.

15 April 2020  |

Pinterest Is Encouraging Users to Stay Inspired While Staying in

As people isolated at home are using streaming platforms or copying choreographed TikTok dances for entertainment, Pinterest is hoping to that its current and potential “Pinners” will lean on their app for encouragement at a distance.

Last week, Pinterest unveiled “Stay Inspired,” an uplifting video created with 72andSunny featuring visuals based on actual searches provoked by the uncertainty of the coronavirus pandemic.

Aptly-titled pinboards that have emerged during the pandemic like “Don’t Panic,” “Thing To Say to Scared Kids” and “Staying Close From Afar” are displayed throughout the 60-second spot, as well as [...]

15 April 2020  |

Canceling Cannes Lions 2020 Puts It on ‘the Right Side of History’

This is shaping up to be a year different than nearly all the ones that came before it. And that’s true for marketers as well, who are facing a year without the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, the advertising industry’s biggest event of the year.

The announcement of Cannes’ cancellation came earlier this month, two weeks after the festival had initially been postponed until October of this year. [...]

For the brands that make Cannes Lions a major part of their calendar, activating on beaches, hosting events and sending large chunks of their staff to the event, the news of the cancellation is a necessary difficulty, said Judy Lee, Pinterest’s global head of industry and experiential marketing.

14 April 2020  |

Find the headspace you need with the best of Pinterest’s decluttering tips

There are a lot of reasons why decluttering makes sense right now, in the depths of the coronavirus crisis. The simple act of clearing things out can be a great way of passing time in lockdown.

Firstly, it’s a good distraction: one that’ll yank you right out of that scary news feed and knee-deep into the mottled shoe collection lurking at the back of your wardrobe.

Secondly, it’s physical but without being too taxing. When decluttering, you can work with your hands (something that relieves stress and helps solve problems) while listening to a gripping podcast or blaring out your favourite Beyoncé power anthems at the same time.

Here are 10 great tips from the wonderful world of Pinterest to get you started with your own decluttering process.

13 April 2020  |

20 Easter Ideas For Adults With Pinterest-Worthy Aesthetics

Celebrating Easter at home this year? It will come as no surprise that most people’s Easter Sunday plans this year are a bit different than their usual, given that we’re all social distancing and trying to make the most of the holiday at home. Still, that doesn’t mean there aren’t tons of ways to feel festive! If you’re in need of some inspo regarding Easter ideas for adults with Pinterest-worthy aesthetics, you’ve come to the right place. I just so happen to be a full-on Easter fanatic, and I can think of tons of ways to really lean in while celebrating at home. You don’t need a big brunch or a fancy dinner party to spread the Easter spirit! It’s all about celebrating springtime and the positivity that comes with new beginnings.

10 April 2020  |

Pinterest's E-Commerce Ad Exposure Looks Like a Strength in This Environment

In case investors needed a fresh reminder that some Internet companies are holding up better amid the COVID-19 pandemic than others, Pinterest (PINS) - Get Report just provided it.

Pinterest is up over 10% in Wednesday trading after stating it expects to report Q1 revenue of $269 million to $272 million (up 34% annually at the midpoint) and 365 million to 367 million monthly active users (MAUs, up 26% at the midpoint). The outlooks respectively compare with consensus Q1 estimates for revenue of $269 million and MAUs of 353 million.

At the same time, Pinterest withdrew its full-year revenue and adjusted EBITDA guidance, saying it’s “currently not in a position to forecast the expected impact of COVID-19 on its financial and operating results for the remainder of 2020.” The company also disclosed that COO Françoise Brougher is leaving, and will have her responsibilities assumed by CFO Todd Morgenfeld.

9 April 2020  |

Don’t Cancel Your Plans. Take A Virtual Holiday With Pinterest Instead

Worldwide lockdowns as a consequence of COVID-19 means that our plans to go abroad are out the window. But just because you can’t physically go on a trip, doesn’t mean you can’t go on holiday. With Pinterest you can bring your holiday right into your home whether it be virtual tours of places all around the world, cooking classes with friends, or transforming your bedroom into a hotel, there are many ways to get creative during home confinement.

9 April 2020  |

New ways to shop on Pinterest & discover retailers of all sizes

Pinterest makes it much easier to buy what you see!

With so many at home these days, searches for shopping inspiration and supporting small businesses are on the rise. In the last two weeks, searches for “help small businesses” on Pinterest are up 3x compared to the prior two weeks, while searches for “home office setup” are up by 70% as people look for ideas to furnish their new work-from-home spaces. Searches for gifts for others are also up. In the past two weeks, there’s been a 4x increase in searches for “employee gifts” and searches for “care package ideas” have doubled.

