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​Pinterest Publishes New Guide to Standout Video Techniques

This may be my favorite digital content overview of 2020 thus far. This week, Pinterest has published a new guide to creating standout video content in Pins, which includes a range of tips and examples, and will definitely help to get you thinking about your visual presentation options. The guide provides an overview of 10 video techniques to consider, then digs into each with specific pointers on how to make them work.

23 May 2020  |

Pinterest Begins Rolling Out Shopping Spotlights

Pinterest added to its shopping arsenal with Tuesday’s rollout of shopping spotlights, which give Pinners access to expert recommendations from fashion and home tastemakers and publishers.

Shopping spotlights follow a host of shopping features introduced by Pinterest in early April, including a new shop tab in its search experience, as well as on Pinners’ own home décor or fashion boards.

20 May 2020  |

Pinterest Taps Influencers, Publishers to Drive Shoppable Content

Pinterest is making a push for shoppable content. The social media platform is rolling out a new feature, Shopping Spotlights, that allows users to purchase curations by guest editors, including influencers and publishers. Former Teen Vogue editor in chief Elaine Welteroth, influencer Blair Eadie, interior designer Sarah Sherman Samuel and publications such as Refinery29, Domino and Who What Wear are partnering with Pinterest for the launch.

19 May 2020  |

Pinterest Launches Updated Business Community to Facilitate Connection Between Business Owners

Pinterest has announced the launch of its updated Pinterest Business Community platform, which aims to facilitate discussion about Pinterest tactics, and other business tips, among Pinterest users.

The platform includes links to both help and advice guides to help maximize your Pin presence. It also includes case studies on successful Pin campaigns, and a community notice board where you can contribute to Pin-related discussion. You can sign-up to contribute with your Pinterest business profile - follow the links through, log into Pinterest, and you can then customize your avatar and dive into the conversation. [...]

12 May 2020  |

From ‘Virtual Sleepover’ To ‘Accent Wall Dots,’ Marketers Are Using Pinterest To Find COVID-19 Hobbies

As people DIY their way through the COVID-19 crisis, Pinterest search data is helping marketers predict consumers’ mindsets. But will everyone—users and advertisers alike—be able to pin their way through the pandemic?

Search data on the image-sharing platform show how hobbies, interests, and plans have shifted through various stages of self-isolation. Pinterest has also been a respite for some seeking ways to look beyond the lockdown—whenever that might be—and therefore a network for marketers to mine in an attempt to maintain relevance.

“It’s like this manifestation of ideas and an ideal state,” said Peter Chun, senior Vice President and global head of partnerships and growth at VaynerMedia. “It’s like a utopian view of a post-COVID world. And from a marketer’s standpoint, it’s actually a really good way to probably coordinate where consumer spend will ultimately get to.”

12 May 2020  |

Now, Shopify merchants can quickly turn their catalogs into shoppable Pins

A new app makes it much easier for Shopify merchants to create shoppable Product Pins in Pinterest.

The dedicated Pinterest app in the Shopify app store enables merchants to upload their product catalogs to Pinterest. It can automatically update products for Product Pins on Pinterest daily and add tagging to be able to track and measure performance. There is also an ads interface to run promoted Product Pins.

It’s live in the U.S. and Canada now and rolling out to countries where Pinterest ads are available in the coming weeks.

11 May 2020  |

​Pinterest Publishes New Guide on Current and Future Marketing Considerations Around COVID-19

While it still feels like we're a long way off returning to normal amid the ongoing COVID-19 lockdowns and expanded impacts, there are signs that many regions are moving into the recovery phase, which could see a lot of businesses shift back to regular operations within the next few months. That won't be the case everywhere, and restrictions and limitations will remain for some time yet. But there are glimmers of light at the end of the tunnel, and people are now allowing themselves to plan for what happens after the world is re-opened. [...]

And for marketers, that could mean that it's worth planning now for the next consumer shift.

11 May 2020  |

Pinterest Launches Updated Shopify Integration to Streamline the Creation of Shoppable Product Pins

Pinterest has announced that it's updated its Shopify app, adding a new option that will enable Shopify merchants to quickly and easily feed their entire product catalog directly into shoppable Pins.

The Pinterest app has previously enabled Shopify merchants to create ads on Pinterest and track selected performance data, but the new integration will make it much easier for Shopify users to expand their product listings to Pinterest. That also means boosting their exposure to the platform's 367 million monthly active users.

8 May 2020  |

​Shopify Merchants Can Now Tap Into 350 Million Pinterest Users

Shopify merchants in the U.S. and Canada are now able to share their products to about 350 million Pinterest users, the companies announced Thursday.

The partnership gives Shopify merchants a way to “upload catalogs to Pinterest and turn their products into shoppable Product Pins,” according to a statement from Pinterest.

Satish Kanwar, Shopify’s general manager and vice president of channels product, , also highlighted the move in a tweet.

The new app is live in the U.S. and Canada and will go live in countries where Pinterest ads are available, such as Australia, France, Germany and Spain, in the coming weeks.

8 May 2020  |

Pinterest rolls out new board features including notes, dates and section suggestions

Pinterest is introducing new features that make it easier for those planning recipes, virtual events and other quarantine activities. These include the ability to add a date or notes to a board as well as automated ways to better organize your pins on a given board, with the aid of machine learning technology.

[...] The addition of board notes will allow Pinterest users to annotate their saves with personal notes — like adding a list of ingredients accompany a pinned recipe, a list of tasks for a project, a to-do list or anything else they want to note.

Also new is the ability to add a date to a board [...] and Pinterest is upgrading its board technology to suggest sections to add to a board.

7 May 2020  |

Pinterest Adds 32 Million More Users in Q1, Now up to 367 Million MAU

Pinterest has repeatedly noted that it's been seeing record high levels of usage amid the COVID-19 lockdowns, and now, we have some extra perspective on what exactly that means, with the company posting its Q1 2020 results, which show stable increases in both active users and revenue.

Pinterest is now at 367 milllion monthly actives, up 32 million on its Q4 2019 report. Pinterest has maintained its growth momentum in Q1, posting a 9.55% quarter-on-quarter growth rate, outpacing the same at Snapchat (5%), Twitter (9.21%), LinkedIn (2.22%) and Facebook (4.20%). [...]

7 May 2020  |

Pinterest Announces First Quarter 2020 Results

SAN FRANCISCO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Pinterest, Inc. (NYSE: PINS) today announced financial results for the quarter ended March 31, 2020.

Q1 revenue grew 35% year over year to $272 million.
Global Monthly Active Users (MAUs) grew 26% year over year to 367 million. GAAP net loss was $141 million for Q1. Adjusted EBITDA was $(53) million.         
"In these challenging times, our mission of bringing ideas and inspiration to people around the world has never been more important," said Ben Silbermann, CEO and co-founder, Pinterest. "This quarter, we saw a record number of people turn to Pinterest for ideas on how to make living at home more convenient, fun, and inspiring."

7 May 2020  |

Canva Becomes a Pinterest Partner

Canva is known as one of the most popular graphics design platforms for creating visual content including pictures, presentations, posters, and much more. It is basically a tool that people use to create content using various templates.

Almost everyone is familiar with Canva and has used it at some point. Social media posts, banners, and presentations are just some of the ways that people utilize this. It’s natural that Canva takes their business to the next step. With that in mind, they’ve announced their partnership with Pinterest.

4 May 2020  |

Levi's Uses Pinterest's Advanced Style Matching to Create Customized, Branded Boards

With Pinterest usage on the rise, and its visual data-matching processes evolving, that provides some interesting new considerations for how brands can work with the platform to maximize their exposure and connection.

This week, Pinterest has showcased one specific partnership of this type, with Levi’s utilizing Pinterest’s style-matching capabilities to help users find more products aligned to their tastes.

Users are now able to head to ‘Styled by Levi’s’ and take a quick, visual quiz – choosing the images of models that best suit their style – which then generates a custom Pinterest board of shoppable Levi’s Pins, aligned with their chosen look.

1 May 2020  |

Pinterest expands resources for small businesses

The small businesses on Pinterest inspire us every day. Businesses like Pie Provisions, which bakes mouthwatering desserts, and Jonas Paul Eyewear, which makes fashionable spectacles for kids. Companies like these are also a key part of our economy, representing nearly half of US economic activity.1

But small businesses today are among the hardest hit by the effects of COVID-19, as they have less of a cushion to withstand such a dramatic slowdown. That’s why we’re proud to join the #StandForSmall coalition along with American Express and more than 40 other major corporations.

To respond to small business needs in this crisis, the coalition has organized key information and resources in one #StandForSmall central hub. [...]

29 April 2020  |

Pinterest Joins 'Stand for Small' Coalition to Assist SMBs, Provides New Resource Hub

With Pinterest searches for “support small business” increasing by over 350% during the COVID-19 lockdowns, and small businesses playing a key role in the broader Pinterest eco-sphere, the platform is looking to provide more assistance for SMBs impacted by the pandemic.

This week, Pinterest has announced that it's joining the 'Stand for Small' collective, while it's also put together a new collection of resources to help businesses optimize their Pin presence.

29 April 2020  |

Pinterest reports rise in food shoppers supporting SMEs

If there’s one thing many people can agree on, it’s that the global Coronavirus pandemic has created a greater sense of community. Businesses are collaborating to support the SME ecosystem, not-for-profit platforms are being established to help spread positivity amongst the food industry, and retailers are offering a helping hand to suppliers to keep them afloat.

But it’s not just the businesses that are supporting each other: customers are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of supporting smaller businesses when they perhaps need them most. This means many shoppers are opting to shop at their local deli, baker or farm shop, but it’s also seen a surprising trend emerge on Pinterest. The social media app has seen a marked increase in Pinners looking to support SMEs that may be struggling amidst the pandemic.

26 April 2020  |

Pinterest Highlights New Resources to Help Businesses Maximize Their Pin Presence

Like all social platforms, Pinterest has seen a big surge in usage amid the COVID-19 lockdowns. But in variance to others, Pinterest is specifically seeing increased shopping activity in its app, which could make it a more important platform for brands looking to maintain business activity, and offset some of the losses caused by the shutdown of physical outlets.

But making the most of Pinterest isn't necessarily easy. You need to understand the platform, how people use it, what they respond best to, and how to creatively frame your products to catch people's eye in Pin feeds.

24 April 2020  |

Pinterest Sets Creator Tool Partnerships With Adobe Spark, Canva, Over, PicMonkey

Creators on Pinterest can now work with creative tools from Adobe Spark, Canva, Over and PicMonkey following partnerships with those companies revealed by Pinterest Wednesday.

Pinterest also introduced a new creator corporate identity designed with illustrations to capture the inspirational feel of its platform.

In other Pinterest news, the platform is rolling out a new community hub with online support and self-paced education for business accounts, where creators can learn from Pinterest, provide feedback and see tips on expanding their reach.

23 April 2020  |

More Pinterest Partners To Help You Scale Your Success

Pinterest announced an expansion to Pinterest Partners, with more companies to help you with content optimization, ads targeting, shopping tools, and more.

Pinterest Partners can offer brands the help they need to scale their efforts efficiently on Pinterest, and as traffic on the platform booms during the COVID-19 crisis, there has never been a better time to scale.

Pinterest Partners offer sophisticated technology solutions in six areas – Advertising, Shopping, Content marketing, Creative, Audiences, and Measurement – and every single one of them has been vetted for “knowledge and technical expertise.” 

20 April 2020  |

Pinterest Expands Partner Program to Help More Brands Maximize Their Pin Efforts

With shopping activity on the rise on Pinterest amid the COVID-19 lockdowns, the company has this week announced an expansion of its Pinterest Partners program, with a range of new additions to assist brands with their on-platform advertising, eCommerce, creative elements and more.

Last year, Pinterest changed the name of its partner program from 'Marketing Partners' to 'Pinterest Partners' in order to better represent the expanded scope of what these partner brands now offer. Initially, Pinterest prioritized eCommerce facilitators to help more businesses convert their Pinterest profiles into virtual stores, [...]

18 April 2020  |

Pinterest Outlines Rising Trends Amid COVID-19 Lockdowns

Amid rising usage during the COVID-19 lockdowns, Pinterest has seen the emergence of a range of new search trends, which could provide some valuable insight for brands looking to use the platform to connect with their audiences.

And brands should, indeed, be considering Pinterest. The platform has seen a 44% YoY increase in Pinners engaging with shopping Pins on the platform, with many replacing their regular mall browsing with looking through Pins instead. That could present significant opportunity - to give you a better idea of some of the key shifts, Pinterest has this week highlighted three key, emerging trend areas.

18 April 2020  |

Beauty brands are ramping up their focus on Pinterest

Pinterest has experienced a surge in wellness, self-care and DIY beauty treatment searches, and brands are now evolving their activity on the platform.

It’s been over four weeks since salons and beauty services closed, and without professional help to maintain their beauty routines, customers are starting to figure out how to do treatments, like dying their hair, on their own.

At a time when brands — especially beauty businesses — like to state how community-driven they are, companies need to gravitate toward the platforms where their customers are already spending time. [...]

17 April 2020  |

Pinterest Updates Pinterest Shop to Highlight a Selection of SMBs Impacted by COVID-19

Pinterest is adding a new set of businesses to its Pinterest Shop showcase, in order to help provide promotion for those impacted by COVID-19, while also aligning with rising trends on the platform.

Originally launched last November, Pinterest's shop features a collection of trending, shoppable products, hand-picked by Pinterest's team. The latest additions include a range of eco-friendly, sustainable products from a range of partner businesses.

16 April 2020  |

The Pinterest Shop Stocks Shelves With Goods From Sustainable, Ethical Businesses

Pinterest is marking the 50th anniversary of Earth Day April 22 with a new collection of products on The Pinterest Shop focused on small, sustainable brands.

Shopping profile @PinterestShop debuted last November with hundreds of shoppable product Pins from 17 small businesses that craft and sell unique goods.

Pinterest said searches for “support small business” are up 351% over the past few weeks in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

Starting Tuesday, The Pinterest Shop will feature hundreds of curated and shoppable Pins from 21 sustainable and ethical businesses across the U.S.

15 April 2020  |

Pinterest Is Encouraging Users to Stay Inspired While Staying in

As people isolated at home are using streaming platforms or copying choreographed TikTok dances for entertainment, Pinterest is hoping to that its current and potential “Pinners” will lean on their app for encouragement at a distance.

Last week, Pinterest unveiled “Stay Inspired,” an uplifting video created with 72andSunny featuring visuals based on actual searches provoked by the uncertainty of the coronavirus pandemic.

Aptly-titled pinboards that have emerged during the pandemic like “Don’t Panic,” “Thing To Say to Scared Kids” and “Staying Close From Afar” are displayed throughout the 60-second spot, as well as [...]

15 April 2020  |

Canceling Cannes Lions 2020 Puts It on ‘the Right Side of History’

This is shaping up to be a year different than nearly all the ones that came before it. And that’s true for marketers as well, who are facing a year without the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, the advertising industry’s biggest event of the year.

The announcement of Cannes’ cancellation came earlier this month, two weeks after the festival had initially been postponed until October of this year. ​[...]

For the brands that make Cannes Lions a major part of their calendar, activating on beaches, hosting events and sending large chunks of their staff to the event, the news of the cancellation is a necessary difficulty, said Judy Lee, Pinterest’s global head of industry and experiential marketing.

14 April 2020  |

Find the headspace you need with the best of Pinterest’s decluttering tips

There are a lot of reasons why decluttering makes sense right now, in the depths of the coronavirus crisis. The simple act of clearing things out can be a great way of passing time in lockdown.

Firstly, it’s a good distraction: one that’ll yank you right out of that scary news feed and knee-deep into the mottled shoe collection lurking at the back of your wardrobe.

Secondly, it’s physical but without being too taxing. When decluttering, you can work with your hands (something that relieves stress and helps solve problems) while listening to a gripping podcast or blaring out your favourite Beyoncé power anthems at the same time.

Here are 10 great tips from the wonderful world of Pinterest to get you started with your own decluttering process.

13 April 2020  |

20 Easter Ideas For Adults With Pinterest-Worthy Aesthetics

Celebrating Easter at home this year? It will come as no surprise that most people’s Easter Sunday plans this year are a bit different than their usual, given that we’re all social distancing and trying to make the most of the holiday at home. Still, that doesn’t mean there aren’t tons of ways to feel festive! If you’re in need of some inspo regarding Easter ideas for adults with Pinterest-worthy aesthetics, you’ve come to the right place. I just so happen to be a full-on Easter fanatic, and I can think of tons of ways to really lean in while celebrating at home. You don’t need a big brunch or a fancy dinner party to spread the Easter spirit! It’s all about celebrating springtime and the positivity that comes with new beginnings.

10 April 2020  |

Pinterest's E-Commerce Ad Exposure Looks Like a Strength in This Environment

In case investors needed a fresh reminder that some Internet companies are holding up better amid the COVID-19 pandemic than others, Pinterest (PINS) - Get Report just provided it.

Pinterest is up over 10% in Wednesday trading after stating it expects to report Q1 revenue of $269 million to $272 million (up 34% annually at the midpoint) and 365 million to 367 million monthly active users (MAUs, up 26% at the midpoint). The outlooks respectively compare with consensus Q1 estimates for revenue of $269 million and MAUs of 353 million.

At the same time, Pinterest withdrew its full-year revenue and adjusted EBITDA guidance, saying it’s “currently not in a position to forecast the expected impact of COVID-19 on its financial and operating results for the remainder of 2020.” The company also disclosed that COO Françoise Brougher is leaving, and will have her responsibilities assumed by CFO Todd Morgenfeld.

9 April 2020  |

Don’t Cancel Your Plans. Take A Virtual Holiday With Pinterest Instead

Worldwide lockdowns as a consequence of COVID-19 means that our plans to go abroad are out the window. But just because you can’t physically go on a trip, doesn’t mean you can’t go on holiday. With Pinterest you can bring your holiday right into your home whether it be virtual tours of places all around the world, cooking classes with friends, or transforming your bedroom into a hotel, there are many ways to get creative during home confinement.

9 April 2020  |

​New ways to shop on Pinterest & discover retailers of all sizes

Pinterest makes it much easier to buy what you see!

With so many at home these days, searches for shopping inspiration and supporting small businesses are on the rise. In the last two weeks, searches for “help small businesses” on Pinterest are up 3x compared to the prior two weeks, while searches for “home office setup” are up by 70% as people look for ideas to furnish their new work-from-home spaces. Searches for gifts for others are also up. In the past two weeks, there’s been a 4x increase in searches for “employee gifts” and searches for “care package ideas” have doubled.

[...] 97% of top searches on Pinterest are unbranded, meaning people come to Pinterest to shop for generic terms and not specific brands, leveling the playing field for businesses of all sizes to be discovered.

Today we’re announcing new ways to shop right from Pins, on boards, from search, and through new browsable recommendations for home decor.

8 April 2020 |

​Pinterest adds new ‘Shop’ tabs connected to in-stock inventory, style guides and more

Given the rise in online shopping attributed to the coronavirus outbreak that has forced consumers to stay home from stores, Pinterest today is launching a new way to shop on its platform. Now, Pinterest users will be able to browse in-stock inventory from newly added “Shop” tabs on Search and on Pinterest boards. The company has also improved visual search to make more products shoppable from Pins.

The new Shop tab on Search will help users find in-stock items from retailers when they perform a search query, like “spring outfits,” “home office décor” or “kitchen remodel,” among other things. Before, users would have to scroll through a variety of search results, only some of which may have been shoppable.

In addition, when a Pinterest user now visits one of their boards containing shoppable items, they’ll see a new Shop tab there, too.

8 April 2020 |

DoubleVerify Is Now Integrated With Pinterest

Advertisers on Pinterest can now authenticate ad viewability and identify digital ad fraud and sophisticated invalid traffic across its platform following an integration with digital media measurement, data and analytics provider DoubleVerify, which was revealed Monday.

Brands can authenticate the quality of their campaigns on Pinterest via DoubleVerify’s viewability and fraud verification technology and data.

The companies said the integration will debut as part of a closed beta, with general availability to follow shortly.

6 April 2020 |

Pinterest CEO and a team of leading scientists launch a self-reporting COVID-19 tracking app

There have been a few scattered efforts to leverage crowd-sourced self-reporting of symptoms as a way to potentially predict and chart the progress of COVID-19 across the U.S., and around the world. A new effort looks like the most comprehensive, well-organized and credibly backed yet — and it has been developed in part by Pinterest co-founder and CEO Ben Silbermann.