[...] 97% of top searches on Pinterest are unbranded, meaning people come to Pinterest to shop for generic terms and not specific brands, leveling the playing field for businesses of all sizes to be discovered.

Today we’re announcing new ways to shop right from Pins, on boards, from search, and through new browsable recommendations for home decor.

8 April 2020 |

Pinterest adds new ‘Shop’ tabs connected to in-stock inventory, style guides and more

Given the rise in online shopping attributed to the coronavirus outbreak that has forced consumers to stay home from stores, Pinterest today is launching a new way to shop on its platform. Now, Pinterest users will be able to browse in-stock inventory from newly added “Shop” tabs on Search and on Pinterest boards. The company has also improved visual search to make more products shoppable from Pins.

The new Shop tab on Search will help users find in-stock items from retailers when they perform a search query, like “spring outfits,” “home office décor” or “kitchen remodel,” among other things. Before, users would have to scroll through a variety of search results, only some of which may have been shoppable.

In addition, when a Pinterest user now visits one of their boards containing shoppable items, they’ll see a new Shop tab there, too.

8 April 2020 |

DoubleVerify Is Now Integrated With Pinterest

Advertisers on Pinterest can now authenticate ad viewability and identify digital ad fraud and sophisticated invalid traffic across its platform following an integration with digital media measurement, data and analytics provider DoubleVerify, which was revealed Monday.

Brands can authenticate the quality of their campaigns on Pinterest via DoubleVerify’s viewability and fraud verification technology and data.

The companies said the integration will debut as part of a closed beta, with general availability to follow shortly.

6 April 2020 |

Pinterest CEO and a team of leading scientists launch a self-reporting COVID-19 tracking app

There have been a few scattered efforts to leverage crowd-sourced self-reporting of symptoms as a way to potentially predict and chart the progress of COVID-19 across the U.S., and around the world. A new effort looks like the most comprehensive, well-organized and credibly backed yet — and it has been developed in part by Pinterest co-founder and CEO Ben Silbermann.

Silbermann and a team from Pinterest enlisted the help of high school friend, and CRISPR gene-editing pioneer / MIT and Harvard Broad Institute member, Dr. Feng Zhang to build what Silbermann termed in a press release a “bridge between citizens and scientists.” The result is the How We Feel app that Silbermann developed along with input from Zhang and a long list of well-regarded public health, computer science, therapeutics, social science and medical professors from Harvard, Stanford, MIT, Weill Cornell and more. 

5 April 2020 |

Searches on Pinterest Reflect the New Realities of the Covid-19 World

The coronavirus pandemic caused “marked shifts in behavior over the past couple of weeks,” Pinterest content strategist and marketing writer Felicia Baskin wrote in her introduction to the platform’s analysis of top searches across the past few weeks.

She added, “It’s not exactly business as usual these days. Everyone is scrambling to adjust to the new normal—both at work and at home … There’s also a much bigger emphasis on ideas that can happen fast, with whatever’s already on hand.”

3 April 2020 |

Pinterest Launches Verified Merchant Program for Brands That Deliver High Quality Customer Service

Back in February, as part of its Q4 19 update, Pinterest noted that it was working on its own profile verification program, in order to provide extra assurance to Pinners in regards to trusted businesses which had met the platform's standards on customer service and process.

Now, with demand for eCommerce rising, and Pinterest seeing significant increases in traffic, the platform has announced the launch of its 'Verified Merchants' program, which will see a blue checkmark added to brand profiles that meet Pinterest's quality and transparency requirements.

28 March 2020 |

Pinterest unveils 'Today' tab as traffic hits record highs

Pinterest this week introduced a "Today" tab as a hub for daily inspiration, trending posts and curated topics as traffic surges to a record during the coronavirus pandemic, [...] The social media company plans to feature expert information from the World Health Organization (WHO) and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on COVID-19 prevention during the next few weeks. Pinterest's editorial team and guest editors will select items to feature in the Today tab, which appears at the top of the home feed on its iOS and Android apps. The home feed will continue to show personalized recommendations, while the Today tab will help users to see what's happening across Pinterest and in trending searches.

26 March 2020 |

No need to panic: Pinterest kids' activity round-up

Only a few days in with social distancing and having trouble keeping your kids busy? These Pinterest activities are uncomplicated and fun, writes Janine Kennedy. [...]

I regularly go through Pinterest to find inspiration on things like birthday cakes, interior design and kids’ crafts. Pinterest can be a great resource, but the instructions and recipes aren’t always – let’s say – achievable for the average parent. Here are a few fun crafts and experiments that definitely work and mostly use things found around the house.

19 March 2020 |

Pinterest Is Blocking Coronavirus Searches, And People Are Very Happy About It

People seeking an online escape from coronavirus news and misinformation have found it on Pinterest. The social media site’s strict health misinformation policy means anyone searching for “coronavirus” or “COVID-19” is sent to a sparse page with content from the World Health Organization.

[...] Pinterest's community guidelines prohibit health advice that has “immediate and detrimental effects on a pinner’s health or on public safety. This includes promotion of false cures for terminal or chronic illnesses and anti-vaccination advice.”

A company spokesperson told BuzzFeed News it added a banner to coronavirus search results in January to warn about misinformation and rolled out the custom results page in February.

“The goal is to connect Pinners with facts and myth-bust what's not true with expert information from the WHO,” the spokesperson said.

15 March 2020 |

Pinterest Teams Up With Publishers and Creators for Special International Women’s Day Boards

Pinterest users who search for International Women’s Day and related terms (women’s history, IWD) will see dedicated boards developed with publishers and creators including Allure, Good Morning America, Women’s Health and Women’s Wear Daily.

The company said its platform reaches six out of 10 women in the U.S., as well as eight out of 10 moms and 75% of millennial women.

Pinterest also recently released research on top search trends, and it said the themes that emerged went far beyond recipes. [...]

9 March 2020 |

How to Get the Most out of Pinterest Trends

Pinterest may have a massive user base, but what’s most interesting for marketers is what those users are searching for on the platform. According to Sprout Social, 89% of U.S. Pinterest users are looking for inspiration on their path to purchase, and 47% of users are on the platform specifically to shop. Pinterest, therefore, contains a wealth of information about how consumers research products or services before making a purchase. Pinterest Trends, therefore, should pique every marketer’s interest.

7 March 2020 |

Living single, buying a home, and negotiating salaries — How Pinterest supports & empowers women

Women around the world come to Pinterest for inspiration as they make decisions big and small, to navigate life’s moments. The purchasing power of women is not to be ignored. As the global income of women reaches trillions of dollars, women are expected to control almost 75% of discretionary spending worldwide by 2028. These women are using Pinterest to find ideas for dinner, travel, home and family clothing choices. But it doesn’t end there.

In 2020, it’s clear that women are also looking to Pinterest for support and empowerment in their most independent and life-changing decisions. [...]

6 March 2020 |

The top trends on Pinterest for March 2020

Help your next campaign stand out in feeds by folding in the latest trends. For March, Pinners are looking to make their own jerky, add color to their closets and make a splash with aquatic decor vibes. See what else is making its way into the spotlight.

4 March 2020 |

Pinterest now showing custom search results for coronavirus to combat misinformation

Pinterest is introducing a “custom search experience” when you seek out information about the coronavirus on its platform, as a way to “connect Pinners with facts and myth-bust what’s not true with authoritative information from the [World Health Organization],” the company tells The Verge.

I searched “coronavirus” and “COVID-19” (the respiratory disease caused by the novel coronavirus) on Pinterest and was taken to the following page, which has curated content from the WHO about how to protect yourself and others from getting sick, how to wash your hands, when to use a mask, and more. [...]

4 March 2020 |

Pinterest adds DoorDash exec and Caviar lead Gokul Rajaram to its board

Pinterest is bringing on a new board member. The company announced today it has appointed Gokul Rajaram, Caviar lead at soon-to-go-public DoorDash, to its board of directors and as a member of its Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee. The addition signals Pinterest’s desire to bring more digital advertising expertise to its board, given Rajaram’s experience as product director of Ads at Facebook and product management director at Google AdSense.

28 February 2020 |

Pinterest Rolls Out More Data-Friendly 'Pinterest Lite' App to All Regions

After first launching its revamped, data-friendly 'Pinterest Lite' app in certain regions in October last year, Pinterest has this week announced a full, global roll-out of its Lite app for Android devices, which will enable more people to log onto the rising platform.

As explained by Pinterest: "We recently began launching Pinterest Lite for Android to people in Peru, Argentina, Colombia, Chile and Mexico. Today we’re expanding the availability of Pinterest Lite and launching it globally. Pinterest Lite offers most of the features of the Pinterest app, while taking up less space on your device, and can download more quickly in places with slower internet connection."

27 February 2020 |

Pinterest pinners are increasingly becoming ‘Conscious Consumers’ as it finds environment top of the agenda

More evidence that shoppers are changing how they shop, what they buy and who they buy it from comes from Pinterest this week, which has assessed what its shoppers are doing – and finds that conscious consumption is growing rapidly.