Silbermann and a team from Pinterest enlisted the help of high school friend, and CRISPR gene-editing pioneer / MIT and Harvard Broad Institute member, Dr. Feng Zhang to build what Silbermann termed in a press release a “bridge between citizens and scientists.” The result is the How We Feel app that Silbermann developed along with input from Zhang and a long list of well-regarded public health, computer science, therapeutics, social science and medical professors from Harvard, Stanford, MIT, Weill Cornell and more. 

5 April 2020 |

​Searches on Pinterest Reflect the New Realities of the Covid-19 World

The coronavirus pandemic caused “marked shifts in behavior over the past couple of weeks,” Pinterest content strategist and marketing writer Felicia Baskin wrote in her introduction to the platform’s analysis of top searches across the past few weeks.

She added, “It’s not exactly business as usual these days. Everyone is scrambling to adjust to the new normal—both at work and at home … There’s also a much bigger emphasis on ideas that can happen fast, with whatever’s already on hand.”

3 April 2020 |

Pinterest Launches Verified Merchant Program for Brands That Deliver High Quality Customer Service

Back in February, as part of its Q4 19 update, Pinterest noted that it was working on its own profile verification program, in order to provide extra assurance to Pinners in regards to trusted businesses which had met the platform's standards on customer service and process.

Now, with demand for eCommerce rising, and Pinterest seeing significant increases in traffic, the platform has announced the launch of its 'Verified Merchants' program, which will see a blue checkmark added to brand profiles that meet Pinterest's quality and transparency requirements.

28 March 2020 |

Pinterest unveils 'Today' tab as traffic hits record highs

Pinterest this week introduced a "Today" tab as a hub for daily inspiration, trending posts and curated topics as traffic surges to a record during the coronavirus pandemic, [...] The social media company plans to feature expert information from the World Health Organization (WHO) and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on COVID-19 prevention during the next few weeks. Pinterest's editorial team and guest editors will select items to feature in the Today tab, which appears at the top of the home feed on its iOS and Android apps. The home feed will continue to show personalized recommendations, while the Today tab will help users to see what's happening across Pinterest and in trending searches.

26 March 2020 |

No need to panic: Pinterest kids' activity round-up

Only a few days in with social distancing and having trouble keeping your kids busy? These Pinterest activities are uncomplicated and fun, writes Janine Kennedy. [...]

I regularly go through Pinterest to find inspiration on things like birthday cakes, interior design and kids’ crafts. Pinterest can be a great resource, but the instructions and recipes aren’t always – let’s say – achievable for the average parent. Here are a few fun crafts and experiments that definitely work and mostly use things found around the house.

19 March 2020 |

Pinterest Is Blocking Coronavirus Searches, And People Are Very Happy About It

People seeking an online escape from coronavirus news and misinformation have found it on Pinterest. The social media site’s strict health misinformation policy means anyone searching for “coronavirus” or “COVID-19” is sent to a sparse page with content from the World Health Organization.

[...] Pinterest's community guidelines prohibit health advice that has “immediate and detrimental effects on a pinner’s health or on public safety. This includes promotion of false cures for terminal or chronic illnesses and anti-vaccination advice.”

A company spokesperson told BuzzFeed News it added a banner to coronavirus search results in January to warn about misinformation and rolled out the custom results page in February.

“The goal is to connect Pinners with facts and myth-bust what's not true with expert information from the WHO,” the spokesperson said.

15 March 2020 |

Pinterest Teams Up With Publishers and Creators for Special International Women’s Day Boards

Pinterest users who search for International Women’s Day and related terms (women’s history, IWD) will see dedicated boards developed with publishers and creators including Allure, Good Morning America, Women’s Health and Women’s Wear Daily.

The company said its platform reaches six out of 10 women in the U.S., as well as eight out of 10 moms and 75% of millennial women.

Pinterest also recently released research on top search trends, and it said the themes that emerged went far beyond recipes. [...]

9 March 2020 |

How to Get the Most out of Pinterest Trends

Pinterest may have a massive user base, but what’s most interesting for marketers is what those users are searching for on the platform. According to Sprout Social, 89% of U.S. Pinterest users are looking for inspiration on their path to purchase, and 47% of users are on the platform specifically to shop. Pinterest, therefore, contains a wealth of information about how consumers research products or services before making a purchase. Pinterest Trends, therefore, should pique every marketer’s interest.

7 March 2020 |

Living single, buying a home, and negotiating salaries — How Pinterest supports & empowers women

Women around the world come to Pinterest for inspiration as they make decisions big and small, to navigate life’s moments. The purchasing power of women is not to be ignored. As the global income of women reaches trillions of dollars, women are expected to control almost 75% of discretionary spending worldwide by 2028. These women are using Pinterest to find ideas for dinner, travel, home and family clothing choices. But it doesn’t end there.

In 2020, it’s clear that women are also looking to Pinterest for support and empowerment in their most independent and life-changing decisions. [...]

6 March 2020 |

The top trends on Pinterest for March 2020

Help your next campaign stand out in feeds by folding in the latest trends. For March, Pinners are looking to make their own jerky, add color to their closets and make a splash with aquatic decor vibes. See what else is making its way into the spotlight.

4 March 2020 |

Pinterest now showing custom search results for coronavirus to combat misinformation

Pinterest is introducing a “custom search experience” when you seek out information about the coronavirus on its platform, as a way to “connect Pinners with facts and myth-bust what’s not true with authoritative information from the [World Health Organization],” the company tells The Verge.

I searched “coronavirus” and “COVID-19” (the respiratory disease caused by the novel coronavirus) on Pinterest and was taken to the following page, which has curated content from the WHO about how to protect yourself and others from getting sick, how to wash your hands, when to use a mask, and more. [...]

4 March 2020 |

Pinterest adds DoorDash exec and Caviar lead Gokul Rajaram to its board

Pinterest is bringing on a new board member. The company announced today it has appointed Gokul Rajaram, Caviar lead at soon-to-go-public DoorDash, to its board of directors and as a member of its Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee. The addition signals Pinterest’s desire to bring more digital advertising expertise to its board, given Rajaram’s experience as product director of Ads at Facebook and product management director at Google AdSense.

28 February 2020 |

Pinterest Rolls Out More Data-Friendly 'Pinterest Lite' App to All Regions

After first launching its revamped, data-friendly 'Pinterest Lite' app in certain regions in October last year, Pinterest has this week announced a full, global roll-out of its Lite app for Android devices, which will enable more people to log onto the rising platform.

As explained by Pinterest: "We recently began launching Pinterest Lite for Android to people in Peru, Argentina, Colombia, Chile and Mexico. Today we’re expanding the availability of Pinterest Lite and launching it globally. Pinterest Lite offers most of the features of the Pinterest app, while taking up less space on your device, and can download more quickly in places with slower internet connection."

27 February 2020 |

Pinterest pinners are increasingly becoming ‘Conscious Consumers’ as it finds environment top of the agenda

More evidence that shoppers are changing how they shop, what they buy and who they buy it from comes from Pinterest this week, which has assessed what its shoppers are doing – and finds that conscious consumption is growing rapidly.

Conscious consumption was a key trend highlighted in this year’s Pinterest 100 report, the company’s annual report showing what’s next, with ideas across categories including food, home, style, beauty, health, travel and family.

With more than 320 million people around the world using Pinterest, it paints an interesting picture of what shoppers are doing. Here are some of the key areas where Pinners are re-evaluating their sustainable impact [...]

27 February 2020 |

The Woman Of 2020 Doesn’t Need A Man, But She Does Need Pinterest

How to ask for a raise at work? How to buy your first home? Solo travel ideas anybody? In 2020, women are searching for ways to live their best lives solo, be financially independent and support and empower other women. If you’re looking for a way to tap into a market that’s expected to control almost 75% of discretionary spending worldwide by 2028, these are a few good places to start.

24 February 2020 |

Pinterest Publishes Data on Trending Searches by Women

Ahead of International Women's Day 2020, Pinterest has this week published a new report which looks at trending searches among female users, and what they mean with respect to how the platform is being utilized by women.

As explained by Pinterest: "As the global income of women reaches trillions of dollars, women are expected to control almost 75% of discretionary spending worldwide by 2028. These women are using Pinterest to find ideas for dinner, travel, home and family clothing choices. But, the how-tos and inspiration go beyond recipes, holidays and styling as women also use the platform for tips for buying their first home, traveling solo, and negotiating salary."

20 February 2020 |

Pinterest Pins Its Growth Prospects On SMBs And DTCs

While Pinterest’s stock has been challenged since the company went public in April 2019, it anticipates direct-to-consumer and small and medium-sized businesses will be a huge growth vector.

“The Fortune 500 are great – but, this is the thing, there are only 500 of them,” said Harold Klaje, head of global growth at Pinterest.

Pinterest isn’t alone in this thinking: Google and Facebook count millions of SMBs within their total paid advertiser counts, and both regularly release tools and product features to help smaller advertisers spend more, particularly in service of their performance marketing goals.

20 February 2020 |

Pinterest's Meredith Guerriero On Changing The Face Of Parental Leave

The head of U.S. partnerships and her fellow List members launch the Ask About It campaign to encourage workplace conversations about corporate family benefits.

According to advocacy group PL+US (Paid Leave in the United States), one in four women in the U.S. will return to work within 10 days of giving birth, not nearly enough time to physically and emotionally recover from childbirth.

But the ad tech industry increasingly stands apart, says Meredith Guerriero, head of U.S. partnerships at Pinterest [...] A mother of three, Guerriero attributes much of her success to having had access to comprehensive parental leave benefits.

19 February 2020 |

​Pin For Power! How Pinterest Is Supporting Women

Want to plan and dream for the future? Find inspiration for dinner, travel and clothing choices? Or even just escape from the mundane by looking at tastes and trinkets of what the world has to offer! Well Pinterest is just one click away. For women around the world this visual discovery engine is making a positive impact as they dip into the Pinterest jackpot to find inspiration and guidance for many of life’s decisions.

19 February 2020 |

Best interior design and home décor Pinterest accounts to follow

Pinterest has long been heralded as the ultimate place of inspiration for anything creative – and interior design comes top of the list. For many, when planning to redecorate their home, one of the first things they do is to create a new Pinterest board and collect all of their ideas in one place.

[...] If you’re already following some of the best interior influencers that Instagram has to offer, then make sure you get to know these Pinterest heavy weights, too. We reckon you’ll be re-pinning like nobody’s business, as soon as you’ve got them on your radar.

14 February 2020 |

Pinterest CMO on Marrying Aggressive Growth with the Company's Brand Image

In the beginning of her tenure as Pinterest’s first-ever CMO, Andréa Mallard established the company’s mission and core brand principles, reorganizing her team prior to the successful IPO. Now she’s focused on an aggressive global growth plan.

eMarketer spoke with the marketing veteran—previously at Athleta, Omada Health and IDEO—about the unique challenges of being a company’s first CMO, what she prioritized in year one, and how Pinterest can implement an aggressive growth strategy that remains true to the brand.

13 February 2020 |

NEW Pinterest Best Practices - How to Get Results AND Stay Safe!

Pinterest Best Practices 2020

It's official! Lucy Matthews, Partnerships Manager at Pinterest, explained at a Tailwind webinar yesterday that fresh content is likely to get a higher distribution priority! The Pinterest algorithm has shifted towards favoring recent and relevant content. People come to the platform for new ideas and inspiration, so that's exactly what it wants to deliver.

Pinterest marketers have seen this latest shift coming. The effectiveness of old pinning strategies and tactics has reduced. Quality over quantity is the new motto! The chances are extremely high that this change has implications for your current Pinterest content creation and distribution flow. To get more distribution and traffic and avoid the risk of being marked as spam, here are the Pinterest Best Practices for 2020 that you MUST know about.

12 February 2020 |

Pinterest Lens Recognizes 2.5 Billion Objects

Visual search is our top pick for AR flavor that could birth killer apps. Google sometimes calls it “search what you see.”

Speaking of Google, it’s the front runner for visual search. But another player could vie for visual search market share: Pinterest. The publicly-traded media & commerce play is likewise positioned with an image database and AI chops. It has a narrower use case than Google — mostly around consumer products — but that focus aligns with monetization.

To validate this potential, it recently announced that Pinterest Lens — its visual search feature — recognizes 2.5 billion objects, mostly fashion or home-related. This notably beats Google Lens’ one billion products recognized. [...]

11 February 2020 |

7 easy (and affordable) ways to make your shelves look like a Pinterest board

Want to transform your uninspiring shelves to ones that’ll earn you bragging rights? With just a few simple tweaks, you can take your shelfie-game to the next level, worthy of any Pinterest interior boards.

Whether you’re working with a big or smaller space, there are SO many great products on the high street to achieve 'the look' on a budget. Here's how...

11 February 2020 |

Pinterest Tests A Today Tab For Handpicked Trends

Pinterest came into existence with only one aim; to provide its users the ideas and inspiration that they would desire for in their everyday life. Hence, moving on to make the experience even better, analysis from the development side suggests that the company is working on a “Today” feed, which might just be make exploring the best-handpicked trends easier for users.

This additional feature has first been spotted by Jane Manchun Wong, who is known already known for reverse-engineering apps to identify hidden features and security vulnerabilities. According to her most recent tweet, there is a screenshot of Today feed from Pinterest showing how it might be based on best-handpicked trends from around the world, while giving the user the chance to gather the right inspiration.

10 February 2020 |

​Pinterest debuts verified merchant program after 46% revenue jump

Pinterest's verified merchant program gives marketers another way to reach consumers who express their purchase intentions by collecting images of products and services they might want to buy. [...]

The new verified merchant program is the latest piece of Pinterest's recent push into e-commerce, aiming to convert passive pinners into active shoppers. By requiring merchants to meet certain guidelines, Pinterest can reinforce the idea that it provides a safe place to shop. That theme is consistent with last year's effort to emphasize Pinterest as a "place for inspiration" while resisting the "social network" label in preparation for an initial public offering. 

10 February 2020 |

Pinterest Reaches 335 Million Active Users, Surpasses $1 Billion In Revenue in 2019

Back in 2015, leaked documents outlined Pinterest's ambitious growth plans. The company, which at that time was generating around $25 million in revenue per year, projected an increase in monthly active users to 329 million by 2018, and a jump in revenue to a massive $2.8b.

And while those projections were indeed ambitious - and it's now a year beyond that initial mark - the platform is not so far off. Revenue-wise, it still has a way to go, but at the end of 2019, Pinterest sat at 335 million MAU, while it exceeded a $1b in revenue for the first time.

Slowly, quietly, Pinterest continues to build its case for advertiser investment. Here's a look at the platform's Q4 2019 performance data.

9 February 2020 |

Pinterest shares surge after earnings beat Q1 Top and bottom lines

Pinterest shares climbed as much as 17.1% in after-hours trading on Thursday following the company’s fourth-quarter earnings report. The company beat on both the top and bottom lines for the quarter.

Pinterest’s 2020 full-year outlook also exceeded analysts’ expectations. For the year, Pinterest said it expects revenue to come in at up to $1.52 billion, compared with consensus estimates of $1.5 billion.

The results show that Pinterest’s recent adjustments to the app seem to be paying off. Last quarter, Pinterest said it redesigned the app to make it easier for users to discover new ideas.

7 February 2020 |

The Pinterest top trends for February 2020

With winter lingering in northern climes and Valentine’s on the way, February is all about comfort and romance. It’s always the shortest month, but this leap year gives marketers an extra day for their campaigns. Align with these rising trends for an extra boost.

7 February 2020 |

AspireIQ Meets Growing Demand for Pinterest Engagement With New Search Functionality

AspireIQ, the leading influencer marketing platform for enterprise brands, today released Pinterest Influencer Search, a solution that opens the door to brands focused on influencer marketing on Pinterest. Brands using this product can discover Pinterest influencers who align with their brand values, view Pinterest-specific engagement metrics, and engage those influencers in long-term relationships. This paves the way for brands to inspire visitors and introduce great finds with authentic influencer-generated content.

5 February 2020 |

2 Challenges for Pinterest Ahead of Its Fourth Quarter Earnings

Pinterest (NYSE:PINS) will report fourth-quarter earnings after the market closes on Feb. 6. With that report, investors will have a much bigger picture of where this stock is going. But despite only trading publicly for nine months, Pinterest has already run into some important challenges that management will need to address going forward.

Investors should keep a close eye on Pinterest's user growth and its revenue per user ahead of fourth-quarter results. These two metrics are key to the company's long-term performance. Here's why.

4 February 2020 |

Indoor Garden Rooms Are the Hot New Trend on Pinterest—Here's How to Pull Them Off

A monstera in the den, a philodendron in the kitchen, maybe a pilea in the powder room: Scattering your houseplants piecemeal throughout the house is a natural way to spread out the leafy love. But like all decorating, there's strength in numbers and lately, more and more rooms dedicated solely to plant babies are popping up on Instagram and Pinterest.

The idea of an indoor garden room isn't necessarily a new one (plantfluencers like Justina Blakeney, Summer Rayne Oakes, and Hilton Carter have been filling their entire homes with hundreds of plants for years). You don't have to go all-out jungle to achieve the look that is one of Pinterest's top 10 home trends for 2020; if you don’t have an extra bedroom or sunroom to spare, no worries—here are easy ways to turn a sunny section of any room into a lush getaway.

31 January 2020 |

Pinterest launches virtual makeup ‘Try on’ feature, starting with lipstick

A new Pinterest feature will allow users to virtually try on products, starting with lipstick, before they shop from retailers like Estée Lauder, Sephora, bareMinerals, Neutrogena, NYX Professional Makeup, YSL Beauté, Lancôme and Urban Decay from L’Oréal. To use the new feature, Pinners will first open Pinterest’s smart camera, “Lens,” while in Search, then click “Try it” to explore the different lipstick shades available. To shop the products, you just swipe up.

Another way to access Try it is by typing in lipstick-related terms into Pinterest’s search engine — like “plum lipstick” or “red lips,” for example.

Pinterest says that it won’t alter your photo using skin smoothing or other techniques, so you can be sure of what the lipstick looks like on the real you. In addition, the feature has been integrated with Pinterest’s existing skin tone range feature, so users can shop for similar lip shades on skin tones that match their own.

28 January 2020 |

Pinterest steps up e-commerce efforts with AR try-on

From Tuesday, Pinterest users in the US will be able to use augmented reality to try on lipstick in the platform’s latest push into e-commerce.

The tool, called “Try On powered by Lens”, uses the selfie camera to show how specific lipsticks will look on a user’s lips, adjusting to their movements in real-time. Users can try on shades from brands including Bare Minerals, Estée Lauder, Sephora, Neutrogena and L'Oréal and then swipe up to shop on the brand’s site.

As Pinterest’s first AR feature, it paves the way for similar applications at a time when AR-enabled commerce is proliferating: an estimated 68.7 million people use AR at least once a month in the US. The technology builds on the platform’s existing computer vision capabilities; its Lens tool, introduced three years ago, powers visual search on Pinterest, which can match items in its catalogue to photos.

28 January 2020 |

Pinterest exceeds set hiring goals, but needs 'laser focus' on leadership diversity

Pinterest's engineers are more diverse than five years ago, but there's a lag in leadership diversity, according to its latest diversity report released to the public Jan. 16. The hiring rate for full-time women engineers is at 27%, exceeding a 25% goal. For underrepresented engineers (defined by the company as Native American and Pacific Islander, Latinx, and Black employees), the hiring rate is at 9%, a point higher than the set goal of 8%. Pinterest surpassed its goal of a 12% hiring rate for underrepresented employees across the company (business and product), the hiring rate is now at 14%.

21 January 2020 |

Pinterest builds verified merchant programme

At NRF: Retail’s Big Show in New York City, Ben Silbermann, CEO of Pinterest, assured the audience that Pinterest will keep integrity and its company mission – to be a platform where people go to get inspiration – at the heart of its merchant programme. [...]

Pinterest has invested heavily in personalisation and machine learning, which Silbermann believes will improve the user and shopper experience. “We’re building a verified merchant programme so that we can show products from merchants that our users can trust.” The verified merchant programme will look at return and tracking policies, trust and “once a year, we’ll tell users who is verified".

20 January 2020 |

Pinterest Publishes New Update on Employee Diversity and its Impacts on Product Decisions

Pinterest has this week released a new update on its efforts to employ a more diverse and inclusive range of people within its organization, and the impacts that those efforts have had on its product decisions.