Conscious consumption was a key trend highlighted in this year’s Pinterest 100 report, the company’s annual report showing what’s next, with ideas across categories including food, home, style, beauty, health, travel and family.

With more than 320 million people around the world using Pinterest, it paints an interesting picture of what shoppers are doing. Here are some of the key areas where Pinners are re-evaluating their sustainable impact [...]

27 February 2020 |

The Woman Of 2020 Doesn’t Need A Man, But She Does Need Pinterest

How to ask for a raise at work? How to buy your first home? Solo travel ideas anybody? In 2020, women are searching for ways to live their best lives solo, be financially independent and support and empower other women. If you’re looking for a way to tap into a market that’s expected to control almost 75% of discretionary spending worldwide by 2028, these are a few good places to start.

24 February 2020 |

Pinterest Publishes Data on Trending Searches by Women

Ahead of International Women's Day 2020, Pinterest has this week published a new report which looks at trending searches among female users, and what they mean with respect to how the platform is being utilized by women.

As explained by Pinterest: "As the global income of women reaches trillions of dollars, women are expected to control almost 75% of discretionary spending worldwide by 2028. These women are using Pinterest to find ideas for dinner, travel, home and family clothing choices. But, the how-tos and inspiration go beyond recipes, holidays and styling as women also use the platform for tips for buying their first home, traveling solo, and negotiating salary."

20 February 2020 |

Pinterest Pins Its Growth Prospects On SMBs And DTCs

While Pinterest’s stock has been challenged since the company went public in April 2019, it anticipates direct-to-consumer and small and medium-sized businesses will be a huge growth vector.

“The Fortune 500 are great – but, this is the thing, there are only 500 of them,” said Harold Klaje, head of global growth at Pinterest.

Pinterest isn’t alone in this thinking: Google and Facebook count millions of SMBs within their total paid advertiser counts, and both regularly release tools and product features to help smaller advertisers spend more, particularly in service of their performance marketing goals.

20 February 2020 |

Pinterest's Meredith Guerriero On Changing The Face Of Parental Leave

The head of U.S. partnerships and her fellow List members launch the Ask About It campaign to encourage workplace conversations about corporate family benefits.

According to advocacy group PL+US (Paid Leave in the United States), one in four women in the U.S. will return to work within 10 days of giving birth, not nearly enough time to physically and emotionally recover from childbirth.

But the ad tech industry increasingly stands apart, says Meredith Guerriero, head of U.S. partnerships at Pinterest [...] A mother of three, Guerriero attributes much of her success to having had access to comprehensive parental leave benefits.

19 February 2020 |

Pin For Power! How Pinterest Is Supporting Women

Want to plan and dream for the future? Find inspiration for dinner, travel and clothing choices? Or even just escape from the mundane by looking at tastes and trinkets of what the world has to offer! Well Pinterest is just one click away. For women around the world this visual discovery engine is making a positive impact as they dip into the Pinterest jackpot to find inspiration and guidance for many of life’s decisions.

19 February 2020 |

Best interior design and home décor Pinterest accounts to follow

Pinterest has long been heralded as the ultimate place of inspiration for anything creative – and interior design comes top of the list. For many, when planning to redecorate their home, one of the first things they do is to create a new Pinterest board and collect all of their ideas in one place.

[...] If you’re already following some of the best interior influencers that Instagram has to offer, then make sure you get to know these Pinterest heavy weights, too. We reckon you’ll be re-pinning like nobody’s business, as soon as you’ve got them on your radar.

14 February 2020 |

Pinterest CMO on Marrying Aggressive Growth with the Company's Brand Image

In the beginning of her tenure as Pinterest’s first-ever CMO, Andréa Mallard established the company’s mission and core brand principles, reorganizing her team prior to the successful IPO. Now she’s focused on an aggressive global growth plan.

eMarketer spoke with the marketing veteran—previously at Athleta, Omada Health and IDEO—about the unique challenges of being a company’s first CMO, what she prioritized in year one, and how Pinterest can implement an aggressive growth strategy that remains true to the brand.

13 February 2020 |

NEW Pinterest Best Practices - How to Get Results AND Stay Safe!

Pinterest Best Practices 2020

It's official! Lucy Matthews, Partnerships Manager at Pinterest, explained at a Tailwind webinar yesterday that fresh content is likely to get a higher distribution priority! The Pinterest algorithm has shifted towards favoring recent and relevant content. People come to the platform for new ideas and inspiration, so that's exactly what it wants to deliver.