As explained by Pinterest:

"It's hard to feel inspired when you don't feel represented - online or in your workplace - and research shows that diverse teams make us more creative, diligent and hard-working. When we are building products, a team of people with different backgrounds enables us to think through products, policies, and safety from all angles (for instance, how products could be abused or how they could unintentionally impact a community)."

17 January 2020 |

CEO Ben Silbermann on Why Pinterest Has a Responsibility to Make the Internet a Better Place

The internet is a messy place where not everyone has the best intentions. What role tech companies have in responding to that reality has become one of the central questions in business. For Pinterest CEO Ben Silbermann, the role his company--and other online brands--ought to play is quite clear.

"I think the lesson that everyone's learned over the last few years is that if you want positive things to come out of internet technology, they have to be deliberately engineered that way," Silbermann said Tuesday on stage at this year's National Retail Federation's annual conference and expo in New York City.

17 January 2020  |

Pinterest Records 82 Million Domestic Users In 2019

Surpassing Snapchat, Pinterest has established itself as the third-largest social-media platform among U.S. consumers.

That’s according to a new report from eMarketer, which estimates that the Pin-based platform saw domestic membership grow by 9.1% to 82.4 million users, last year.

That bested Snap Inc.’s flagship platform, which ended the year with 80.2 million U.S. users, according to eMarketer. Along with a successful IPO in 2019, Pinterest’s success is due to its broad appeal, according to eMarketer junior forecasting analyst Nazmul Islam.

17 January 2020  |

Pinterest Expands Self-Help Exercises to Nine New Regions

Pinterest is giving more people access to its mental health and wellbeing self-help exercises, with the tools now being made available in nine new regions.

"Today we’re bringing our collection of emotional well-being activities to Pinners in nine additional countries, including the UK, Ireland, Canada, Australia, Singapore, India, the Philippines, Hong Kong and New Zealand."

Originally launched in the US last July, Pinterest's mental health tools are displayed in search results when users enter queries like “sad quotes,” “work anxiety” or other terms which may indicate a mental health concern (users can also access them at any time by searching #pinterestwellbeing). [...]

16 January 2020  |

Could Pinterest Be Your Social Media Marketing Secret Weapon in 2020?

Pinterest has seen steady growth and it is on a mission to empower brands with its visually compelling interface. Amy Vener, Global Head of Retail Strategy, Pinterest, discusses how “good content” will impact consumers’ buying decisions. She talks about the ways Pinterest helps brands to connect the physical and digital aspects of their business to stay competitive in today’s market. [...]

16 January 2020  |

Why Pinterest Stock Popped 10.5% Today

Pinterest (NYSE:PINS) stock scored a strike today, jumping 10.5% (as of 1:35 p.m. EST) on a report from, which stated that in 2019, "Pinterest surpassed Snapchat as the third-biggest social media platform in the US."

According to the website, as recently as 2018 Snap (NYSE:SNAP) -owned Snapchat was the third-biggest social media platform after Facebook and Twitter, with 75.8 million users (versus 75.5 million for Pinterest). Today, the balance of power has shifted, and it's Pinterest in the lead with 82.4 million users, versus 80.2 million for Snapchat. [...]

15 January 2020  |

Pinterest Surpassed Snapchat as No. 3 Social Media App in the US and Will Stay Ahead

Pinterest surpassed Snapchat as the third-biggest social media platform in the US in 2019, and it will continue to stay ahead in the coming years, according to our latest social user estimates.

In 2018, Snapchat edged Pinterest out slightly with 75.8 million users compared with Pinterest’s 75.5 million, despite the former having lost users due to a major redesign. The messaging app rebounded in 2019 with 80.2 million users after rolling out a successful Android app and introducing new virtual reality filters. But, in 2019, it was still surpassed by Pinterest, with 82.4 million users, after the visual platform had a successful year and IPO in April. [...]

15 January 2020  |

Pinterest Trends Give Marketers a New SEO Opportunity

One of the most interesting SEO tools emerging in the new year isn't from one of the traditional search engines. It's from a social media site that has developed a strong visual search algorithm over the years, Pinterest.

In December, Pinterest introduced a beta product called Pinterest Trends. The new tool gives marketers a view of the top US search terms within Pinterest from the past 12 months. Pinterest Trends also indicate when top search terms peak via a time series graph. All of these features offer a way to "better understand how content performs on Pinterest” according to the company's Dec. 10 announcement. [...]

15 January 2020  |

3 Expert Secrets to Help Double Your Pinterest Traffic in 2020

In 2020, Pinterest is growing, steadily gaining millions of users each month. Due to the common mindset of Pinterest users, this platform poses an incredible opportunity for brands, entrepreneurs, and influencers to reach a qualified target audience.

While Instagram and Facebook are typically used for connection, events, and social updates, Pinterest is most often used by consumers looking for products and inspiration. These users tend to be on the hunt for something and ready to buy when the right thing strikes them.

Here are 3 expert secrets that will help you double your Pinterest traffic this year.

14 January 2020  |

Pinterest details the AI and taxonomy systems underpinning Trends

Last December, Pinterest announced the launch of Pinterest Trends, a feature that reveals the past year’s most popular search keywords. Much like Google Trends and Bing’s Keyword Research Tool, Trends spotlights terms that peaked over the past 12 months, using algorithmic data to sort by volume.

Trends became available globally this week in beta, and in the spirit of transparency, Pinterest detailed how the taxonomic system underpinning Trends canvases the over 200 billion ideas across 4 billion boards created by the social network’s over 320 million users.

12 January 2020  |

Pinterest streamlines shopping process

Direct shopping on the Pinterest social platform just got a little easier.

SmartCommerce, provider of the Click2Cart solution which enables placement of products into a virtual shopping cart with a single click, is joining the Pinterest Partner program. This partnership enables Pinterest users to more easily add products they discover on the platform to a shopping cart.

10 January 2020  |

Pinterest and SmartCommerce Partner to Add Digital Shopping Capabilities Driving Consumers From Inspiration to Action

SmartCommerce has joined the Pinterest Partner program enabling Pinterest’s more than 320 million active monthly users to easily add products they discover on the platform to a shopping cart.

“SmartCommerce Click2Cart functionality helps CPG brand partners make it simple to cart products straight from recipes, projects, regimen, and similar Pins, increasing the likelihood of inspiration-fueled purchase,” notes Jennifer Silverberg, CEO of SmartCommerce. “In fact, our CPG clients have seen some of their highest rates of conversion to carts from Pinterest, so we are very excited about broadening this partnership by joining the Partner program.”

9 January 2020  |

IRI to Launch IRI Lift for Pinterest Marketing Optimization Solution

Pinterest Advertisers Will Have Access to the Industry’s Leading Optimization Solution, IRI Lift, Linking Pinterest Exposure to Offline Purchase Data

IRI®, a global leader in innovative solutions and services for consumer, retail and media companies, today announced the commercial launch of its IRI Lift™ for Pinterest solution. For the first time, Pinterest advertisers will have access to IRI Lift, through the Pinterest platform, to measure the impact of their Pinterest campaigns on driving offline sales. The commercial launch of IRI Lift for Pinterest builds upon IRI’s existing partnership with Pinterest.

7 January 2020  |

How Pinterest is pitching its ad business in the UK

Pinterest has been sharpening up its proposition, improving its ad business and how buyers run campaigns in order to capture more money from U.K. agency budgets.

Pinterest carved out a name for itself as a destination for inspiration, placing it somewhere in between a search and a social platform. But this commingling of the two has been one of the reasons U.K. agencies haven’t invested as willingly. Now the platform is making it clearer by highlighting its search capabilities.

5 January 2020  |

Pinterest: The top trends for January 2020

Peer into the new year to spur ideas for your next Pinterest campaign. This month, fringe is in—across foreheads as well as fashion. Pinners are also taking stock of their finances and dressing pets for cold weather. For a look at the emerging trends set to shape all of next year, check out our Pinterest 100 2020 trend report.

3 January 2020  |

The NY Times 2019 Good Tech Awards

It’s true! Some tech companies had a positive social impact this year.

Two years ago, I started what has become one of my favorite annual traditions. Instead of a year-end column rounding up all the dubious and objectionable things technology companies did over the last year — a true fish-in-a-barrel assignment — I highlighted some examples of “good tech.” I wanted to give kudos to the kinds of tech projects that don’t always make headlines but that improve people’s lives in tangible ways.

I’ll admit, handing out awards for good technology in 2019 feels a little like congratulating Godzilla for not destroying all of Tokyo. There was plenty of bad tech news to write about this year: Facebook’s foibles, Amazon’s aggression, SoftBank’s stumbles. But to me, the tech industry’s very public shortfalls make celebrating its quieter successes even more important. The tech industry, after all, is not a monolith, and many engineers and entrepreneurs work on projects that help society. So here, with no further ado, are this year’s winners.

31 December 2019  |

Daily Forecast: Pinterest’s US User Forecast Growth More than Doubles in 2019

eMarketer forecasting analyst Nazmul Islam breaks down eMarketer's latest US Pinterest user forecast and the impact of new features like “Shop the Look.”

30 December 2019  |

How Brands Can Leverage Pinterest To Make Sales

Pinterest is such a key part of the buying journey for its users that over 90 percent of weekly active Pinners use Pinterest to make purchasing decisions.

Not only are Pinterest users making purchase decisions on the platform, 83 percent say they are making purchases specifically based on the content they’ve seen from brands on Pinterest.

Pinterest is no longer simply a place to save ideas and build dream boards. Instead, Pinterest has turned into the world’s largest visual discovery platform.

And there are a lot of opportunities for brands.

We had a chance to chat with the team over at Pinterest about some of their best practices for brands looking to increase sales. We’re excited to share those lessons with you!

Here’s what we learned…

27 December 2019  |

Pinterest CMO on Marrying Aggressive Growth with the Company's Brand Image

In the beginning of her tenure as Pinterest’s first-ever CMO, Andréa Mallard established the company’s mission and core brand principles, reorganizing her team prior to the successful IPO. Now she’s focused on an aggressive global growth plan.

eMarketer spoke with the marketing veteran—previously at Athleta, Omada Health and IDEO—about the unique challenges of being a company’s first CMO, what she prioritized in year one, and how Pinterest can implement an aggressive growth strategy that remains true to the brand.

24 December 2019  |

Move over celery juice, here are the three big new health drink trends for 2020 according to Pinterest

Ah, Pinterest, you've done it again. The time-sucking, inspirational, envy-inducing social media platform is known for having its finger on the pulse of upcoming trends, and its latest announcement is no exception.

With the release of its annual Pinterest 100, the social network has given us an intriguing insight into what 2020 may look like. These trends are based on what people are pinning to their boards, with a particular focus on the topics that have grown significantly in the lead-up to the new year.

"Finding balance" was a trend overall, and, within that, Pinterest shows us the healthy foods we'll all be eating in 2020 as we continue our attempts to eat better than ever. Here are the three food trends that those in the know say we're going to be into.

19 December 2019  |

Pinterest partners marketing platform One Impression

Influencer marketing platform One Impression on Tuesday announced a partnership with US-based visual search engine Pinterest to build a stronger creator and brand ecosystem in the country.

As part of the partnership, One Impression will collaborate with creators so they can grow within the Pinterest ecosystem. The company has been chosen as an Influencer API Partner in India by Pinterest, it said in a statement [...]

18 December 2019  |

Pinterest slashes contractor pay for the holidays

[..] Like lots of companies, Pinterest gives employees the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day off while paying them as if they had worked. Unlike lots of companies, Pinterest has traditionally extended that benefit to the contractors who work on the company’s culinary and maintenance staff, which the company calls HosPin.

This year, Pinterest decided to claw back that benefit. Contractors will still get their days off — they just won’t be paid for them, except for Christmas and New Year’s Day. The company will pay contractors a nominal holiday bonus, but the money will fall well short of a week’s pay. Instead, Pinterest is offering the workers extra shifts during the shutdown week that they previously spent with their families.

18 December 2019  |

Pinterest is Reportedly Working on an Explore Tab and a New Trip-Planning Board!

Pinterest Hires Waleed Ojeil As Head Of Monetization Engineering

And just when we start thinking that Pinterest has done it all, the content discovery platform surprises everyone. Nearly 10 years have passed since Pinterest was launched and throughout this period, it has helped several people in getting a hold of what’s happening around the world through pictures, GIFS and videos.

Although Pinterest has a lot of cool features and options already implemented for its users, there is always room for improvement. And perhaps we might soon be witnessing some new additions in the concerned social networking app, as per renowned App Researcher Jane Manchun Wong.

Wong recently tweeted about Pinterest working on an Explore Tab [...]

16 December 2019  |

Pinterest opens up its trove of consumer trends data

Pinterest is hiring Waleed Ojeil from Google as its head of monetization engineering. Ojeil spent more than 14 years working at Google as a senior director of engineering.

When he first started at Google, he was responsible for the search engine’s indexing infrastructure and built Union — which is a unified indexing infrastructure for structured, unstructured, public, and private data. And he led the next generation crawl infrastructure to support data ingestion for Google. Ojeil also led hundreds of engineers, technical leads, and directors across several sites.

“Pinterest is at the forefront of areas like visual search and shopping, inspiring hundreds of millions of people around the world to create a life they love,” said Ojeil. “I’m excited to build upon the team’s work in advertising, commerce, and monetization to enable more people to discover great ideas and go from Pin to purchase, as brands grow their businesses in an environment where their content is welcomed by users.”

14 December 2019  |

Pinterest opens up its trove of consumer trends data

Peek into the future with the top Pinterest trends for 2020.

When Pinners want new ideas, they come to Pinterest first. It’s where they get inspiration, find new dreams and plan for what matters most. And every time that someone searches on Pinterest, they’re thinking about what they want to try next.

Multiply that behaviour by the more than 320 million people using Pinterest all over the world and you get a unique insight into emerging trends. The Pinterest 100 is our annual report showing what’s next, with ideas across categories including food, home, style, beauty, travel and family. This year, we organised the trends into ten themes that show broader cultural shifts and changes in consumer behaviour. [...]

12 December 2019  |

SAN FRANCISCO — In 2020, protest posters and luxe scrunchies will populate our social media feeds, while Y2K-inspired outfits will fuel ’90s nostalgia. Planet makeup (meaning moody tones inspired by space) and gender-neutral haircuts will serve as beauty inspo, while consumers will prioritise clothes for hiking and working from home. These types of insights, culled from Pinterest’s annual P100 list of emerging trends, have become an important resource for brands as they develop and market products. Now, the California company is making its trends data even more accessible.

11 December 2019  |

Pinterest And The Knot Will Stop Promoting Wedding Content That Romanticizes Former Slave Plantations

Pinterest and the Knot Worldwide, two of the country's biggest online wedding-planning platforms, are changing their policies to stop promoting wedding venues and content that romanticize former slave plantations, representatives for the companies exclusively told BuzzFeed News.

The Knot Worldwide, which owns the Knot and WeddingWire, is currently working on new guidelines to ensure wedding vendors on their websites don’t use language that glorifies, celebrates, or romanticizes Southern plantation history, chief marketing officer Dhanusha Sivajee told BuzzFeed News. [...]

6 December 2019  |

​According to Pinterest, There’s One Thing We’re All Shopping For These Holidays

And it's probably not what you're thinking.

The holidays are a time for giving, but with most things on the market linked to wasteful manufacturing and packaging, the hunt for alternate gift ideas is at an all-time high. According to the 2019 Pinterest Holiday report, Canadian searches for “zero waste Christmas” are up 119 per cent, and searches for “sustainable gifts” are up a huge 445 per cent.

So, to help you embrace this time of year in the most responsible way, we’ve curated a list of 15 eco-conscious gift ideas that your loved ones will treasure (and the environment will thank you for!). [...]

5 December 2019  | Read more at ​

Top 5 Pinterest UK Campaigns for 2019

Birds Eye, Ted Baker and Sainsbury’s were among the best Pinterest campaigns for 2019. ​

The list, selected by Pinterest,highlights the creativity, originality, strategy, insight, measurement and craft across the UK ad campaigns found on Pinterest. [...]

4 December 2019  | Read more at ​

The top trends on Pinterest for December 2019

Want to know what’s on the horizon? Marketers can get a glimpse in our December report. People are going all in on aroma, steeping tea, buckling up and having inclinations about their staircases. Internationally, we have insights about mullets (yes, that kind) and tropical tiramisu. [...]

3 December 2019  | Read more at ​

San Francisco store tour curated by Essential Retail & Pinterest

On a recent trip to San Francisco for Dreamforce 2019, Essential Retail worked with Pinterest to curate a selection of interesting and innovative stores, which all had a common theme – digitally-native brands, some of which were trying out physical retail for the very first time.

“San Francisco is a digital-savvy market and because of this, consumers are especially hungry for alternative ways to connect more emotionally with brands – more than just the traditional digital experiences,” explains Amy Vener, retail vertical strategy lead at Pinterest. [...]

28 November 2019  | Read more at ​

Pinterest Launches Hand-Curated Pinterest Shop

Pinterest announced the launch of a new hand-curated shopping profile called Pinterest Shop, in celebration of Small Business Saturday on Nov. 30.

The profile is hand-curated by Pinterest and features hundreds of shoppable Product Pins from 17 different small businesses. The small businesses chosen to be part of Pinterest Shop all “make and sell unique goods, are mission-driven, diverse, and have uploaded their product catalog to Pinterest.”

The latter makes their products automatically available to buy, as shoppable Product Pins.

26 November 2019  | Read more at ​

Is Pinterest Ruining Interior Design—or Actually Making it Better?

Talk to any designer for long enough, and you're bound to hear a dig about Pinterest. Maybe they're rolling their eyes at one of the trends on the visual bookmarking platform (mason jars, crochet, wall art emblazoned with entreaties to "gather" or "hustle"), or perhaps a client just sent them thousand-item board of nonsensical choices (because, no, the Hall of Mirrors at Versailles isn't a viable direction for the foyer of your midcentury ranch). Either way, the nearly decade-old site has become an inexorable fact of life in the present design landscape. So how are professionals grappling with the new status quo?

25 November 2019  | Read more at ​

The overlooked purchase power of Pinterest

While all the other social media platforms are involved in scandals and spats Pinterest has been quietly getting on with making itself thoughtful, relevant, engaging, and a major player in the social media arena when it comes to consumer purchasing-making decisions. Yet it remains an underrated tool. Marketers take heed, and work this platform into your strategy.

19 November 2019  | Read more at ​

Pinterest Expands Self-Help Tools, Outlines Improvements in Detection of Self-Harm Content

After first launching its self-help tools to assist those searching for terms related to mental health concerns back in July, Pinterest has this week expanded its self-help assistance exercises to cover more types of potential health problems, including depression and self-harm.

As explained by Pinterest:

"Now, if someone searches for a term related to self-injury, they’ll find ten new coping exercises that can help them work through difficult emotions and feelings. Each exercise is guided with steps people can take to manage their feelings, such as ways to redirect energy, release tension or create a calm environment."

18 November 2019  | Read more at ​

What interior designers really feel about Pinterest!

Depending on who you talk to, Pinterest is either the best or the worst thing to happen to interior design. Business of Home asked eight designers—Dani Arps, Nicole Fuller, Lauren Hurlbrink, Kevin Isbell, Jennifer Jones, Dana Koebbe, Claudia Martin and Frank Ponterio—to weigh in.

18 November 2019  | Read more at ​

Pinterest Releases Gender Transition Guide to Help Other Organizations Facilitate Change

Pinterest has this week published its internal guidelines for assisting employees who are going through a gender transition, an increasingly common, and important consideration in the modern workplace.

The document covers Pinterest's process for assisting its own staff, and Pinterest is publishing the guide "to help other workplaces looking to support their trans employees".

As explained by Pinterest:

"Making Pinterest’s employee culture safe and supportive for people who are transitioning is an important part of living our values. We are deeply committed to creating and sustaining a work environment where everyone - regardless of sex, gender or gender identity - feels valued."

13 November 2019  | Read more at ​

How To Leverage Pinterest For Your Business's Marketing Plans

Social media site Pinterest recently rolled out a marketing campaign called "Shop the Look," which demonstrates the kind of reach that the site has in terms of monetizing its users. Businesses should take notice of the campaign and consider using Pinterest to reach consumers that are best suited to their product or service.

Leveraging Pinterest to market a business is a little bit different than other social media sites. To help small companies that consider using Pinterest to develop their online customers, 13 members of Forbes Communications Council look at the best ways to do so, and what an organization should be doing to increase its reach on this social media site.

13 November 2019  | Read more at ​

The Pinterest Holiday Shopping Report: Gift inspiration for everyone on your list

Pinners eagerly await the holiday season, with searches starting as early as June each year. Millions of people around the world turn to Pinterest to spark inspiration for the best gifts to give everyone on their list and to create their own wishlists. And while you’re searching for the best gifts for your family and friends, don’t forget the rest of the important people in your life: searches for “teacher Christmas gift ideas” are up +1890%1 and coworker “Christmas gift ideas” up +244%2.

We’ve rounded up some of the top trending gifts* to give based on what Pinterest shoppers are searching for, saving and buying.

7 November 2019  | Read more at ​

Expand Your Social Commerce With The New Shoppable Pinterest

In a world full of Millennials and Gen Z customers looking for new products, Pinterest is the way to go. The social platform consists almost entirely of pictures, making it easy to scroll through and keep entertained with something new always right around the corner. Since its start, Pinterest has been trying new and innovative ways for browsers to shop the products they love with the touch of a button right in the app.

7 November 2019  | Read more at ​

Pinterest: The top trends for November 2019

Fold up-and-coming trends into your next campaign to catch and keep Pinners’ attention. This month is all about bedazzling the eye, warming up with soup, stepping out in corduroy and stepping back in to a fantastic foyer. Click below to find your inspiration.

6 November 2019  | Read more at ​

​Four Ways to Grow Online Traffic with Pinterest

Social media has remained one of the most powerful tools for online marketing, and while Instagram and FB remain some of the golden tools for advertising, some retailers can look over one of the boldest tools: Pinterest. Here is how you can grow your online traffic using Pinterest.

6 November 2019  | Read more at ​

Pinterest Rolls Out A New Look On iOS And Android

Pinterest last week announced a brand new immersive design, making the platform “even more visual” on iOS and Android.

Pinterest has been making little updates to refresh its app and improve its experience for users, for some time, and is now rolling out “a more immersive design that’s streamlined for Pinners around the world.”

Pinterest’s new updated look for iOS and Android makes the app more “visual,” bringing personalized recommendations to the forefront of the home feed. Furthermore, there will now be less space around Pins, allowing them to take up more space on a mobile screen.

5 November 2019  | Read more at ​

Pinterest Now Up to 322 Million MAU, Revenue up 47% YoY in Latest Report

Pinterest has posted its latest performance update, showing solid increases in both usage and revenue for the third quarter of 2019.

First off, on users - Pinterest added 22 million more monthly active users in the quarter, taking it to 322 million overall.

As you can see, that equates to a 28% YoY increase, while usage outside the US is growing at an even faster rate. For comparison, Snapchat added 7 million more daily active users in Q3, while Twitter added 6 million. Facebook added 36 million MAU in the same period.  [...]

3 November 2019  | Read more at ​

The Google-Facebook ad duopoly is facing a bigger challenge from the trio of Snap, Pinterest and Amazon

Google and Facebook are still firmly in control of the online advertising market, but a group of challengers is eating into their dominance.

With third-quarter earnings season is in the books, the trajectory is clear: Snap, Pinterest and Amazon’s ad businesses are growing faster than the industry giants, giving brands of all sizes more opportunities to diversify their marketing spending. [...]

2 November 2019  | Read more at ​

Pinterest Hopes Users Seek ‘True Happiness in the Offline World’

Pinterest, the craft and design site, is about to celebrate 10 years online. But its CMO is really hoping its nearly 300 million users are living their lives to the fullest, offline.

We had a chance to talk with CMO Andréa Mallard to find out what’s top of mind at Pinterest, which includes branching out from its main user base of crafters and creatives to businesses and organizations. [...]

25 October 2019  | Read more at ​

One Company That Could Benefit From Rising Ad Prices on Amazon and Google

Advertisers spend nearly all of their digital search advertising budgets on Google and Amazon. The two combine to take 86% of the market, according to a recent estimate from eMarketer.

But after years of growth, Amazon's primary path forward may be increasing average ad prices. Meanwhile, like-for-like clicks on Google continue to rise in price every year. For search marketers looking for alternatives, there aren't very many options. Amazon dominates product searches, and Google's search engine is preferred for just about everything else.

But one company has carved out a small niche of valuable searches: Pinterest. It may be able to attract new ad buyers as marketers look to find improved return on investment for their dollars. [...]

25 October 2019  | Read more at ​

TTG Luxury Travel Summit: 'Don't Undervalue Linkedin And Pinterest As Marketing Channels'

LinkedIn and Pinterest should not be overlooked as marketing channels by luxury travel brands, according to digital experts.

Jon Bezalel, digital strategist at marketing agency Accord, suggested LinkedIn can work well to reach a discerning audience.

“Because people regularly update their professional profile on LinkedIn the data is robust,” he argued. “To target high-net worth individuals you can target by job title and company name and get quite granular with it.”

Anthony Rawlins, founder of digital specialist Digital Visitor, acknowledged that a “Facebook-first approach” still makes sense, even for luxury brands, but highlighted the value of Pinterest when it’s used well. [...]

24 October 2019  | Read more at ​

Pinterest Begins Rolling Out an Updated Pin Format

Pinterest has begun rolling out a new Pin format, which includes some minor functional tweaks, and separates each Pin element more specifically.

As you can see in this example, provided by user @KenSchillinger, the update shifts the 'Save' and 'Send' buttons, as well as the options menu, to below the Pin image, as opposed to along the top bar in the current format. This will give the visual elements of your Pins increased focus, while the Pin image also will now also take up more of the screen, which is more aligned with vertical viewing.

When you scroll down (second image above) you can see that each section is now more specifically separated, with rounded edges defining each part. That, again, better highlights what you can do with each Pin, what you can learn about each, and then, what other Pins the platform thinks you might be interested in.

The new Pin format was actually spotted by reverse engineering expert Jane Manchun Wong, who tweeted about it back in April.

24 October 2019  | Read more at ​

Q4 digital report: Pinterest gains on Instagram and TikTok don’t stop

A wealth of new data has contributed to impressive growth across various aspects of digital over the past three months, so my new Digital 2019 Q4 Global Digital Statshot report – produced in partnership with We Are Social and Hootsuite – has plenty of juicy headlines, as well as essential insights for brands and organizations preparing 2020 digital plans.

You’ll find all the latest numbers in the SlideShare embed below (or click here), but read on to get richer context and insights into this quarter’s top headlines. [...]

23 October 2019  | Read more at ​

How Pinterest became the only place on the internet where people want ads

It’s hard to tell the difference between what’s an ad and what’s not these days on Pinterest. A search for “women’s hiking pants” on the platform yields hundreds of vivid, pleasant images of the outdoors—very few of which don’t lead to a checkout page on a retailer’s site. You’ll see a mix of promoted Pins from popular athletic gear retailers like Fabletics and Athleta, as well as “Shoppable Pins” and “Shop the Look” pins from retailers. The platform classifies the latter two as “non-ads,” even though clicking on either will direct users to a link for purchase.

On Pinterest, the line between what’s an ad and what’s real is very blurry. Pinterest’s head of engineering Jeremy King, who joined the platform from Walmart back in March, acknowledges that it can be hard for users to tell the difference between organic pins and ads. [...]

20 October 2019  |

This Holiday Gift Is Trending Heavily on Pinterest for 2019

It may not be beginning to look a lot like Christmas—yet—but it is beginning to look a lot like it's time to start planning your holiday gifts for loved ones.

To that point, Pinterest has its pulse on what's trending this year in their 2019 holiday report, and one spiking category caught our eyes: Gift baskets. So what, specifically are pinners going crazy for this year? According to the saving and discovery platform, people are all about personalized gifts this year with searches for boyfriend gift basket up an impressive 2036%, and searches for homemade gift baskets up 452%.

If you're looking to make a gift basket for someone on your holiday shopping list, check out the following pins on Pinterest for inspiration:

18 October 2019  |

Pinterest's Testing Emoji-Like Reactions for Video Response

Fresh from rolling out its new reactions for group boards, Pinterest is now testing a whole other style of quick emoji response characters, this time for videos posted on the platform.

As you can see here, this new version of reactions emojis - spotted by reverse engineering expert Jane Manchun Wong within the back-end code of the Pinterest app - is more cartoonish and different to regular emoji characters.

They also vary significantly from the emoji reactions Pinterest rolled out for group boards late last month.

18 October 2019  |

The Top 2019 Halloween Costumes, According to Pinterest

ICYMI, we’ve officially entered that time of year when everything moves at warp speed. Labor Day still feels like it happened last week and, yet, you’re going to blink and tomorrow will be Halloween. Which is precisely why you need to nail down what you’re wearing for the spooky holiday, like, yesterday. Fortunately for all of us who are far too tired to spend hours browsing the internet to find the perfect ensemble, Pinterest has already pulled together its list of most popular Halloween costumes in 2019 based on searches over the last year.

17 October 2019  |

Pinterest vs Instagram for Business: Which Platform Drives More Traffic

Everyone knows that Pinterest and Instagram are the go-to social media if your niche is particularly visual. But did you know that there are differences between the two?

If you only have the time or budget to focus on one of them for your online business — either Pinterest or Instagram — choosing the right one may make the difference between success or failure, depending on your niche and goals.

If you have time for two, understanding the differences provides a framework to develop an incredibly powerful visual campaign, each of which complements the other brilliantly.

17 October 2019  |

Pinterest bucks ‘black box’ social media trend with greater user controls

As scrutiny over social networks’ “black box” recommendation algorithms reaches a fever pitch, Facebook, YouTube, and others are introducing controls that promise greater customization and transparency over the content populating feeds. Today, Pinterest joined the club with new pin-level visibility settings options on the web and in its apps for Android, iOS, and Windows, complemented by a tool that highlights which boards, topics, accounts, and recent history contributed to its personalized board suggestions.

Pinterest said that in early testing, the new features reduced the number of content recommendation complaints by over 50%. That’s rather impressive, considering a recent survey conducted by the Pew Research Center found that only about 14% of respondents believed they had control over the content appearing in Facebook’s news feed.

16 October 2019  |

How Pinterest Built One of Silicon Valley’s Most Successful Algorithms

On Tuesday, the company will roll out a feature designed to address perhaps its algorithm’s most visible flaw: its tendency to draw the wrong conclusions from users’ past behavior, and pollute their feeds with stuff they don’t want to see anymore — like wedding dresses for a user who broke off her engagement, or nursery decor for a user who suffered a miscarriage.

The feature, which Pinterest is calling the Home Feed Tuner, will let users review and manually edit their activity history and interests, essentially telling the algorithm what to remember and what to forget. It’s a feature that Pinterest expects will reduce complaints and raise satisfaction among a small subset of power users.

16 October 2019  |

10 Tips for Retailers to Get the Most Out of Pinterest

Pinterest has 200 million monthly active users. And two thirds of them look at saved Pinterest content while they’re actually shopping. This means that retail businesses can make a major impact on their sales by making use of the platform.

If you want to attract new customers and sell more products by using Pinterest, here are some expert tips for you to consider.

16 October 2019  |

Pinterest to Launch Home Feed Tuner Feature

Interview with Will Oremus, senior writer for OneZero on Medium, who explains how Pinterest's algorithm has largely escaped scrutiny and the upcoming feature that gives users more control over what they see.

15 October 2019  |

Why Pinterest Is Only Scratching the Surface with Advertising Revenue

Pinterest impressed the Street with its performance in the second quarter of 2019 with a 62 percent year-over-year increase in revenue. That’s an impressive number but, make no mistake, this is just the beginning for Pinterest.

There are multiple reasons to be confident that Pinterest has what it takes to grow in the future. The unique dynamic of this platform will make it an increasingly attractive draw for brand dollars, while its relationship with consumers will enable it to expand ad inventory considerably over time. Ultimately, this visual discovery engine has the makings of one of the largest players in advertising.[...]

14 October 2019  |

Pinterest Lite: A shorter and smarter version for the developing markets

Amongst the social networking app which have gotten their ‘lite’ versions, Pinterest is the latest to join the bandwagon. As per the latest Pinterest update, you can find the Pinterest Lite version in Play Store in five countries viz. Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru.

The objective of Pinterest Lite is to attract wider communities of people globally and benefit them with a version that does not occupy a large amount of space and also save copious amounts of data. According to sources, Pinterest had brought forth a similar lighter version in late 2016 but had to pull it down shortly.

13 October 2019  |

​Pinterest reduces self-harm posts by 88% with AI

Pinterest's focus on mental health aims to promote good will among its users while providing a brand-safe environment for advertisers. The expanded features to support emotional well-being follow prior efforts to help users cope with stress, anxiety and suicidal thoughts. By grouping these resources under a "#pinterestwellbeing" umbrella, the platform can deliver content to users instead of forcing them to search for individual terms like "work anxiety" or "stress quotes."

12 October 2019  |

Pinterest Launches 'Pinterest Academy' Education Resource for Marketers

Now with over 300 million users, and growing, Pinterest has become a bigger consideration for many businesses looking to maximize their social presence, and reach engaged shoppers online. Indeed, Pinterest users come to the platform with high purchase intent - according to research, some 90% of weekly Pinners use the platform to make purchase decisions, which is higher than any other social platform.

[...] it does require a different approach, marketers need to make a specific, concerted effort to create and curate an effective Pinterest presence. To help with this, Pinterest has this week launched a new set of platform education course for marketers, under the umbrella of the 'Pinterest Academy'.

10 October 2019  |

Pinterest Academy: Pinterest starts its first-ever elearning program

With the right tips, it’s easy to succeed on Pinterest. That’s why today we’re rolling out Pinterest Academy. It’s a free e-learning tool we designed for businesses new to Pinterest. It can help you get started on our unique visual discovery platform, discover the benefits of all our ad products, take advantage of our advanced targeting and other features—and lots more.

We’re now offering access to half of the courses to businesses in the US, Canada, UK, Australia, France and Germany. Later this month, we’ll provide access to all courses.

Pinterest Academy is a series of fun, smart online courses you can access from anywhere on any device.

9 October 2019  |

Yolanda Lam to Lead Global Agency and Ads Partners Teams at Pinterest

Pinterest said Tuesday that it is unifying its global agency and ads partners teams under global head of agency and ads partners Yolanda Lam, who has been with the company since April 2014.

Lam wrote in a blog post, “Pinterest is the home of inspiration, and our insights deliver unique value to marketers and agencies that want to understand more deeply how audiences, shopping behaviors, moments and trends can help their pursuits. Our Ads API (application-programming interface) partners already use our data today to help our advertisers and agencies, so it is a natural complement to our team’s work with global agencies who are always looking to break through with us.” Pinterest also debuted its first-ever elearning program, Pinterest Academy.

9 October 2019  |

The Pinterest top trends for October 2019

See what Pinners are up to this month and plug these insights into your next campaign. They’re thinking about getting engaged, adding a healthy twist to favorite fall foods and making an extra-large fashion statement.

3 October 2019  |

Why Pinterest Is Still a World of Untapped Potential for Brands & Retailers

It’s an age old question for emerging brands: How can you sell product without name recognition? On Pinterest, images drive sales, not names — 97% of the thousand top searches on the site are unbranded. Rather than type Adidas or Gucci into the search bar, customers begin their queries with “red sneakers” or “black boots.”

Pinterest is riding high after a buzzy initial public offering in April that raised around $1.5 billion. On the heels of the IPO, the network hit 300 million active monthly users — and stock has risen by around 60% since it went public.

While some brands and retailers — like DSW and Rothy’s — have succeeded in making customers of Pinners, marketing experts say the power of Pinterest hasn’t been fully harnessed yet. Only 27% of global marketers use the platform, according to Statisa data from January, but those who are on it see potential. [...]

2 October 2019  |

Stay lost on Pinterest even later into the night with app’s new dark mode

Pinterest is jumping on the dark mode bandwagon. On Monday, September 30, Pinterest began rolling out a dark mode for both the iOS and Android apps, so you can keep pinning into the night with less glare from your phone. The change displays the usual Pins on a black background, along with a dark menu background, and works when the smartphone’s dark mode is activated. Android users can turn the feature on independent of the device’s display settings.

A darker screen background can help ease eye strain when using a screen in the dark. With some types of screens (OLEDs) a black pixel is simply a turned off pixel, which means that a black background can help conserve battery life on some devices.

1 October 2019  |

Survey: LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram are the most trusted social media platforms

Recently, Business Insider conducted a survey on more than 1,900 respondents to rank the best trustworthy digital app trending nowadays. The online survey took place from April 23 to May 16, 2019. The people on this online survey were asked to rank the seven major digital social networks including Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter and Snapchat on the base of six categories of digital trust. The six categories of digital trust included Security, Legitimacy, Community, User Experience, Shareability, and Relevance to detect the social platforms most trustworthy among others. [...]

30 September 2019  |

Study: Pinterest Users Are More Likely to Try New CPG Products

Roughly 75% of Pinners say they are “very interested” in new consumer packaged goods products, compared with 55% of people on other digital platforms, but does that interest translate into sales? Yes, according to Oracle Data Cloud.

ODC analyzed more than 40 debuts of new CPG products and found that Pinterest households were 29% more likely to try new products within the first 10 months of availability than non-Pinterest households.

That gap jumped to 40% when looking at the first 30 days.

Pinterest shared the following takeaways for marketers looking to introduce new CPG products via campaigns on its platform [...]

29 September 2019  |

Pinterest’s New ‘Shop the Look’ Ads Can Feature Multiple Products in a Single Ad

Pinterest is introducing a new format for ‘Shop the Look’ ads which allows retailers to feature multiple products in one ad.

‘Shop the Look’ ads are inspired by Pinterest’s organic pins of the same name and allow advertisers take up to 25 items in one image.

When a ‘Shop the Look’ ad is shows, users will see a preview showcase of four items. From there they can click through to see the rest. This new ad type will be rolling out to Pinterest advertisers in the US over the coming months. [...]

28 September 2019  |

Communicating with Group Board Collaborators is now easy with Pinterest’s new update

Pinterest just introduced a new way for its users to organize groups and to react to the boards as well and we love it. Now connecting with Group Board collaborators is easy according to the new development by Pinterest.

From this week onwards, the social network will be providing its users a feature to react to a pin in Group Board. Although Pinterest already provided a feature of ‘heart’ to pin but this new range of reactions can make the feelings a bit more clear to users. A new variety of reactions can enable users to provide quick feedback of how they feel about specific Pins and show it to others in the group as well. [...]

27 September 2019  |

​Q&A: Pinterest Exec on CPG Products, Branded Content and the Future of Social Commerce

Consumers are often creatures of habit. They know the products and brands they like, but getting them to try something entirely new can be a challenge.

According to a new study from Oracle Data Cloud conducted in collaboration with Pinterest, 29% of Pinterest households in the US were more likely to try a new product within the first 10 months of its launch than non-Pinterest households. The study examined more than 40 new CPG product launches, including MillerCoors’ sparkling cocktails, Quaker’s organic bars and California Pizza Kitchen’s new thin crust pizza. [...]

27 September 2019  |

Pinning Down the Dollars: How to Drive Sales on Pinterest

Pinterest is frequently in the news these days — and for reasons beyond its IPO. Recently, the influential social site rolled out even more updates to improve product recommendations and support advertisers. Investing in new digital channels tends to prompt advertisers to proceed with caution. But, the robust customer-oriented features Pinterest has added to its advertising capabilities offers a massive opportunity for brands to drive traffic and sales. 

For luxury fashion brands facing an uphill battle to master a digitally focused media mix that doesn’t compromise brand integrity, Pinterest is an obvious choice. As an established platform with ample shopper data and deep-rooted user habits, it is at the intersection of social network and search engine [...]

25 September 2019  |

Snap and search: What does Pinterest’s new function mean for retailers?

The new Lens function is intended to make it “easy to go from inspiration to purchase, whether that inspiration is sparked on Pinterest or in the real world”, the social media platform said in a statement.

Users can now upload photos as a query in the search bar. These visual queries are then matched to similar products, potentially for sale.

Retail expert Pippa Kulmar from Retail Oasis tells SmartCompany this opens up the value of Pinterest’s popular mood board feature to retailers in a commercially viable way [...]

25 September 2019  |

New ways to reach shoppers with Shop the Look ads, global Catalogs and dynamic business profiles

Pinterest has always been the home for shopping inspiration. It’s a place where people search, browse, shop and discover new and favourite brands. Over the past few years, we’ve been introducing new visual discovery tools and making more Pins shoppable. As we continue to unveil more ways to shop with Pinterest, we’re announcing new features for businesses to reach people who want to go from dreaming to decision making, from inspiration to purchase.

Coming soon: Shop the Look ads, New Business Profiles: now with video and Shop tab, Catalogues and Shopping Ads go global [...]