Pinterest marketers have seen this latest shift coming. The effectiveness of old pinning strategies and tactics has reduced. Quality over quantity is the new motto! The chances are extremely high that this change has implications for your current Pinterest content creation and distribution flow. To get more distribution and traffic and avoid the risk of being marked as spam, here are the Pinterest Best Practices for 2020 that you MUST know about.

12 February 2020 |

Pinterest Lens Recognizes 2.5 Billion Objects

Visual search is our top pick for AR flavor that could birth killer apps. Google sometimes calls it “search what you see.”

Speaking of Google, it’s the front runner for visual search. But another player could vie for visual search market share: Pinterest. The publicly-traded media & commerce play is likewise positioned with an image database and AI chops. It has a narrower use case than Google — mostly around consumer products — but that focus aligns with monetization.

To validate this potential, it recently announced that Pinterest Lens — its visual search feature — recognizes 2.5 billion objects, mostly fashion or home-related. This notably beats Google Lens’ one billion products recognized. [...]

11 February 2020 |

7 easy (and affordable) ways to make your shelves look like a Pinterest board

Want to transform your uninspiring shelves to ones that’ll earn you bragging rights? With just a few simple tweaks, you can take your shelfie-game to the next level, worthy of any Pinterest interior boards.

Whether you’re working with a big or smaller space, there are SO many great products on the high street to achieve 'the look' on a budget. Here's how...

11 February 2020 |

Pinterest Tests A Today Tab For Handpicked Trends

Pinterest came into existence with only one aim; to provide its users the ideas and inspiration that they would desire for in their everyday life. Hence, moving on to make the experience even better, analysis from the development side suggests that the company is working on a “Today” feed, which might just be make exploring the best-handpicked trends easier for users.

This additional feature has first been spotted by Jane Manchun Wong, who is known already known for reverse-engineering apps to identify hidden features and security vulnerabilities. According to her most recent tweet, there is a screenshot of Today feed from Pinterest showing how it might be based on best-handpicked trends from around the world, while giving the user the chance to gather the right inspiration.

10 February 2020 |

Pinterest debuts verified merchant program after 46% revenue jump

Pinterest's verified merchant program gives marketers another way to reach consumers who express their purchase intentions by collecting images of products and services they might want to buy. [...]

The new verified merchant program is the latest piece of Pinterest's recent push into e-commerce, aiming to convert passive pinners into active shoppers. By requiring merchants to meet certain guidelines, Pinterest can reinforce the idea that it provides a safe place to shop. That theme is consistent with last year's effort to emphasize Pinterest as a "place for inspiration" while resisting the "social network" label in preparation for an initial public offering. 

10 February 2020 |

Pinterest Reaches 335 Million Active Users, Surpasses $1 Billion In Revenue in 2019

Back in 2015, leaked documents outlined Pinterest's ambitious growth plans. The company, which at that time was generating around $25 million in revenue per year, projected an increase in monthly active users to 329 million by 2018, and a jump in revenue to a massive $2.8b.

And while those projections were indeed ambitious - and it's now a year beyond that initial mark - the platform is not so far off. Revenue-wise, it still has a way to go, but at the end of 2019, Pinterest sat at 335 million MAU, while it exceeded a $1b in revenue for the first time.

Slowly, quietly, Pinterest continues to build its case for advertiser investment. Here's a look at the platform's Q4 2019 performance data.

9 February 2020 |

Pinterest shares surge after earnings beat Q1 Top and bottom lines

Pinterest shares climbed as much as 17.1% in after-hours trading on Thursday following the company’s fourth-quarter earnings report. The company beat on both the top and bottom lines for the quarter.

Pinterest’s 2020 full-year outlook also exceeded analysts’ expectations. For the year, Pinterest said it expects revenue to come in at up to $1.52 billion, compared with consensus estimates of $1.5 billion.

The results show that Pinterest’s recent adjustments to the app seem to be paying off. Last quarter, Pinterest said it redesigned the app to make it easier for users to discover new ideas.

7 February 2020 |

The Pinterest top trends for February 2020

With winter lingering in northern climes and Valentine’s on the way, February is all about comfort and romance. It’s always the shortest month, but this leap year gives marketers an extra day for their campaigns. Align with these rising trends for an extra boost.

7 February 2020 |

AspireIQ Meets Growing Demand for Pinterest Engagement With New Search Functionality

AspireIQ, the leading influencer marketing platform for enterprise brands, today released Pinterest Influencer Search, a solution that opens the door to brands focused on influencer marketing on Pinterest. Brands using this product can discover Pinterest influencers who align with their brand values, view Pinterest-specific engagement metrics, and engage those influencers in long-term relationships. This paves the way for brands to inspire visitors and introduce great finds with authentic influencer-generated content.