24 September 2019  |

​Where Will Pinterest Be in 5 Years?

Shares of the virtual pinboard are up nearly 60% from its initial offering at $19 in April, and the company is fresh off a strong second-quarter earnings report. Pinterest posted another round of impressive growth with revenue up 62% to $261.2 million, and its adjusted net loss narrowed from $34.2 million to $24.5 million. In another positive sign, monthly active users (MAUs) increased 30% from 231 million to 300 million. The bulk of that growth came from international markets, as MAUs outside the U.S. rose 38% to 215 million; in the U.S., MAUs increased from 75 million to 85 million.

Where will Pinterest be in five years? It's not easy to chart out a course for a unique company that's only been public for four months, but the early reports from the discovery-based search platform offer some clues. Let's take a closer look.

24 September 2019  |

Pinterest's Judy Lee: ‘Marketers can seize the moment to drive more positive conversations’

The current trend towards positive action and social good being seen across the world is an opportunity for marketers to seize the conversations and turn them away from the traditional negative brand messages around self-improvement, agreed a panel of media and marketing experts from Pinterest, The Atlantic, Deloitte Digital and Salesforce.

Speaking at Advertising Week New York, the session around better storytelling in marketing was led by Hayley Romer, the publisher and chief revenue officer of The Atlantic. It featured Maggie Gross, head of strategy, New York for Heat + Deloitte Digital; Cristina Jones, SVP of customer marketing, brand partnerships and C-Suite engagement at Salesforce; and Judy Lee, global head of integrated marketing for Pinterest.

23 September 2019  |

Pinterest Adds New Features to Its Group Boards

Pinterest beefed up its group boards with the addition of reactions, the ability to sort Pins and a new way to communicate with group members directly via the board.

The company said in a blog post that 98% of group boards have five people or fewer, with 77% of them just being between two people.

Pinterest finally jumped on the reactions bandwagon, introducing new ways for Pinners to share feedback, including with a heart, a clap, a lightbulb or a question mark.

22 September 2019  |

​Pinterest Harnesses AI for Visual-Based Shopping

Pinterest Inc. wants to redesign how people shop online for the perfect area rug or pair of shoes. The company is leveraging its artificial-intelligence technology, fed by billions of images, to entice more users into buying items they see on its website or mobile app—and to expand its user base, which would translate into more advertising dollars.

Billing itself as a “visual discovery engine,” the company offers a website and mobile app where its 300 million global monthly active users can browse through photos and post—or “pin”—them to personalized digital inspiration boards. Users look to Pinterest for images related to style, gardening, home décor and other categories.

The company said this week that its AI technology can accurately identify more than 2.5 billion objects in photos of fashion and home décor, such as a specific brand of men’s black boots or a particular brown leather sofa.

21 September 2019  |

Pinterest’s Lens can now recognize 2.5 billion home and fashion objects

Today, Pinterest announced that it’s improving Lens with new flows designed to make it easier to perform searches from photos, and it said that it’ll begin incorporating shoppable Pins — Pins with products, pricing information, and a direct link to checkout — directly into visual search results.

Additionally, Pinterest revealed that Lens can now recognize more than 2.5 billion objects across home and fashion Pins, including tattoos, nails, sunglasses, cats, wedding dresses, plants, quilts, brownies, natural hairstyles, home decor, art, food, and more. (For comparison, that’s 1.5 billion more products than Google Lens, Google’s AI-powered analysis tool, could recognize in December 2018.) [...]

18 September 2019  |

​Pinterest Upgrades Visual Search With Shoppable Pins

Pinterest is integrating shoppable pins with visual search, making it easier for users to buy products they’ve taken photos of.

Pinterest’s visual search feature, called Lens, allows users to search for items they’ve captured in a photo with their phone’s camera. Users can also upload existing photos from their camera roll.

Now, Pinterest will start surfacing shoppable pins in visual search results. This could prove to be an effective strategy, as the intent to buy a product is probably high if the user has gone to the lengths of taking a photo of it and searching for it on Pinterest.
Pinterest did some research on the effectiveness of visual search and found: [...]

18 September 2019  | Read more

IRC 2019 INTERVIEW Adele Cooper of Pinterest on inspiration in retail

We’re looking ahead to IRC 2019 in a series of interviews and previews. Today we hear from Adele Cooper, UK and Ireland country manager at Pinterest.

InternetRetailing: At IRC 2019 you’re speaking on a panel about assessing the real power of the customer, online retailer and media owner. Which of these do you think has the most power in the relationship, and why?

Adele Cooper: Without a doubt, the customer has the most power, and this is how it should be. It’s widely accepted that the digital landscape is changing consumers’ shopping habits such as where and how they shop.[...]

17 September 2019  | Read more

​Why Pinterest Is The Next $100 Billion Platform

Pinterest (PINS) is a stock executing on all fronts. In the latest quarter, the company grew its user base globally by 30% YoY and grew global revenue by 62% YoY. In my last article on the stock, I went over Q2 2019 earnings, growth, and valuation. In this article, I will make the case for why Pinterest will monetize far better than competitors like Snap (SNAP), and look at how much room Pinterest still has to grow. The combination of continued user growth and very strong ARPU expansion makes for a very powerful bullish thesis.[...]

17 September 2019  | Read more

Scary good: Warner Bros. and Pinterest promote IT: Chapter Two

Warner Bros. Entertainment, Inc. tapped Pinterest to help execute a first-of-its-kind marketing campaign promoting the September 6th release of their horror movie IT: Chapter Two. The 360-degree campaign included an innovative 3D experience to generate excitement, build buzz and drive intent to see the end of IT. [...]

16 September 2019  | Read more

Brands struggle with Pinterest in the absence of promoted pins in Asia Pacific

Image-sharing social media platform Pinterest recently announced that its global monthly active users (MAUs) crossed the 300 million mark. According to Statista, India accounts for only 5% or approximately 15 million of this pie, ranking third after the US (36.70%) and Brazil (8.44%). Compare this with Instagram’s 69 million daily active users (DAUs) in India, and the picture is clear — Pinterest has a lot of catching up to do in the country.

The company, often described as a virtual bulletin board for images, counts the Asia Pacific region as one of its fastest growing ones; it opened an office in Singapore in July to service the Indian and South East Asian markets. “We already see more than seven million ideas saved each day across these countries,” says Ayumi Nakajima, country manager, South East Asia and India, Pinterest. [...]

16 September 2019  |

Pinterest Tries to Pin Down Carnival and Other Travel Marketers

The popular but unprofitable visual search company needs to crack more big-budget marketing accounts to make its financial picture more attractive. This year, Pinterest began offering the ability to target ads to subsets of users based on their travel interests. That will help.

Recently some notable names in travel have been testing the waters. Exhibit A: Carnival is currently buying ads targeted to appear when Pinterest users searched on keywords that rookie cruise-goers are most likely to use.

The move gave Carnival a chance to buy ads based on images, not text, and reach travelers who had previously not considered a cruise.

Pinterest is trying to become more appealing to marketers.

13 September 2019  |

Trick or Treat: Pinterest Shares Details on Halloween-Related Searches

It’s not too early to start thinking about a Halloween costume, and Pinterest has Pinners covered.

Pinterest analyzed searches on its platform between July 2018 and July 2019, and it found that the U.S. gravitated toward entertainment, and particularly television shows such as The Powerpuff Girls and Stranger Things.

Globally, South Africa and Japan also leaned toward entertainment, while South America and southern Europe preferred more classic costumes, like mermaids.

12 September 2019  |

Pinfluencers are here to stay

Pinterest is a place where people go for hairstyle inspiration, an attractive cookie recipe, or to plan their wedding to a terrifyingly meticulous degree. It’s not really a social network per se—you don’t follow your friends or brands—it’s more of a “discovery engine,” as Pinterest likes to say, or the internet’s scrapbook, like everyone else does. So it’s also not necessarily where you think you’d find influencers, whose entire schtick is personal branding and building a loyal audience.

But there are other reasons Pinterest might be a good space for influencer marketing, say creators, marketers, and Pinterest itself. Pinterest is first and foremost a massive driver of traffic to influencers’ personal blogs and websites, through “pins” that are links. For DIY blogger Erica Chan Coffman, creator of Honestly WTF, it’s been the top source of views for years, she told Quartz. [...]

11 September 2019  |

How St Mungo’s used Pinterest to reach potential legators at the right time

What does St Mungo’s successful legacy campaign on Pinterest tell us about how charities can use social channels to reach potential legators at trigger moments? Hayley Creasey shares her insights as part of a series of articles for Remember A Charity Week.

Digital is already a key part of so many charities’ legacy strategies, but what channel has most impact and how we can reach people at key life moments when they are most likely to be writing a will? These are the questions we asked at St Mungo’s when we ran our first digital legacy campaign in the spring of 2018. The campaign, What does home mean to you? was our first real foray into online marketing for legacy fundraising. [...]

11 September 2019  |

Salmon Council's Award-Nominated Pinterest Campaign shines Light on Best practices for the platform

With more than 250 million people using Pinterest monthly and 90% of them making purchase decisions weekly based on what they see on their feed or have pinned to their boards, the platform can be a very powerful marketing tool when used correctly.

Unfortunately, executing a strong Pinterest campaign as a brand isn’t always easy, which makes The National Fisheries Institute’s Salmon Council’s wildly successful, and now award-nominated, Pinterest campaign particularly notable.

The rapid success of the organization’s page and status as a powerful “Pinfluencer” also earned the Salmon Council a coveted spot on the short list for the national Platinum PR Awards alongside big names such as Aflac, IBM and Firestone. [...]

10 September 2019  |

Ultimate Guide to Product and Social Media Product Photography for e-Commerce

Product photography for eCommerce is one of the most important elements of your online business. In short, product photos are the only link your potential customers have to what they are getting and without them, conversion would be almost impossible.

Quality photos will grab a potential shopper’s attention, enhance buyer interactions, establish your brand feel and instill trust. And it’s not just about the product photos you take. The optimization of product photos across every platform and channel plays a huge role in your sales success and branding. [...]

9 September 2019  |

Pinterest top trends for September 2019

Tap into trends to grab Pinners’ attention with your next campaign! This month, people on Pinterest are settling back into work and school, while hanging onto summer with indoor grilling ideas, fun cocktails and heeled flip flops.

5 September 2019  |

Social Media Trends 2019: Are Instagram and Pinterest the New Social Media Darlings for Marketers?

Visual platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram are the hottest social media trends for audiences, marketers, and advertisers. Let’s look at why these platforms are attracting more advertising investment.

The exponential growth of Instagram and Pinterest has established that visual marketing is a key element of today’s social media marketing strategy. Why are Instagram and Pinterest the Social Media Trends for Marketers and Advertisers? [...]

4 September 2019  |

What People Are Searching For On Pinterest As Autumn Approaches

Much as you probably don't want to admit it, summer is pretty much over. We're into September now, a time when many of us take stock (and a breath) before the madness of Christmas kicks into gear.

According to the folks at Pinterest, it's also a time when Brits start searching for inspiration in four key areas – all relating to streamlining and improving our lifestyles. [...]

3 September 2019  |

Pinterest is escalating its fight against anti-vaxxers as measles surge in the U.S.

In early 2019, as most social networks were still rubbing their beards about how to deal with fake news, Pinterest took an aggressive, straightforward step to prevent the spread of dangerous misinformation around vaccines: The company simply began blocking anti-vaccination searches on its platform. [...]

Now Pinterest has updated its anti-vaccination landing page with an improved design. Rather than being a dead end, the company has, as a spokesperson puts it, “built relationships” with groups like the Centers for Disease Control, the World Health Organization, and the American Academy of Pediatrics to provide pins that offer simple science and facts, like the number of lives saved yearly from vaccinations. The information is sourced directly from these agencies.

30 August 2019  |

Pinterest marketing : How to drive sales with Pinterest

If you’re looking for another way to increase your sales and you haven’t used Pinterest marketing yet, you’re missing out! Pinterest offers a huge amount of potential for businesses to increase their profits. That’s particularly true for businesses that sell or offer visual services, but with careful consideration, others can benefit too. In this article, we’ll take a deep dive into what Pinterest is, how people use it, and how to use Pinterest to increase your business [...]

28 August 2019  |

Social commerce sees highest adoption among retail technologies, study says

The growing popularity of social shopping likely is a result of the efforts by companies like Facebook, Pinterest and Snap to boost direct-to-consumer (DTC) sales on their platforms with digital transactions. Facebook-owned Instagram, which is estimated to have about 110 million users in the U.S., in the past year expanded its shopping features. The image-sharing app in May created a special account called @shop that brings together posts from online merchants that sell products, among other social-shopping efforts [...]

27 August 2019  |

New Research Indicates Pinterest is an Effective Marketing Tool for Auto Advertisers

You wouldn’t think of Pinterest as the sort of place where people would take ads for cars all that seriously. However, the fact of the matter is that when you go on Pinterest there are a lot of things that you are probably going to be interested in. While the content discovery platform that boasts 300 million monthly active users, has mostly been considered to be a little fish in a big pond, the truth is that it has been trying to expand its user base for quite some time now in an attempt to compete with bigger platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the like.

A recent ad campaign that was run by Toyota for its new Avalon car is proof that Pinterest is not just for knitting and crochet. Over half of the users (53 percent) that stumbled upon the ad in their newsfeed ended up watching it all the way through, and what’s more is that over a quarter (28 percent to be exact) of all Pinterest users that see an ad for a new car are going to be considered more likely to buy that car within the next ninety days all in all.

21 August 2019  |

​Pinterest Overtakes Facebook As Most Popular Social Media Platform In Zimbabwe

Data from a global web statistics company, Statcounter, shows that Pinterest has overtaken Facebook as the most popular social media platform in Zimbabwe.

According to Statcounter, Pinterest overtook Facebook in July 2019. Pinterest now commands 41% of the social media market share and Facebook is at 34%.

It is not clear from the data what has caused the surge in Pinterest usage in the past several months. The data, however, shows that Facebook has been in constant decline since December 2018 and Pinterest has been rising from about the same time.

20 August 2019  |

Pinterest Provides Additional Insights into its Pin Classification Process

If you want to maximize your performance on any digital platform, you need to align your presentation with what its users are searching for at any given time.

This is particularly relevant on Pinterest - now framing itself as a product discovery platform, Pinterest is increasingly working to better connect product matches with user interests, in order to help prompt users to buy, and build its eCommerce credentials.

Given this, if you want to maximize your Pinterest performance, you need to understand how Pin search works, and how you can create Pins which align with search and discovery within the app.

Pinterest has provided various insights on its systems in the past, and this week, Pinterest's engineering team provided another overview of its classification processes, which may help to further improve your understanding, and your Pin creation strategy as a result. [...]

19 August 2019  |

Pinterest For Recruitment: The New Social Media Frontier?

Pinterest has a reputation in the UK as being all about cupcake recipes and craft projects, shared by stay-at-home parents. San Sunner dispels this myth

Pinterest has moved beyond just recipes, and recruitment businesses should consider what part they can play in that expansion.

While there are some people who like to spend hours scrolling through Pinterest just for fun, these days it is used more as a search engine. Data shows 70% of Pinners will search, save or click on a Pin. Therefore you can appeal to people that are actually trying to find you! Using keywords and hashtags along with well-designed visuals is the way to be found by your audience on Pinterest. Where Pinterest really has the advantage is in long-term content. This can be of advantage in the recruitment field in two main respects: [...]

17 August 2019  |

Pinterest to open office in Sydney led by Carin Lee-Skelton

Pinterest has announced the opening of their first Australian office in Sydney to serve users and businesses in Australia and New Zealand.

The ANZ team will be led by newly appointed country manager Carin Lee-Skelton, who has managed sales organisations at Pinterest over the past four years in the UK. Lee-Skelton will be tasked with growing Pinterest’s work with business in Australia and New Zealand.

This is Pinterest’s third office in the Asia-Pacific region after the Singapore office in July 2019, and Tokyo in 2013.

15 August 2019  |

Pinterest Opened an Office in Sydney to Serve Australia and New Zealand

Pinterest opened an office in Sydney, marking its third location in the Asia-Pacific region, joining Singapore, which opened in July, and Tokyo, which was established in 2013.

Pinterest said the office will serve Pinners, creators and businesses in Australia and New Zealand, adding that Pinners in those two countries save almost 4 million ideas per day.

Newly appointed country manager Carin Lee-Skelton will lead the Sydney office. She has managed sales organizations in the U.K. over the past four years.

Pinterest said the Asia-Pacific region is one of its fastest-growing, with a 50% jump in monthly active users from June 2018 through June 2019.

14 August 2019  |

Future Proof: How can brands make the most of Pinterest? with Jon Kaplan

What makes Pinterest different to other platforms? Jon Kaplan, Global Head of Partnerships, explains to Jane and Felipe how users (or Pinners) actually appreciate content from brands on this channel, as they find inspiration for everyday products, seasonal ideas, or major life moments such as planning a wedding, a new baby, or house renovations. Jon tells us what innovations are new and coming soon, why these changes make Pinterest an even better place to advertise, and how marketers can make the most of the platform. Recorded live in Cannes in June 2019.

12 August 2019  |

ACTIVATE Partners with Pinterest to Provide Deeper Influencer Analytics to Brands, Agencies & Media Companies

ACTIVATE, the leading end-to-end influencer marketing marketplace, has become an official Pinterest Partner.

The partnership will allow for ACTIVATE's marketplace of influencer and marketer partners, ranging from agencies, brands and media companies, to access deeper influencer performance analytics -- from views and impressions to actions taken on Pinterest including saves, clicks and close-ups.

Pinterest is an essential part of the broader influencer marketing mix, particularly in the CPG, wellness and other lifestyle verticals -- and increasingly important due to the longer content shelf life vis a vis other platforms, driving longer term value for brands.

9 August 2019  |

Pinterest is Reportedly testing an option for users to Create a Collage!

Although Pinterest isn’t in the news as often as other social networking platforms, it has still managed to hold its ground. Its Q2 2019 earnings were off the charts and showed why the visual social network isn’t going away anytime soon.

To keep the users intrigued and glued to the service however, social networking platforms have to keep working on changes that suit their consumers’ needs. Pinterest completely understands that and does well in making timely changes to keep itself fresh.

The latest change in Pinterest was spotted and shared by renowned App researcher Jane Manchun Wong. Wong took to Twitter recently and reported about Pinterest testing out an option for users to create a collage. [...]

7 August 2019  |

​Pinterest Explains How Their Search System Works to Help the Influencers

Most people are familiar with how the algorithm of Twitter, Facebook and Instagram worked but Pinterest is among one of the most neglected social media networks. To keep up with the pace of other social media networking sites, Pinterest is now launching new features. One of the most recent features introduced by Pinterest was browsable catalogs that can be easily pinned. These catalogs will help the retail stores to not only maximize their reach but also get maximum audience.

To further, help the influencers and retail stores, so they can reach the maximum audience, Pinterest has come forward to explain how their text elements work when the users try to search for some products or ideas. With the help of this information, marketers will be able to align their content with the search system and this will get them better results.. [...]

7 August 2019  |

Pinterest Hopeful to Generate an Annual Revenue of $1 Billion for the Very First Time

Pinterest had a decline in its earnings lately, but according to the latest report, the visual-discovery platform has an increase of more than 15% in its shares.

The revenue of the platform grew 62% to $261 million, though it was expected to reach $235.53 million, as per Refinitiv. Previously Pinterest estimated annual revenue to be $1.08 billion, but now they are hoping somewhere between $1.095 billion to $1.115 billion.

In case the forecast turns to reality, Pinterest for the very first time will be generating annual revenue more than $1 billion.

6 August 2019  |

top trends on Pinterest for August 2019

Pinners are savoring the heat this month at outdoor events and on vacation. They’re also eating up seasonal garden produce. We’ve compiled a few of the trends we’re seeing below. Let them inspire your next campaign!

6 August 2019  |

Pinterest Proves Challenging Facebook’s Social Media Supremacy Is Still Possible

In the white-hot space of social media and online advertising, it seems as though nobody other than iron-fisted antitrust regulators could challenge the dominance of Facebook and Google. But as some of their smaller rivals have proven, there’s still room to win a slice of the pie when the game is played right.

The latest challenger to the Facebook-Google duopoly is Pinterest. Once thought to be a niche site for home decor- and recipe-obsessed housewives, the online scrapbook surprised Wall Street on Thursday when it announced that its monthly user count had surpassed 300 million in the second quarter, a decent 30% jump from a year ago. [...]

5 August 2019  |

Pinterest Reaches 300 Million Users, Posts Better Than Expected Profit in Q2

Pinterest has provided an update on its performance, giving investors a look at how it's tracking towards its broader growth goals. And the company is tracking pretty well - first off, on users, Pinterest is now up to 300 million monthly actives, a 30% increase on a year ago.

That growth momentum is significant - for example, Twitter's mDAU, it's newly implemented user growth stat of focus, was up 14% YoY in its latest report, while Snapchat's DAU was up 8% on equivalent time scale. That means Pinterest is growing faster than both, which is important to note - especially when you also consider that Pinterest's total user count is now comparable to Twitter, despite it's much lower profile.

5 August 2019  | Read more at socialmediatoday

8 Highlights From Pinterest’s Q2 2019 Financial Results

Pinterest released its financial results for just the second time since its initial public offering April 18. Here are some highlights:

Pinterest surpassed 300 million monthly active users globally during the second quarter of 2019, seeing that total grow 30% year-over-year.

The company said it continues to focus on improving user experience, pointing to the second quarter’s improvements to search recommendations, increases in video content and emphasis on shoppable products. [...]

4 August 2019  |

Pinterest shares soar after tech unicorn sees 'blowout quarter'

Pinterest shares soared after its second-ever quarterly earnings report exceeded expectations on Thursday, representing tentative success for another Silicon Valley “unicorn”.

Pinterest joined a number of other tech “unicorns” – private companies valued at over $1bn – to list on the US stock markets when it filed to go public in March 2019. Its better-than-projected revenue and user growth caused shares to jump as much as 17% after markets closed for the day.

Revenue rose 62% to $261.2m, better than the $235.8m analysts estimated on average. Its user numbers increased 30% year-over-year to 300m during the quarter. The performance represented an ability to scale user growth and expand to new markets, the eMarketer analyst Andrew Lipsman said.

2 August 2019  |

Pinterest Provides Insights into How it Uses Text Elements in Pin Discovery

If you want to maximize your performance on any digital platform, you need to create your content in line with its search system, which will ensure that your posts show up when people go looking for the products and/or services you offer.

Pinterest is no exception. And if you want to maximize your Pin performance, you need to ensure your Pins are being found in relation to your key terms.

We've previously published an overview of how Pinterest's search system works, but this week, Pinterest has provided a technical rundown of how it utilizes the text elements of Pins in order to provide more relevant user experiences.

2 August 2019  |

Pinterest and YouTube Shine While Facebook User Satisfaction Suffers Amid Privacy Concerns, ACSI Data Show

After dropping in 2018, customer satisfaction with social media overall holds steady at 72 on a scale of 0 to 100, according to the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI®) E-Business Report 2018-2019, which covers internet social media, search engines and information, and news and opinion.

Social media remains one of the lowest-performing categories in the index, lingering in the bottom six among 46 ACSI-measured industries. While 70% of adults in the U.S. use social media to connect and share information, Americans are becoming more attuned to issues surrounding data privacy and expect action from the major social media players.

1 August 2019  |

Pinterest aims to be more than just inspiration with its new shopping hub

Pinterest is steadily expanding from a platform for inspiration to a platform that gets that inspiration shipped to your door. Pinterest launched updated catalogs and personalized shopping hubs, continuing the network’s expansion into online shopping.

Users will soon see additional personalized shopping suggestions in the home feed. In the home feed, a new icon displays a preview with a handful of products. Tapping on the “picked for you” icon will lead users to a new personalized package of product pins. When a product in the home feed sparks inspiration, clicking on the item will also lead to the personalized shopping hub based on interests, searches, and brands you’ve previously interacted with on the social network.

1 August 2019  |

Pinterest Adds Browsable Catalogs to Pins and Personalized Shopping Ideas in Feed

Pinterest introduced two new shopping features Tuesday: browsable catalogs alongside Pins, and personalized shopping ideas in its feed.

When Pinners scroll under a Product Pin and click “More from the brand,” they will see all of the latest, in-stock products from that retailer in one place.

And while Pinterest users are shopping, personalized shopping ideas will appear atop their feeds.

Pinterest said in an email, “Pinterest has a growing suite of shopping features including Product Pins, catalogs and shopping ads, and, when combined, they enable retailers to distribute their products across shopping surfaces to an audience with commercial intent.”

31 July 2019  |

Pinterest to Introduce an Engagement Tab to Centralize the Comments Moderation Process!

The latest news from Pinterest concerns users with Business accounts on the platform. The content discovery platform is introducing an Engagement Tab for the purpose of effectively managing comments for Business Accounts.

The Engagement dashboard will surely make many activities for a user with business account on Pinterest easier. Until now, the moderation of comments on multiple “Pins” required each Pin to be accessed separately. This posed a problem for accounts with countless pins having multiple comments. For a Social Media platform to thrive in the current age, ease of use is quite crucial. 

29 July 2019  |

Pinterest’s new Mobile Ad Tools let you create, manage campaigns from your phone

Pinterest has introduced new Mobile Ads Tools that allow advertisers to create campaign on their mobile devices. Advertisers can choose a Pin from their business profile, and create a campaign for it by selecting automated or custom targeting options, daily budget rules and the duration of the campaign.

Advertisers will also be able to complete billing information to run the ad without having to access their account from a desktop.

26 July 2019  |

Pinterest Has Plans to Advertise On TV, In Print and Out-of-Home, Says Its First CMO

Few businesses know the power of word-of-mouth growth more than Pinterest. It first hit the internet in 2009, and within a few years, caught major steam. Before Instagram became the de facto platform for inspiration and images, Pinterest was the internet’s go-to spot for finding the good things online, from recipes to hair tutorials.

Though the space is more crowded today, Pinterest remains a hub of ideas and action, an endless stream of craft ideas and fashion photos. But because of that rapid early expansion, Pinterest hasn’t done much in the way of traditional marketing. In fact, the company didn’t even have a chief marketing officer until last year, when Andréa Mallard, a veteran of brands like Athleta and Omada Health, was appointed to the role in November 2018. [...]

26 July 2019  |

How People Used Pinterest Search During Their Amazon Prime Day Shopping

Amazon Prime Day shoppers incorporated Pinterest into their decision-making process, as searches for “Amazon Prime Day” skyrocketed by 1,345% in the week before the event compared with the previous week.

Pinterest provided some examples of categories and products that saw surging search activity on its platform.

Searches for “kitchen pantry organization” leaped 2,558% from July 15 through 17 (the sale took place July 15 and 16) versus the same time period in the prior week, and Pinterest said people were likely inspired by sale items including food storage containers and mop and broom holders.

25 July 2019  |

With new conversion data tool and product updates, Pinterest solidifies pitch to advertisers

Newly-public Pinterest still is playing catch up when it comes to media buyers — with new tools and improvements in an effort to go beyond an awareness platform to one that marketers can use to actually track and attribute sales. Sources say the platform is now beta-testing a new tool that allows buyers to share their conversion data with the platform. That, along with the addition of a shopping specialty and updates like the integration of product catalogs to automatically generate pins, has buyers feeling more optimistic about spending ad dollars there.

24 July 2019  |

Pinterest wants you to take a deep breath, literally

Pinterest isn’t your typical social network — for starts, its 250 million users spend their time creating collections of things that make them happy, rather than, say, competing to spread news that might end up making someone sad. But when Pinterest users search the platform for something dreary anyhow, the company doesn’t have qualms about stepping in.

Today, Pinterest has revealed a new set of “emotional well-being activities” that it will automatically suggest to user who search for phrases that signal that they’re undergoing some anxiety or stress or otherwise feeling bad. And yes — one of those exercises, developed in partnership with the Stanford School of Medicine’s Brainstorm lab, literally asks Pinterest users to take some deep breaths.

23 July 2019  |

How the Visual Discovery Engine of Pinterest is Revolutionizing eCommerce

One of the biggest challenges in commerce is the ability to help consumers discover inspiring ideas that are broad enough to reach most yet are tailored enough for individual personalized preference.

When inspiration browsing online, most consumers don’t know what they’re looking for until they see it, or they don’t have the words to describe it via a traditional search.

Enter in Pinterest. A visual tool that can help people who may not have the right words to describe what they’re looking for, but they may know it when they see it. [...]

21 July 2019  |

Social influencers see stardom potential on LinkedIn and Pinterest

While on a sabbatical from work, Goldie Chan started taking videos of herself walking and talking about different topics, from the Wizarding World of Harry Potter to ridesharing and marketing. She posted them on LinkedIn.

The hundreds of daily videos she shot on her smartphone in selfie mode helped her rack up over 4 million views and about 50,000 followers on the social network for professionals since 2017.
"I'm not creating these [videos] for fun, for no reason; there's always learning [involved]," said Chan, who has since launched her own social media strategy agency called Warm Robots. "When I was starting out, my friends and work associates all said I should be on Instagram or YouTube. But LinkedIn happened to be a perfect fit. ... It's fun to create on something brand new." [...]

21 July 2019  |

Three Key Factors That Made Pinterest's Growth Strategy Successful

The Pinterest story is still being written, but I can share some key insights that helped the company succeed in its early days. For background, between 2013 to 2018, I led growth engineering to help grow Pinterest from 20M users to well over 200M users. I’ve also advised and helped several early-stage startups with their growth strategy over the years.

What made Pinterest’s growth strategy so successful was the high-performing growth team (i.e. the growth engine) that was built over the years. The growth team was able to reliably and consistently identify new tactics/strategies, execute, learn and deliver impact every quarter, for years — no small feat. Here are the top three things that made the team so high-functioning.

20 July 2019  |

Pinterest unveils new video capabilities for brands

Pinterest has rolled out new video capabilities for brands on the platform. Businesses now have an updated video uploader to ease the process of uploading video content, a new tab within business profiles dedicated to videos and new “lifetime view” video analytics (to see how a video performs over time). Business will also be able to schedule video content in advance with Pinterest’s new Pin Scheduler tool.

12 July 2019  |

Pinterest introduces new video features so brands L’Oreal and John Lewis can inspire

Pinterest is introducing new video feature for Creators and businesses to reach their audiences including an improved uploader, video tab, lifetime analytics, and Pin scheduling.

Increasingly, brands and creators such as John Lewis, L’Oréal UK, Culture Tripand AlphaFoodie are using video to spark inspiration and tell the story of their brands. In fact, searches for “inspirational videos” have increased 31% since last year, according to Pinterest.

With the new Pinterest video features, UK retail brand John Lewis & Partners have helped boost brand awareness by 20% and increased purchase intent by 33%, according to a Millward Brown Brand Uplift Study.

11 July 2019  |

'Advertising today isn’t just about reach': why Pinterest is not selling ads in APAC yet

Pinterest sees the Asia Pacific region as an opportunity to grow its user base, as well as to partner with brands, publishers and creators by helping them increase engagement with their audiences through content and execution of their ideas.

The platform, which filed for IPO in February, is opening a second office in APAC in Singapore to boost and grow its presence. ​

The Singapore office will start with a small team of local talent led by Nakajima and support relationships with brands and publishers to make sure Pinterest offers the best-localized experience for people from different cultures throughout the region.

10 July 2019  |

Pinterest marketing: 5 Compelling Facts That Will Surprise You

Pinterest marketing can help your brand be there at the point of discovery. Learn why it should be a part of your mix with these five facts.

Pinterest isn’t just about finding gluten-free recipes or ideas to decorate a coastal home, although those searches do occur on the regular. To find an engaged audience, you need to go where the content is and that is exactly what Pinterest provides. Advertisers may be surprised at how Pinterest has evolved into the revenue-driving, brand-awareness builder of today.

Pinterest attracts consumers looking for inspiration and new ideas. This discovery process very often leads down a purchase path, so brands are eager to be there to spark that initial interest. [...]

9 July 2019  |

How has Pinterest Upped its Game by Making it Accessible to Everyone

Pinterest is a great social media platform if you wish to reach out to the audience who can be visually appealed by your pins to be interested in your products and services but what about the others who are challenged visually or any other way? How would you reach out to those audiences?

Pinterest has stepped up its game and has implemented a few changes to make it more accessible to the disables, let us understand the new features added on Pinterest to make it more user-friendly [...]

5 July 2019  |

4 Quick Pinterest Ad Hacks to Boost Your Ecommerce

Every month, more than 250 million people use Pinterest to find inspiration, discover and shop for products and interact with brands. Since it was first conceived and launched nearly 10 years ago, the site has quickly risen to the top of the ranks and become one of the most popular social media sites in existence.

If you’ve been wondering if Pinterest could be a worthwhile growth and revenue driver for your store, the best way to find out is by simply creating and launching your first ad. To build winning ads on Pinterest, keep the following four tips in mind: [...]

4 July 2019  |

How former teachers are making $100,000 or more, and you can too

Jen Regan, 37, left her full-time teaching job in 2017 to spend more time with her family, a move that was made possible by the sizeable side-income she pulls in by selling curated classroom resources online. [...]

For years, Regan's life looked the same as most other grade-school teachers. She spent five days a week teaching fourth graders English, math and other subjects at a public school in western New York. She'd occasionally spend several hours outside of the classroom making lesson plans, buying and downloading resources for her students online.

To spark ideas, she’d go on Pinterest, the visual discovery engine that functions much like a crowdsourced bulletin board or social networking scrapbook. Now, she makes a living by providing teachers with the types of educational materials she once searched for. 

3 July 2019  |

​Pinterest Enhances its Platform for Product Discovery Through Visual Search

While attending the IRCE at RetailX conference in Chicago, Total Retail's Joe Keenan sat down for an interview with Amy Vener, head of retail strategy at Pinterest. Vener discusses how Pinterest is enhancing its platform for retailers, bringing consumers through the entire purchase journey, from inspiration and ideas to research and purchase. Furthermore, Vener touches on what's working well for retailers on Pinterest. "It all centers on having the right content at the right stage that the consumer's in so they can quickly move from being in a mode of discovery to [being in] a mode of buying." Vener also discusses the power of visual search, especially as consumers move more heavily into mobile commerce, and how Pinterest allows users to identify products by uploading an image to search the social platform.

3 July 2019  |

The top trends on pinterest for July 2019

In the Northern Hemisphere, July days are long and the nights are warm. Pinners are chillaxing into the slower rhythms of the season, looking for ways to take it down a notch and revel in the light—with pared-down fashion, frozen cocktails and gardens that reflect the moonlight.

Our latest trend report is a roundup of all things summer. Bringing the outdoors in with yellow painted walls, blending up something refreshing to sip on and styling barely-there footwear are all top of mind as Pinners prepare for July.

2 July 2019  |

How Ansel & Ivy's Female Founders Utilized Pinterest To Build A Digital Brand

Anum Tariq and Hiraa Khan met as undergraduates at the University of California, Berkeley, quickly became friends, then roommates, and today are the co-founders of Ansel & Ivy, an e-commerce business selling potted plants.

Growing a company from the ground up is never an easy feat, but the founder duo successfully used Pinterest to build an audience and reach customers. They shared their top tips for using the social platform as a solid marketing strategy. [...]

1 July 2019  |

Pinterest’s big ahas and to-dos from Cannes Lions 2019

To all of the brands and agencies that submitted creative work at last week’s Cannes Lions, thanks for inspiring us!

The campaigns you created in support of good causes truly changed lives this year—from helping rebuild storm-torn Puerto Rico to making video games more accessible for people with disabilities.

Here at Pinterest, the home of inspiration, we know that creating great work like this takes great inspiration. Here's our video love letter to the things that inspired us most at Cannes Lions this year.

27 June 2019  |

Pinterest’s chief marketer on life after the IPO: It’s business as usual in a wonderful way

When Andrea Mallard started her new job as Pinterest’s first chief marketing officer last November, she didn’t know the company was heading for an initial public offering (IPO).

Right after she joined, Mallard learned of the company’s plans for a public listing, which happened six months later, and valued Pinterest at nearly $13 billion. “Obviously, that’s a little bit of stepping on a rocket ship of activity and learning to get ready for it,” Mallard said, speaking to CNBC at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity in France on Tuesday. [...]

25 June 2019  |

What Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram Gain From a Week-Long Beach Activation at Cannes

What does a business that exists almost entirely online get out of building a 2,000-square-foot temporary oasis in the sand? That’s what we wanted to find out here in Cannes, so we dropped by the beach activations of Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram to find out.

The activations can top $1 million dollars to construct, furnish, activate and staff, all for less than a week’s worth of physical existence. ​

For this video we asked Andréa Mallard, CMO of Pinterest, Helen Stoddard, head of global events for Twitter and Damien Baines, events and industry business marketing lead at Instagram to talk about the importance of bringing their online platforms to life along the French Riviera and beyond.

21 June 2019  |

Pinterest CMO: We want credit for the full-funnel experience on Pinterest

Pinterest has about 300 million active users on its platform and newly minted CMO Andréa Mallard’s pitch to advertisers and publishers includes a brand-safe environment and access to new audiences.

“You don’t come to Pinterest to debate politics. You focus on yourself,” said Mallard on the third episode of the Cannes edition of the Digiday Podcast. Mallard discusses why publishers and advertisers love Pinterest, why the platform doesn’t want the user glued to Pinterest and more. [...]

20 June 2019  |

How are the rules of marketing followed by brands such as Pinterest and Marriott?

The marketing and advertising industry is facing endless challenges in today’s world. From diversity to crisis-management to customer distraction, even the fact that how going forward artificial intelligence and robots might just take over all the world.

Interestingly, the first solution has already been found and ‘diversity’ is the answer. According to Andrea Mallard, chief marketing officer, Pinterest, to have a diverse team is not just a moral decision but pure business decision. “It is a smarter and better choice to have a diverse team. The diverse the team the better reach and connectivity they can provide to consumers. At the end of the day, we will be able to cater to our consumers more efficiently,” she noted.

20 June 2019  |

How Pinterest's Head of Diversity And Inclusion Is Sparking Change

Despite its efforts, Silicon Valley still has a major issue with diversity. According to the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, more than 60 percent of the tech industry is white, those jarring statistics not only impacts workplace dynamics and culture but can shift the thought process surrounding a companies’ product and overall purpose.

In July of 2016, Pinterest announced specific goals and programs to improve and enhance inclusiveness at the company. Since joining Pinterest as Head of Diversity and Inclusion at the beginning of 2016, Candice Morgan has made some major headway by curating impactful D&I programs such as Pinterest Apprenticeship, Knit Con, and working with Pinterest’s product team to create more inclusive beauty searches on the platform. [...]

19 June 2019  |

​Pinterest Relies on Partners to Bring Shopping to Its Platform

Pinterest is looking to third-parties to bring shopping experiences to its platform and rebranded its Pinterest Marketing Partners program the “Pinterest Partner” program.

The goal is to make Pinterest more accessible to the third-party technology and business communities and enable more shopping experiences on Pinterest. “We want people to be able to shop for any item they see on Pinterest,” the company said. [...]

19 June 2019  |

The Pinterest Partners Program Added a Shopping Specialty

Pinterest’s focus on shopping and its visual search platform was extended to its Pinterest Partners program.

The company added a Shopping specialty to Pinterest Partners, saying that the goal is to make its platform more accessible to the third-party technology and business communities and, thus, enable more shopping experiences on Pinterest.

Pinterest said partners in the new Shopping specialty include: [...]

18 June 2019  |

Pinterest's Working on a New 'Complete the Look' Option to Help Users Find More Relevant Product Matches

As an extension of its 'Shop the Look' Pins, which identify specific items within any Pin image and connect users to purchase pages for each relevant product, Pinterest is now working on a new option called 'Complete the Look', which will take into account the products you've searched for and provide related recommendations, based on relative trends and other factors. [...]

16 June 2019  |

Pinterest lands smack in the middle of the deplatforming wars

Pinterest, the social media network best known for weed-themed wedding ideas, keto kebab recipes, and low-carb cupcake ideas, is wading into the political fray.

The site has permanently banned Live Action, the controversial anti-abortion group that published misleading videos about Planned Parenthood’s practices, for spreading misinformation and conspiracies. The group is also one of the largest anti-choice groups sharing links on Facebook, according to an analysis by Media Matters.

13 June 2019  |

Pinterest Turns a Moment of Inspiration into a Transaction - Interview with Head of Shopping

The last time you thought to use Pinterest may have been for a life milestone, like moving to a new home or getting married. However, the company doesn't want you to just save those things for later, it wants you to buy the things that inspire you. Pinterest's head of shopping product Tim Weingarten joined Cheddar's Business of Buying to talk about bridging discovery and transaction and how the company caters to a user's intent.