5 February 2020 |

2 Challenges for Pinterest Ahead of Its Fourth Quarter Earnings

Pinterest (NYSE:PINS) will report fourth-quarter earnings after the market closes on Feb. 6. With that report, investors will have a much bigger picture of where this stock is going. But despite only trading publicly for nine months, Pinterest has already run into some important challenges that management will need to address going forward.

Investors should keep a close eye on Pinterest's user growth and its revenue per user ahead of fourth-quarter results. These two metrics are key to the company's long-term performance. Here's why.

4 February 2020 |

Indoor Garden Rooms Are the Hot New Trend on Pinterest—Here's How to Pull Them Off

A monstera in the den, a philodendron in the kitchen, maybe a pilea in the powder room: Scattering your houseplants piecemeal throughout the house is a natural way to spread out the leafy love. But like all decorating, there's strength in numbers and lately, more and more rooms dedicated solely to plant babies are popping up on Instagram and Pinterest.

The idea of an indoor garden room isn't necessarily a new one (plantfluencers like Justina Blakeney, Summer Rayne Oakes, and Hilton Carter have been filling their entire homes with hundreds of plants for years). You don't have to go all-out jungle to achieve the look that is one of Pinterest's top 10 home trends for 2020; if you don’t have an extra bedroom or sunroom to spare, no worries—here are easy ways to turn a sunny section of any room into a lush getaway.

31 January 2020 |

Pinterest launches virtual makeup ‘Try on’ feature, starting with lipstick

A new Pinterest feature will allow users to virtually try on products, starting with lipstick, before they shop from retailers like Estée Lauder, Sephora, bareMinerals, Neutrogena, NYX Professional Makeup, YSL Beauté, Lancôme and Urban Decay from L’Oréal. To use the new feature, Pinners will first open Pinterest’s smart camera, “Lens,” while in Search, then click “Try it” to explore the different lipstick shades available. To shop the products, you just swipe up.

Another way to access Try it is by typing in lipstick-related terms into Pinterest’s search engine — like “plum lipstick” or “red lips,” for example.

Pinterest says that it won’t alter your photo using skin smoothing or other techniques, so you can be sure of what the lipstick looks like on the real you. In addition, the feature has been integrated with Pinterest’s existing skin tone range feature, so users can shop for similar lip shades on skin tones that match their own.

28 January 2020 |

Pinterest steps up e-commerce efforts with AR try-on

From Tuesday, Pinterest users in the US will be able to use augmented reality to try on lipstick in the platform’s latest push into e-commerce.

The tool, called “Try On powered by Lens”, uses the selfie camera to show how specific lipsticks will look on a user’s lips, adjusting to their movements in real-time. Users can try on shades from brands including Bare Minerals, Estée Lauder, Sephora, Neutrogena and L'Oréal and then swipe up to shop on the brand’s site.

As Pinterest’s first AR feature, it paves the way for similar applications at a time when AR-enabled commerce is proliferating: an estimated 68.7 million people use AR at least once a month in the US. The technology builds on the platform’s existing computer vision capabilities; its Lens tool, introduced three years ago, powers visual search on Pinterest, which can match items in its catalogue to photos.

28 January 2020 |

Pinterest exceeds set hiring goals, but needs 'laser focus' on leadership diversity

Pinterest's engineers are more diverse than five years ago, but there's a lag in leadership diversity, according to its latest diversity report released to the public Jan. 16. The hiring rate for full-time women engineers is at 27%, exceeding a 25% goal. For underrepresented engineers (defined by the company as Native American and Pacific Islander, Latinx, and Black employees), the hiring rate is at 9%, a point higher than the set goal of 8%. Pinterest surpassed its goal of a 12% hiring rate for underrepresented employees across the company (business and product), the hiring rate is now at 14%.

21 January 2020 |

Pinterest builds verified merchant programme

At NRF: Retail’s Big Show in New York City, Ben Silbermann, CEO of Pinterest, assured the audience that Pinterest will keep integrity and its company mission – to be a platform where people go to get inspiration – at the heart of its merchant programme. [...]

Pinterest has invested heavily in personalisation and machine learning, which Silbermann believes will improve the user and shopper experience. “We’re building a verified merchant programme so that we can show products from merchants that our users can trust.” The verified merchant programme will look at return and tracking policies, trust and “once a year, we’ll tell users who is verified".

20 January 2020 |

Pinterest Publishes New Update on Employee Diversity and its Impacts on Product Decisions

Pinterest has this week released a new update on its efforts to employ a more diverse and inclusive range of people within its organization, and the impacts that those efforts have had on its product decisions.

As explained by Pinterest:

"It's hard to feel inspired when you don't feel represented - online or in your workplace - and research shows that diverse teams make us more creative, diligent and hard-working. When we are building products, a team of people with different backgrounds enables us to think through products, policies, and safety from all angles (for instance, how products could be abused or how they could unintentionally impact a community)."

17 January 2020 |

CEO Ben Silbermann on Why Pinterest Has a Responsibility to Make the Internet a Better Place

The internet is a messy place where not everyone has the best intentions. What role tech companies have in responding to that reality has become one of the central questions in business. For Pinterest CEO Ben Silbermann, the role his company--and other online brands--ought to play is quite clear.

"I think the lesson that everyone's learned over the last few years is that if you want positive things to come out of internet technology, they have to be deliberately engineered that way," Silbermann said Tuesday on stage at this year's National Retail Federation's annual conference and expo in New York City.

17 January 2020  |

Pinterest Records 82 Million Domestic Users In 2019

Surpassing Snapchat, Pinterest has established itself as the third-largest social-media platform among U.S. consumers.

That’s according to a new report from eMarketer, which estimates that the Pin-based platform saw domestic membership grow by 9.1% to 82.4 million users, last year.

That bested Snap Inc.’s flagship platform, which ended the year with 80.2 million U.S. users, according to eMarketer. Along with a successful IPO in 2019, Pinterest’s success is due to its broad appeal, according to eMarketer junior forecasting analyst Nazmul Islam.

17 January 2020  |

Pinterest Expands Self-Help Exercises to Nine New Regions

Pinterest is giving more people access to its mental health and wellbeing self-help exercises, with the tools now being made available in nine new regions.

"Today we’re bringing our collection of emotional well-being activities to Pinners in nine additional countries, including the UK, Ireland, Canada, Australia, Singapore, India, the Philippines, Hong Kong and New Zealand."

Originally launched in the US last July, Pinterest's mental health tools are displayed in search results when users enter queries like “sad quotes,” “work anxiety” or other terms which may indicate a mental health concern (users can also access them at any time by searching #pinterestwellbeing). [...]

16 January 2020  |

Could Pinterest Be Your Social Media Marketing Secret Weapon in 2020?

Pinterest has seen steady growth and it is on a mission to empower brands with its visually compelling interface. Amy Vener, Global Head of Retail Strategy, Pinterest, discusses how “good content” will impact consumers’ buying decisions. She talks about the ways Pinterest helps brands to connect the physical and digital aspects of their business to stay competitive in today’s market. [...]

16 January 2020  |

Why Pinterest Stock Popped 10.5% Today

Pinterest (NYSE:PINS) stock scored a strike today, jumping 10.5% (as of 1:35 p.m. EST) on a report from, which stated that in 2019, "Pinterest surpassed Snapchat as the third-biggest social media platform in the US."

According to the website, as recently as 2018 Snap (NYSE:SNAP) -owned Snapchat was the third-biggest social media platform after Facebook and Twitter, with 75.8 million users (versus 75.5 million for Pinterest). Today, the balance of power has shifted, and it's Pinterest in the lead with 82.4 million users, versus 80.2 million for Snapchat. [...]

15 January 2020  |

Pinterest Surpassed Snapchat as No. 3 Social Media App in the US and Will Stay Ahead

Pinterest surpassed Snapchat as the third-biggest social media platform in the US in 2019, and it will continue to stay ahead in the coming years, according to our latest social user estimates.

In 2018, Snapchat edged Pinterest out slightly with 75.8 million users compared with Pinterest’s 75.5 million, despite the former having lost users due to a major redesign. The messaging app rebounded in 2019 with 80.2 million users after rolling out a successful Android app and introducing new virtual reality filters. But, in 2019, it was still surpassed by Pinterest, with 82.4 million users, after the visual platform had a successful year and IPO in April. [...]

15 January 2020  |

Pinterest Trends Give Marketers a New SEO Opportunity

One of the most interesting SEO tools emerging in the new year isn't from one of the traditional search engines. It's from a social media site that has developed a strong visual search algorithm over the years, Pinterest.

In December, Pinterest introduced a beta product called Pinterest Trends. The new tool gives marketers a view of the top US search terms within Pinterest from the past 12 months. Pinterest Trends also indicate when top search terms peak via a time series graph. All of these features offer a way to "better understand how content performs on Pinterest” according to the company's Dec. 10 announcement. [...]

15 January 2020  |

3 Expert Secrets to Help Double Your Pinterest Traffic in 2020

In 2020, Pinterest is growing, steadily gaining millions of users each month. Due to the common mindset of Pinterest users, this platform poses an incredible opportunity for brands, entrepreneurs, and influencers to reach a qualified target audience.