12 June 2019  |

The top trends on Pinterest for June 2019

Summer has arrived on Pinterest, where people are searching for skin-baring fashions, potluck and picnic foods, and how to inflate their next event with a fun and festive balloon arch! Hey, we always knew Pinners were a creative bunch.

12 June 2019  |

Ikea is transitioning its print catalog to Pinterest

Startup brands may be getting into the physical catalog business, but Ikea — known for its thick 200-plus-page catalogs — is now integrating its print magazines into Pinterest.

In an effort to have the catalog have a longer life and exist someplace other than its site and in people’s clogged mailboxes, Ikea has created a shoppable version of its catalog for Pinterest, which populates through product pins in personalized user boards based on a questionnaire around item and style preferences.

7 June 2019  |

Why Facebook Provides Scale, but Instagram and Pinterest Offer Relevance for Social Commerce

The majority of social commerce in the US takes place on Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook, though Snapchat is also part of the mix.

We forecast that 86.8% of US marketers will use Facebook for social media marketing in 2019, and 73.2% will use Instagram. While the usage of Pinterest (34.1%) and Snapchat (30.7%) are considerably lower, this is perhaps a reflection of the more skewed audience profiles of females and young people, respectively.

[...] Pinterest is another key player in social commerce, as it offers users a venue for creative and aspirational pursuits that aligns particularly well with shopping content. According to a February 2019 survey by Cowen and Company, 47% of social media users saw Pinterest as the platform for discovering and shopping for products—more than three times higher than those who cited Facebook or Instagram.

6 June 2019  |

Pinterest, Instagram And The Future Of Furniture Retail

Pinterest, Instagram, Houzz and Google Image Search hold massive power when it comes to brand discovery and the formation of product preferences. Just ask direct-to-consumer furniture companies like Article, Maiden Home and Interior Define. The influence of lifestyle imagery on purchase behavior is stunning. According to Pinterest (via SocialMediaToday), 83% of all women in the United States ages 25-54 visit Pinterest. Of that total, 43% of those visits are related to purchases for the home within the next five years.

This endless stream of inspirational photos is easily curated by consumers into boards or lists that illustrate the idea of a perfect kitchen, a perfect living room, a perfect lifestyle, a perfect future. [...]

5 June 2019  |

Pinterest’s web app for Windows is now available

If you’ve been searching high and low for a Windows-native Pinterest experience, good news: Pinterest today launched a web app for Windows 10 in the Microsoft Store. It’s available globally.

Pinterest’s Progressive Web App (PWA) supports every feature found in the network’s desktop experience proper, which is to be expected — it’s basically a wrapper around Pinterest on the web. In tow is Pinterest Lens, which taps computer vision to detect objects in the real world and suggest related items, along with shortcuts and buttons for saving ideas, browsing recommended and trending Pins, and searching for things like food, style, home, beauty ideas, and more [...]

31 May 2019  |

​With dedicated team, Meredith has doubled Pinterest impressions in the past year

Meredith has a longstanding relationship with Pinterest, with brands such as Allrecipes investing in creating pins for the platform since at least 2012. Since Meredith acquired Time Inc. in November 2017, that relationship has deepened.

In the fall of 2018, Meredith launched a dedicated Pinterest team, where several employees exclusively work on creating content for Pinterest across the media company’s publications, said Lorraine Goldberg, director of social strategy at Meredith. (A Meredith spokesperson declined to provide the specific number but said the team is sizable.) [...]

31 May 2019  |

Video on Pinterest – What Marketers Need to Know

If you’re seeing more video on Pinterest lately (and I bet you are), you probably have more questions than answers:

How does video work on Pinterest? Can it REALLY be effective for generating website traffic? How can I get more Pinterest referral traffic from video Pins
Is there an easy way for beginners to create compelling Pinterest video content?

Let’s dig in, shall we?

29 May 2019  |

Pinterest's Monthly Active User Count Increases to a Whopping 291 million, Despite of a Significant Shares Plunge

Pinterest Celebrates Pride Month with New, Dedicated Features

When Pinterest’s Q1 2019 reports were released, it was revealed that it had plunged around 19 percent. However, it managed to cover up some of the losses soon after and took the loss from 19 percent to 15 percent. According to the reports, the Loss per share (barring a few exceptions) was 32 cents and the total Revenue was $201.9 million.

[...] there was a 22% increase in million global monthly active users (MAUs) in this quarter i.e. 291 million as compared to 2018’s first quarter’s 239 million. Also a 26% growth in Global Average Revenue per User (ARPU) was observed i.e. 73 cents as compared to 58 cents generated in Q1 of 2018.

27 May 2019  |

Pride Month becomes a bigger celebration every year, and this week, Pinterest has announced a new Pride Month feature, and related usage stats, to mark the occasion for 2019.

As explained by Pinterest:

"With Pride Month kicking off soon, people are turning to Pinterest for inspiration to celebrate their identity, discover the best Pride parade looks and find products to express themselves at celebrations around the world."

Indeed, according to Pinterest's data, Pride Month gets more popular on the platform every time around, with related searches increasing 2930% from June 2016 to June 2018 [...]

24 May 2019  |

The Top Influencers on Pinterest

What are the most popular accounts on Pinterest? Which topics and subtopics do those accounts tend to cover? How frequently do they pin content?

Researchers at SEMrush looked at the 500 most followed accounts on Pinterest to determine broad influencer trends; they examined the content of influencers' pins to find out which categories are resonating with audiences; and they identified the top 15 accounts on the platform based on follower count.

24 May 2019  |

Is Buying Pinterest In 2019 Like Buying Facebook In 2012?

Pinterest is a unique advertising business: not only is there high intent (i.e. collecting ideas for a bathroom remodel), but its various ad types (i.e. carousel, ecommerce) are covertly placed within the rest of the pinned images. In addition to Pinterest’s ads being hard to avoid, the ads are routinely pinned by users, thus increasing their reach. (We haven’t found many other platforms where this occurs) [...] ...we see Pinterest as a unique advertising and potentially ecommerce property that has established a very attractive vertical, and is only now turning on the monetization “machine.” Valuation is not dissimilar to what we saw in early Facebook, but with substantially lower business risks: we know what works.

23 May 2019  |

Pinterest Influencers Remain an Untapped Resource for Marketers

The nearly decade-old tech company Pinterest has been slow to capitalize on its product's potential for on-platform shopping. But that doesn't mean marketers don't stand to gain from the site's wealthy supply of influencers.

"From Pinterest's point of view, it's probably one of the most underutilized mediums in terms of influencer marketing," Oliver Yonchev, the U.S. managing director of the social media marketing agency Social Chain told Cheddar. "The users are in a buyers' mindset. I go there to be inspired. I go there to decorate my apartment, to plan an event. That's such a unique mindset to be in."

22 May 2019  |

Macy's summer campaign heads outside with Pinterest Pincodes

Macy’s launched an out-of-home experiential campaign that calls on consumers to use their phones at summer gathering places around the nation, according to information shared with sister publication Marketing Dive. Pop-up stations in places including Central Park, The Brooklyn Heights Promenade and the Santa Monica Pier feature Pinterest Pincodes that consumers can scan with their phones to be directed to a board with outfits curated for that specific location. The Pinterest boards then link to shoppable pages, where users can purchase the suggested items.

22 May 2019  |

Facebook on top but Instagram and Pinterest growing fastest

Facebook is easily Australia’s most widely used Social Network early in 2019 with over 17.1 million Australians aged 14+ (83%) visiting Facebook in an average four weeks, an increase of almost 4.2 million (+32.4%) from four years ago according to the latest research from Roy Morgan.
YouTube is in a clear second place and the popular online video sharing site has an estimated 15.3 million visitors in an average four weeks, up by over 3.5 million (+29.7%) from four years ago.

Although both Facebook and YouTube are clear market leaders in the Social Networks and Online Communities market, it is the primarily image sharing sites Instagram and Pinterest that have grown the fastest in recent years.

21 May 2019  |

Pinterest's latest earnings highlight its international opportunity

Pinterest reported its first quarterly earnings as a publicly company on Friday, showing solid revenue and user growth. The site, which recently called itself a "productivity tool for planning your dreams," grew revenue 54% year-over-year (YoY) to $202 million in Q1 2019. The company expects its yearly revenue to top $1 billion for 2019.

A key part of Pinterest's growth strategy is international expansion — specifically in Western Europe. The vast majority (71%) of Pinterest's 291 million MAU come from outside of the US, and that international user base is also fueling growth: International users are up 29% YoY, compared with domestic, which are up only 6% from last year.

21 May 2019  |

Pinterest CEO: We’re in growth phase of our business

CNBC interview with Ben Silbermann

“We’re trying to be transparent and ... we want to focus on the long term,” CEO Ben Silbermann says.

19 May 2019  |

Pinterest delivers first earnings report as a public company

Pinterest (NYSE: PINS) shared lukewarm first-quarter financials on Thursday after the closing bell in what was its first earnings report as a public company.

The company, led by co-founder and chief executive officer Ben Silbermann, posted revenues of $202 million on losses of $41.4 million for the three months ending March 31, 2019. This surpassed Wall Street’s revenue estimates of about $200 million and represented significant growth from last year’s Q1 revenues of $131 million. Losses, however, came in roughly three times higher than estimates at 32 cents per share.

17 May 2019  |

Macy's Launches Novel Pinterest Campaign, Tops Profit Estimates

Macy’s, which just posted a surprisingly strong set of quarterly results, is rolling out a Pinterest-based campaign linking popular beaches, lakes, parks and boardwalks to its summer fashions.

Called OUT[FITS], the BBDO New York-created campaign relies on Pincodes stationed in places like Santa Monica Pier and Coney Island, inviting people to scan the Pincode on their phone. That directs to Pinterest boards with outfits specifically curated for that location.

16 May 2019  |

Pinterest knocks Apple to Become the Best Platform for Users to Connect Emotionally with

MBLM's Brand Intimacy 2019 Study has finally concluded and the results are quite interesting. In case you are unaware, Brand Intimacy Study is perhaps the largest study of brands based on emotions. Although the apps and social platforms industry ranked at #10 (out of the 15 industries studied), the brands of this industry witnessed some interesting developments.

In a surprising turn of events, Pinterest knocked 2018’s leader Apple Music to secure the top spot. Apple Music was pushed down to the fifth spot. Instagram secured the second highest spot for a Social Media app (fourth) while Spotify and Pandora followed the leader Pinterest with second and third positions respectively.

10 May 2019  |

How Pinterest bridges the gap between commerce and shopping

Ben Silbermann, co-founder and CEO of Pinterest, a visual discovery tool for consumers, sees his role as closing the gap between commerce — which is efficient, safe and reliable — and shopping — which is inspiring, emotional and associative. The social media site, which according to The New York Times had 250 million monthly active users as of October 2018, allows consumers to fine tune their tastes as they search for products they are interested in, while offering retailers and brands an opportunity to be part of this discovery process.

"I'm really excited about closing that gap," Silbermann said during a keynote presentation at the recent ShopTalk show in Las Vegas [...]

9 May 2019  |

Why marketers should capitalize on Pinterest influencers

As the latest social media IPO, Pinterest is making headlines, and I’ve long been a fan of the platform for many reasons. For one, Pinterest operates in a unique social space. It's the place I go when I’m looking for inspiration, whether it’s designing my apartment, or planning an event. On Pinterest I have a buyer's mindset, and with a captive audience looking to purchase, Pinterest has an opportunity to grow as a social commerce platform.

However, despite Pinterest’s potential, it has several challenges to overcome before becoming a main social player.

9 May 2019  |

Pinterest is a winner with women. Can it do the same with men?

Pinterest users, an overwhelmingly female group, have a strong bond with the social media platform, a new study finds. Now, in the wake of going public, the company hopes to foster that with men.

While the site has largely appealed to women, more Millennial men are creating Pinterest accounts, per eMarketer.

“This year we’re expecting just as many men to join as women,” said Chris Bendtsen, senior forecasting analyst, per eMarketer. “The split will be roughly 70-30 female to male by the end of the forecast.”

7 May 2019  |

Marketing on Pinterest Means Rethinking the Old Playbook for Social Media

If you’ve mastered one social media platform, it’s an easy trap to believe you’ve pretty much conquered them all. There are a few overlapping best practices, after all, between sites like Facebook, Instagram, and even YouTube. And then Pinterest came along and threw a wrench in those plans.

Pinterest is a popular and valuable channel for almost any small business, though makers and marketers alike are often puzzled by Pinterest because it's so different than more conventional platforms.

In this starter guide, we’ll outline all of the fundamentals of using Pinterest for marketing, [...] and last but not least, how to measure your results.

6 May 2019  |

Pinterest Tops Other Apps and Social Platforms in Emotionally Connecting With Users

Pinterest prides itself on its visual search capabilities and on being a prime destination for people searching for ideas. Now, it’s proved its ability to develop emotional connections with its users.

According to the Brand Intimacy 2019 Study from brand relationships agency MBLM, Pinterest topped the list of applications and social platforms, moving up from the No. 3 spot in 2018.

This year’s top 10 was rounded out by Spotify, Pandora, Instagram, Apple Music (No. 1 in 2018), Facebook, Snapchat, Uber, Airbnb and Venmo.

5 May 2019  |

Pinterest to Announce First Quarter 2019 Results

Pinterest, Inc. (PINS) announced today that the company will release financial results and a shareholder letter for the first quarter 2019 on Thursday, May 16, 2019 after market close. Pinterest will host a Q&A conference call to discuss these results at 2:00 p.m. PT (5:00 p.m. ET) on the same day.

The live webcast of the earnings conference call and earnings release materials can be accessed at A replay of the webcast will be available through the same link following the conference call.

3 May 2019  |

​Will Google ever buy Pinterest? The price tag (mostly) keeps going up

The chance to own the next big thing in search on the cheap may have slipped out of Google’s hands.

I remember the first pitch I got for Pinterest, back in the days when it was a tiny startup, seen as a crafty curiosity whose founders had a flair for web design. Back then, Pinterest at its core worked much as it does today: Users pinned images and web links they found interesting, and shared them with friends and strangers with similar interests.

Ignore all that, a company insider told me. Pinterest was really a search engine — just one powered by groupings of images instead of words and hyperlinks. And Google had proven the power of search as a business. If you know people’s intent through their searches, you can build an incredibly lucrative advertising business [...]

2 May 2019  |

Pinterest is Reportedly Working on UI Redesigns and New Features including Board Name Suggestions!

It’s been a while since Pinterest was in the news, other than the usual stock reporting but now it is back, and for all good reasons. Looks like the Social Media service is planning a few updates and redesigns, mainly for its Android app.

App researcher, Jane Manchun Wong recently posted a couple of tweets regarding new features/designs that Pinterest is currently working on.

1 May 2019  |

Pinterest: The top Pinning trends for May 2019

As we head into the marvelous month of May, global trends on Pinterest are all about kicking it summer-style. From beating the heat in the shade or on the water, people on Pinterest are discovering new favorite fruits and finding fun accessories to complete the outfit for the season’s graduations, weddings and festivals.

1 May 2019  |

Pinterest Conversion Features: Just The Facts

Earlier this month, Pinterest introduced new conversion features that allow brands to identify which of their marketing initiatives produces results and optimize the ones that don’t.

What Are Pinterest’s New Conversion Features?

28 April 2019  |

Pinterest’s IPO minted instant millionaires, but for many employees there is a catch

Ben Silbermann became a very rich man on April 18 when Pinterest began trading as a public company on Wall Street, but the co-founder and CEO of the virtual pinboard could have been significantly richer. On Monday it was estimated that he is now worth $1.6 billion. The company’s valuation on Tuesday reached near-$14 billion in trading.

IPOs, especially successful ones like Pinterest, can make instant millionaires out of early employees and garner profitable new opportunities for a company, but they can also bring about decisive changes in the workplace [...]

23 April 2019  |

Why Pinterest Could Be the Hidden Gem of the 2019 IPO Class

While 2019 is still young, it's already shaping up to be an exciting year for initial public offerings. So far, we've seen debuts from Lyft and Levi Strauss. Just last week, Pinterest (NYSE:PINS) and Zoom hit the public markets, and investors are still awaiting entries from Uber, Slack, and Postmates, which have all filed to go public.

Lyft shares have thus far been a bust, down nearly 20% from their IPO price, and there are plenty of warnings in Uber's S-1 filing. Levi's has thus far held its first-day gains, but its potential seems limited as a legacy apparel manufacturer.

One company that's long been overlooked in the social media space and could be a big winner on the market is Pinterest, which surged 28% on its opening day. Keep reading to see a few reasons why Pinterest could be one IPO that thrives.

22 April 2019  |

​Pinterest and Instagram drives highest average order value on social media

Social media platforms Instagram and Pinterest offer marketers the highest average order value (AOV) compared to Facebook and Snapchat despite delivering smaller amounts of traffic.

The study, by e-commerce platform Nosto, which tracked the source of 1.19bn visits on mobile and orders from fashion retailers with annual sales of $50m or more, found that paid social delivered a higher AOV compared to organic search results.

The data found there was a large gap between the AOV on paid and unpaid media for Pinterest and Instagram but the gap on the Facebook platform was much smaller.

21 April 2019  |

Pinterest Shares Jump 25 Percent on First Day of Trading

Pinterest, the digital pin board start-up, spent years avoiding the spotlight and tamping down any hype about its growth. On Thursday, it could no longer stay out of the glare, as its shares rose 25 percent on its first day of trading as a public company.

Pinterest stock began trading at $23.75, above the initial public offering price of $19. The price put the company’s value above its last private valuation of $12 billion, avoiding a disappointing outcome.

Pinterest initially priced its shares at a level that valued it at less than $12 billion, creating potential losses for some of its later investors. But public market investors warmed to the company during its “road show” pitches ahead of its market debut, leading it to raise its share price.

18 April 2019  |

Pinterest prices IPO at $19, valuing social media company at $10 billion

Pinterest raised $1.43 billion in its IPO after pricing the offering at $19 a share on Wednesday, valuing the company at $10 billion.

Pinterest, which is expected to start trading on Thursday on the New York Stock Exchange, had originally given a pricing range of $15 to $17. But investors appear to be showing an appetite for the social media company despite the challenges Lyft has faced since becoming the first consumer tech IPO of the year last month.

CNBC reported earlier on Wednesday that the company would price above the expected range. Pinterest’s revenue jumped 60% last year to $756 million, and the company moved significantly closer to profitability with a net loss of $63 million. Still, Pinterest’s IPO is below the $12 billion valuation it attained in a 2017 financing round.

18 April 2019  |

IPO market faces biggest week of 2019 so far with Pinterest, Zoom and Greenlane on tap

The initial public market is bracing for its biggest week of the year so far with eight deals on tap expected to raise $2.5 billion in proceeds.

This week’s deals will be led by online imaging site Pinterest Inc. PINS, +0.00% which has said it plans to offer 75 million shares priced at $15 to $17 each. That price range gives the company a valuation of up to $11 billion, which is a discount to its last private financing round in 2017 that valued it as $12.3 billion [...]

16 April 2019  |

Pinterest’s Complicated IPO: 9 Biggest Winners (And Losers)

Initial public offerings are usually champagne-popping events for founders and investors of the concerned company. But when online scrapbook Pinterest makes its debut on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) on Monday, it will be a bit complicated.

Exactly a week ago, Pinterest revealed in an SEC filing that it planned to sell 75 million shares of the IPO for $15 to $17 apiece. At the upper end of that range, Pinterest will be valued at $11.3 billion. It may seem like a lot, but it will actually be eight percent less than the company’s private-market valuation at its last fundraising in 2017 [...]

15 April 2019  |

Pinterest Ad Campaigns Can Now Be Optimized for Conversions

For the first time, Pinterest is letting marketers choose conversions as a campaign objective for Promoted Pins. Previously, Promoted Pins could only be optimized for clicks. Now they can be optimized for other types of conversions.

Pinterest’s new conversion optimization capability allows marketers to design ads around getting users to take specific actions. Actions could include making a purchase, signing up to a mailing list, or filling out other kinds of lead-gen forms.

Pinterest says using conversion optimization can also help get ads in front of people who are more likely to take a business’ desired action.

14 April 2019  |

Pinterest Debuts a New Ad Optimization Tool For Marketers

Ahead of its IPO, Pinterest is giving advertisers—and Wall Street–yet another reason to come flocking to the platform.