While Instagram and Facebook are typically used for connection, events, and social updates, Pinterest is most often used by consumers looking for products and inspiration. These users tend to be on the hunt for something and ready to buy when the right thing strikes them.

Here are 3 expert secrets that will help you double your Pinterest traffic this year.

14 January 2020  |

Pinterest details the AI and taxonomy systems underpinning Trends

Last December, Pinterest announced the launch of Pinterest Trends, a feature that reveals the past year’s most popular search keywords. Much like Google Trends and Bing’s Keyword Research Tool, Trends spotlights terms that peaked over the past 12 months, using algorithmic data to sort by volume.

Trends became available globally this week in beta, and in the spirit of transparency, Pinterest detailed how the taxonomic system underpinning Trends canvases the over 200 billion ideas across 4 billion boards created by the social network’s over 320 million users.

12 January 2020  |

Pinterest streamlines shopping process

Direct shopping on the Pinterest social platform just got a little easier.

SmartCommerce, provider of the Click2Cart solution which enables placement of products into a virtual shopping cart with a single click, is joining the Pinterest Partner program. This partnership enables Pinterest users to more easily add products they discover on the platform to a shopping cart.

10 January 2020  |

Pinterest and SmartCommerce Partner to Add Digital Shopping Capabilities Driving Consumers From Inspiration to Action

SmartCommerce has joined the Pinterest Partner program enabling Pinterest’s more than 320 million active monthly users to easily add products they discover on the platform to a shopping cart.

“SmartCommerce Click2Cart functionality helps CPG brand partners make it simple to cart products straight from recipes, projects, regimen, and similar Pins, increasing the likelihood of inspiration-fueled purchase,” notes Jennifer Silverberg, CEO of SmartCommerce. “In fact, our CPG clients have seen some of their highest rates of conversion to carts from Pinterest, so we are very excited about broadening this partnership by joining the Partner program.”

9 January 2020  |

IRI to Launch IRI Lift for Pinterest Marketing Optimization Solution

Pinterest Advertisers Will Have Access to the Industry’s Leading Optimization Solution, IRI Lift, Linking Pinterest Exposure to Offline Purchase Data

IRI®, a global leader in innovative solutions and services for consumer, retail and media companies, today announced the commercial launch of its IRI Lift™ for Pinterest solution. For the first time, Pinterest advertisers will have access to IRI Lift, through the Pinterest platform, to measure the impact of their Pinterest campaigns on driving offline sales. The commercial launch of IRI Lift for Pinterest builds upon IRI’s existing partnership with Pinterest.

7 January 2020  |

How Pinterest is pitching its ad business in the UK

Pinterest has been sharpening up its proposition, improving its ad business and how buyers run campaigns in order to capture more money from U.K. agency budgets.

Pinterest carved out a name for itself as a destination for inspiration, placing it somewhere in between a search and a social platform. But this commingling of the two has been one of the reasons U.K. agencies haven’t invested as willingly. Now the platform is making it clearer by highlighting its search capabilities.

5 January 2020  |

Pinterest: The top trends for January 2020

Peer into the new year to spur ideas for your next Pinterest campaign. This month, fringe is in—across foreheads as well as fashion. Pinners are also taking stock of their finances and dressing pets for cold weather. For a look at the emerging trends set to shape all of next year, check out our Pinterest 100 2020 trend report.

3 January 2020  |

The NY Times 2019 Good Tech Awards

It’s true! Some tech companies had a positive social impact this year.

Two years ago, I started what has become one of my favorite annual traditions. Instead of a year-end column rounding up all the dubious and objectionable things technology companies did over the last year — a true fish-in-a-barrel assignment — I highlighted some examples of “good tech.” I wanted to give kudos to the kinds of tech projects that don’t always make headlines but that improve people’s lives in tangible ways.

I’ll admit, handing out awards for good technology in 2019 feels a little like congratulating Godzilla for not destroying all of Tokyo. There was plenty of bad tech news to write about this year: Facebook’s foibles, Amazon’s aggression, SoftBank’s stumbles. But to me, the tech industry’s very public shortfalls make celebrating its quieter successes even more important. The tech industry, after all, is not a monolith, and many engineers and entrepreneurs work on projects that help society. So here, with no further ado, are this year’s winners.

31 December 2019  |

Daily Forecast: Pinterest’s US User Forecast Growth More than Doubles in 2019

eMarketer forecasting analyst Nazmul Islam breaks down eMarketer's latest US Pinterest user forecast and the impact of new features like “Shop the Look.”

30 December 2019  |