Starting today, Pinterest is rolling out “conversion optimization” in four different ad products: promoted pins, promoted videos, carousel and shopping ads. Now, marketers can set specific goals for their campaigns like online checkout or more sign up. The idea is by optimizing these ad products, the brand has less work to do, but will still meet goals instead of just driving people to click on the ad. In a promoted video ad, advertisers can also set conversion goals that lead a consumer to a microsite experience where they can act on the ad’s objective.

11 April 2019  |

​Pinterest is Now Up to 265 Million Users, Added 51 Million Within the Last Year

It's not on the same level of overall popularity as Facebook and Instagram, but Pinterest, which is moving closer to launching its initial public offering, has released some updated usage stats, which show that it now has 265 million monthly active users, up from the 250 million that it reported back in September.

The numbers were released as part of Pinterest's S1 filing ahead of its IPO - and as noted by Statista, while Pinterest's user count isn't as big as other social platforms (which Pinterest has repeatedly said it is not), the platform does have a demonstrated record of steady, ongoing growth.

11 April 2019  |

Pinterest sets conservative pricing after Lyft drop

Pinterest, among the gaggle of tech companies hoping to go public this year, set a conservative price range Monday for its initial public offering. It hopes to raise as much as $1.5 billion in its initial offering of shares.

The digital scrapbooking site said in a regulatory filing that it will put about 75 million shares up for sale at a price between $15 and $17 each.

That, at the higher end, could put the value of the company at around $9 billion. But it falls below the estimated $12 billion value from earlier sales of shares to private investors, according to reports two years ago.

9 April 2019  |

​Pinterest Users: More Adventurous, Sensitive And Materialistic

People use the image-search site Pinterest for a variety of reasons, from deciding what to cook for dinner that evening to getting inspiration for an upcoming DIY project around the home. According to company figures , more than 250 million consumers use the service every month.

New data from YouGov Plan and Track, however, shows how these individuals are more alike than they are different [...]

9 April 2019  |

Pinterest tops most-popular apps in March, marking third-straight month at top spot

For the past four months, Pinterest has topped our monthly usage ranks after outpacing first Tinder, and then Spotify and the always-addicted Candy Crush Saga ($NASDAQ:ATVI).

March was no different, as Pinterest came in 1st place with an average monthly user rank of 3.8. That's a bit lower than February's 2.5-rank average, but it still puts it ahead of Candy Crush Saga, which took second place again.

7 April 2019  |

NYSE used a massive red banner to woo Pinterest away from the Nasdaq for its $12 billion IPO

Looking to get an edge over Nasdaq for Pinterest's upcoming public listing, in February NYSE displayed a giant, red banner promoting its own Pinterest page, according to the Wall Street Journal.

The banner was free advertising for Pinterest, and ultimately it worked to woo the site to its side. Pinterest, which was last valued over $12 billion in 2017, opted to list with NYSE in its upcoming IPO, rather than its competitor Nasdaq. The company filed a public S-1 at the end of March and is expected to start trading sometime in April.

6 April 2019  |

Pinterest’s IPO Filing: How Google And Facebook Played A Part, And Pinterest’s Plans To Bounce Back

Pinterest relies heavily on traffic from Google. The site also allows users to sign in with their Facebook accounts, which means the brand relies on Facebook, too.

The Google/Facebook duopoly has control over many sites, like Pinterest. Therefore, Pinterest’s successes and downfalls are often reactive as Google and Facebook rollout updates and algorithm changes.

4 April 2019  |

Samsung partners with Pinterest, Rayban, more to improve Bixby Vision

Samsung announced several new partnerships with lifestyle brands to help improve its Bixby Vision software. Bixby Vision, for those unfamiliar with the software, is Samsung’s attempt at something like Google Lens. Users can open the camera and scan their surroundings with Vision to get real-time information on objects around you.

Samsung’s partnership with Pinterest, Wayfair, Rayban and The Weather Network will significantly expand Bixby Vision’s abilities to recognize objects, as well as offer users several augmented reality (AR) options.

4 April 2019  |

Summers starts Early on Pinterest - The top trends for April 2019

People on Pinterest are always looking ahead. April is the month when they start planning for summer moments—like those long Memorial Day and Fourth of July weekends in the US—so it’s no surprise that their searches are reflecting summer dreams of warming temps and outdoor living.

3 April 2019  |

Does Pinterest Have a Moat?

Pinterest is on the verge of hitting the public markets. This means that investors finally have financial statements to review and can gain clarity into potential pitfalls that might lie ahead.

In this segment from Industry Focus: Technology , host Dylan Lewis and contributor Brian Feroldi discuss the company's competitive strengths, management team, corporate culture, and some of its potential risks.

3 April 2019  |

Pinterest quietly elevates co-founder Evan Sharp to board of directors

eMarketer - Shopping Pinterest

Pinterest Co-founder Evan Sharp was added to the company’s board of directors this month, according to a company filing on Friday.

The addition comes in an update to Pinterest’s IPO paperwork with the SEC, exactly one week after the company’s first public filing. It means the company now has two insiders on its board — Sharp and founding CEO and chairman Ben Silbermann — giving more power to the company in decisions that may affect shareholders.

Pinterest, like many other tech companies, uses a dual-class share structure that gives insiders special super-voting shares. Some outsiders have criticized this structure as protecting the interests of insiders over common shareholders.

1 April 2019  |

New Pinterest app shows up on the Windows 10 Microsoft Store

eMarketer - Shopping Pinterest

Pinterest, the popular social media service that lets you save content you find on the Internet and share it with your followers, now has a dedicated app on Windows 10 PCs (via MSPoweruser). The new Pinterest app in the Microsoft Store is actually a web app, and it doesn’t seem to offer much added value compared to the Pinterest website.

29 March 2019  |

Google lets you fill out surveys and browse Pinterest directly in Gmail

eMarketer - Shopping Pinterest

Google wants to let people do more stuff on Gmail without leaving their inboxes.

The search giant on Tuesday said it's rolling out a new feature that lets people complete different kinds of tasks in their emails, like RSVPing to an event, searching for hotel rooms or browsing Pinterest.

To do that, Google last year announced a tool called AMP for Email to let software developers build widgets for Gmail. It was previously in a preview version but will be widely available starting Tuesday.

28 March 2019  |

​Pinterest’s biggest challenge, and opportunity, in two charts

eMarketer - Shopping Pinterest

As it prepares to go public, Pinterest has its sights set on global growth.

In 2018, the image search and sharing platform surpassed 250 million monthly users—but its US growth has stagnated. The company counts 8 out 10 moms and more than half of all millennials among their total US audience, leaving limited room for further growth in those desirable demographics.

Meanwhile, its monthly active users have grown dramatically internationally. In 2018, more than 80% of new signups were from outside the US. [...]

28 March 2019  |

How Does Pinterest Stand Out in a Crowded Social Media Landscape?

eMarketer - Shopping Pinterest

There are several key financial figures that potential Pinterest investors should note when deciding whether to buy stock, including the company's $756 million in sales last year, its $63 million loss, and monthly active users totally 265 million at the end of 2018.

But potential investors should also be asking themselves what, if any, competitive advantages the company has over its peers. At first glance, there don't seem to be many. Pinterest generates far less in sales than many of its competitors, and its user base is much smaller.

But there are three ways Pinterest has managed to stand out in the crowded social media landscape.

28 March 2019  |

Pinterest's Biggest Competitor Might Surprise You

eMarketer - Shopping Pinterest

Pinterest is part social media, part search, but this competitor is another beast entirely.

Many people view Pinterest as a social media company that competes with Facebook or Snap. Indeed, they're listed as Pinterest's competitors in its registration statement. At the same time, it's also a visual search engine, courting over 2 billion searches a month, putting it in direct competition with Alphabet's Google -- another company on the list.

But one of the companies on Pinterest's list of competitors in its S-1 is not a social media company and it's not exactly a search company [...]

27 March 2019  |

Pinterest's Billionaire Founders May Keep Control, IPO Filing Suggests

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Pinterest, the photo-bookmarking site, revealed its plans for an initial public offering in a filing on Friday after the market close, in which it reportedly aims to seek a valuation of at least $12 billion.

The filing shows that San Francisco-based Pinterest had revenue of $755.9 million last year, up from $472.9 million in 2017. It had a net loss of $63 million last year, compared to a net loss of $130 million in 2017.

The ownership stakes for Silbermann and Sharp were not fully disclosed in the filing. The document, known as the S-1, notes that Silbermann owns 31.2 million vested options, and the company has a dual share structure, common in Silicon Valley, which could mean that the cofounders will have voting control over the company despite owning less than half of the shares.

23 March 2019  |

Pinterest Plans to Be More 'Shoppable' as a Public Company

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Pinterest is betting big on ads and e-commerce as it heads to the public market, breaking away from its hobbyist beginnings as it aims to show investors it can eventually turn a profit.

The online bulletin board plans to grow by making it easier for users, or pinners, as Pinterest calls them, to buy products. That would include making ads more relevant, expanding internationally, and using technologies like Lens, its visual recognition tool, to recommend more products.

“We plan to improve the utility of our service by making it easier for Pinners to go from inspiration to action,” the company said in its first public filing on Friday with regulators ahead of its planned initial public offering. “In particular, we want to make Pinterest more shoppable.”

23 March 2019  |

Pinterest files for IPO, but avoids calling itself a social network

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The latest Silicon Valley company to file for an initial public offering is Pinterest, the San Francisco-based social network and image board that in recent years has built a large advertising and commerce business from its growing user base.

The company, headed up by original co-founder and CEO Ben Silbermann, plans to go public on the New York Stock Exchange.

“We primarily compete with consumer internet companies that are either tools (search, e-commerce) or media (newsfeeds, video, social networks),” Pinterest writes in its S-1 filing.

22 March 2019  |

Pinterest hires Walmart CTO ahead of IPO

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Pinterest has hired Walmart CTO Jeremy King as its head of engineering ahead of the company’s upcoming IPO.

King announced his departure from Walmart Wednesday, according to a memo obtained by CNBC. He’ll now be responsible for Pinterest’s “visual discovery engine” that recommends posts and images to Pinterest users.

King, who joined Walmart in 2011, had been heading up the largest retailer in the world’s technology arm known as Walmart Labs. He was responsible for helping put new technology, like shelf-scanning robots, in Walmart stores and helping the company compete with Amazon online.

21 March 2019  |

Pinterest and Airbnb Teamed Up on a Spring and Summer Travel Guide

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Pinterest teamed up with Airbnb to help Pinners plan their spring and summer getaways.

Pinterest wrote in a blog post introducing the travel guide, “Pinterest will spark inspiration and help you discover new places to go, while Airbnb will provide your home away from home for an unforgettable experience. Take a look at our insights below, including nature travel, space travel and everything in between.”

The two companies then shared some of their findings. Highlights include: [...]

20 March 2019  |

​Pinterest is Experimenting With a Video Tab

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Pinterest has always been a visually prominent platform, but it seems like they are taking this visual element to a whole new level by incorporating video into the mix as well in a video tab that is separate from all other tabs. This information is based on glimpses certain users have seen on the Android version of the tab which seem to indicate that Pinterest is currently testing the feature out before fully implementing it. It’s fair to say that it’s not yet confirmed whether Pinterest will be rolling this feature out to all users any time soon because of the fact that such companies take their time testing features out before they launch in order to avoid problems with usability and accessibility.

20 March 2019  |

Pinterest is hiring more salespeople than engineers for the first time

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Pinterest ($PINTEREST) is planning to IPO in 2019, and to many analysts and investors, the idea-sharing app and website represents the future of a close marriage of social networking and marketing. Based on Facebook login data, it's even surpassed both Spotify and Tinder as the most-popular app in the world.

Put together, it's clear that Pinterest's future is bright. But now that it seems to have its product sorted pre-IPO, hiring data suggests that the company is now razor-focused on building revenue via sales and partnerships. That's because, for the first time, the company is hiring more Partnerships & Sales people than engineers.

19 March 2019  |

Kroger Expands Marketing Relationship With Pinterest

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Kroger and Kroger Precision Marketing (KPM) have announced a strategic integrated media and measurement relationship with Pinterest.

The partnership will allow advertisers to use the supermarket giant’s first-party data for targeting on Pinterest, as well as track products from digital inspiration to purchase through closed-loop measurement.

“Our intentions are simple; we want to enable brands to create engaging moments with consumers in an effective and efficient manner. We are excited to blend the inspiration delivered on Pinterest with our rich customer intelligence and connection to commerce, driving meaningful value for advertisers,” Cara Pratt, VP of customer communications product strategy and innovation at 84.51°, said in a press release.

18 March 2019  |

From Pin to Purchase: Pinterest Launches Catalogue

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Pinterest started out as an inspiring platform and image bank, but it has come a long way since then.

Previously known as a platform for people looking for inspiration and new creative ideas, now it is also a platform for retailers to sell their goods and services.

Not just a destination for architects, marketers or designers to create mood boards, but a place where you can shop for anything you see on the platform, and for brands to reach people while they’re actively looking for inspiration.

Pinterest appears to be one very strong purchase tool.

15 March 2019  |

Pinterest's Intent Insights Can Help Change Minds

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There are only around 2.5 million weddings in the United States every year – yet more than 30 million people are planning a wedding on Pinterest at any given time.

“That means there’s a lot of planning being done long before a wedding ever happens,” said Jon Kaplan, who joined Pinterest in 2016 as global head of partnerships after more than 12 years in executive sales roles at Google.

At the same time, of the billions of monthly searches on Pinterest, 97% don’t have a specific brand associated, Kaplan said, which is very different from how people use other platforms like Google, where searches happen toward the bottom of the funnel.

14 March 2019  |

Pinterest is attracting buyers with low CPMs for more impressions

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Pinterest may have a growing ad business, but because it’s still relatively quiet, buyers say it’s possible to land better rates for more impressions this year compared with last year when there was less competition to drive up prices.

Compared to other online media owners, Pinterest delivers competitively. A CPM on Facebook sits at between £2 ($2.62) and £3 ($3.94) depending on the vertical, whereas a CPM on Pinterest is around £1.50 ($1.97), [...] Average engagement rate is around 5-8 percent depending on the business vertical and creative on Pinterest, said the executive, who has seen conversation rates as high as 2-3 percent for direct response ads.

13 March 2019  |

Pinterest Beats Facebook and Instagram in This Key Metric

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Snapchat often dominate conversations about social networks. However, Cowen & Co. recently found that Pinterest, a platform that allows its users to pin content to virtual pinboards, is the leader among social media companies when it comes to U.S. product searches and shopping.

Pinterest's lead is impressive, since it reaches a smaller audience than Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, with 250 million monthly active users. 

11 March 2019  |

The Biggest Pinterest Wedding Trends Of 2019 So Far

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As every bride-to-be knows, planning a wedding really starts with Pinterest. It’s the mecca for all things dresses, venues, flowers, bridesmaid outfits and food. With millions of wedding photos on hand, it’s the perfect place to get started with mood boarding and planning. But what are brides pinning?

Every year, Pinterest releases a Wedding Report, detailing the trending terms from the last few months. For 2019, it was all about destination weddings and finding the perfect, different dress — or suit. Below, we’ve rounded up the Pinterest wedding trends to know from the report, so you too can gather inspiration and get a peek into what other couples are looking at for their big day.

11 March 2019  |

It's Wonder Women Week on @PinterestUK

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Check out all the remarkable women who inspire us every day. Pinterest UK celebrates what makes us different, what makes us unique and what makes us the same.

Visit their Wonder Women board for more female empowerment inspiration.

Pinterest’s CEO on How the App ‘Mimics the Best Parts of Offline Shopping’

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At a session during the Shoptalk retail conference in Las Vegas, Pinterest CEO and co-founder Ben Silbermann connected the social visual site’s mission and its close alignment with commerce. As we are inherently visual thinkers, matching up what people like—whether that’s aspirational exploration or tangible products—is one reason why the eight-year-old company recently filed an IPO with a $12 billion valuation.

8 March 2019 |

Pinterest Is the Talk of ShopTalk as It Eyes IPO

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Pinterest made waves in late February as the not-so-well-kept secret leaked that it's finally taking steps toward its initial public offering, which is anticipated sometime mid-year.

Our latest estimates for Pinterest show the company surpassing $700 million in ad revenues in 2018, up 50% from the previous year. And we expect that revenue growth will continue on a similar trajectory in 2019, rising 45% on its way to eclipsing the $1 billion mark. (For the sake of recent comparison, Snap earned about $825 million in revenues in 2017, its first year as a public company.)

7 March 2019 |

Introducing Pinterest Ads in Germany, Austria, Spain and Italy

We’re excited to announce that Pinterest Ads are now available to all businesses in Germany, Austria, Spain and Italy! Starting today, all businesses can use standard and video ads to help people in Europe find their next great idea – and some businesses already are.

As part of our international growth, we have launched test ads in the Netherlands, Belgium, Portugal and Switzerland. 

6 March 2019 |

Has Pinterest solved the lousy ads issues on social media? Yes

New moves by Pinterest have seen an obvious, but interesting move in to direct product marketing. This is a good marketing move for Pinterest, and potentially highly valuable for Pinterest users and businesses.

The new idea isn’t so much new as practical. It’s also a good brand move by Pinterest, moving from “Moods” to “Everything”. For online businesses, it’s a definite plus.

Seems that Pinterest has also solved the problem of commercial space on pages vs search content, with a simple “…More” link to the commercial interests. Overall, sounds good, well-planned, and highly relevant to site users.

6 March 2019 |

Introducing Catalogs and more shopping on Pinterest

Today we’re announcing our latest features including more spaces to shop with personalized recommendations for style and home decor boards, browsable sections of in-stock products from a specific brand, and shopping search. And, we’re launching Catalogs and Shopping Ads updates so brands can plug their products into new shopping spaces and have them seen by millions of people.

4 March 2019 |

The tech giant fighting anti-vaxxers isn’t Twitter or Facebook. It’s Pinterest

In this climate of rampant misinformation, companies like Twitter, Facebook, and Google have refused to ban fake news and misinformation. But one unlikely organization has taken a refreshingly simple approach to handling at least some of the most dangerous misinformation in the world: Pinterest, the social media company best known for letting users pin recipes and home decor ideas.

But Pinterest has also dealt with users who promote anti-vaccination agendas and phony medical cures. The company now blocks anti-vaccination searches across the board, and it even deletes anti-vaccination content it detects that is uploaded to the site.

28 February 2019 |

People with chronic pain are coping with the help of Pinterest, new study reveals

A new study by researchers at Virginia Commonwealth University that analyzed 502 posts on Pinterest about chronic pain revealed that the social media platform is helping people with chronic pain cope by sharing self-care and pain-management tips, venting about their pain's severity, and supporting others who are similarly suffering.

The study also suggests that Pinterest is an underutilized tool that health care and public health organizations could use to distribute high-quality, reputably sourced information about chronic pain, a condition that the National Institutes of Health estimates affects one out of every five U.S. adults.

26 February 2019 |

Airbnb, Automattic and Pinterest top rank of most acquisitive unicorns

It takes a lot more than a good idea and the right timing to build a billion-dollar company. Talent, focus, operational effectiveness and a healthy dose of luck are all components of a successful tech startup. Many of the most successful (or, at least, highest-valued) tech unicorns today didn’t get there alone.

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) can be a major growth vector for rapidly scaling, highly valued technology companies. It’s a topic that we’ve covered off and on since the very first post on Crunchbase News in March 2017. Which ones are the most active in the M&A market these days?

24 February 2019 |

Pinterest Is Said to File for I.P.O.

Pinterest confidentially filed paperwork to go public, according to two people familiar with the decision, joining a stampede of high-profile start-ups heading toward the public markets.

The company [...] filed its paperwork with the Securities and Exchange Commission in early February, the people said. They requested anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss the filing publicly.

Private market investors have valued Pinterest at $12 billion. In September, it was expected to top $700 million in revenue last year, a 50 percent increase from 2017. At the time, it had 250 million monthly active users.

21 February 2019 |

Pinterest Blocks Vaccination Searches

Pinterest has stopped returning search results for terms relating to vaccinations, a drastic step the social-media company says is aimed at curbing the spread of misinformation but one that demonstrates the power tech companies can exert to control the conversation around hot-button issues.

20 February 2019 |

Conscious Consumers Flocking to Pinterest for Sustainable Lifestyle Ideas

More and more studies are pointing to growing consumer interest in sustainable lifestyles, particularly among Millennials and Gen Z — and now, Pinterest has found that those two generations are each twice as likely to search for sustainability ideas compared to Pinners over 38 years old. In fact, many Pinners are inspired to get out and learn ways to live a more conscious lifestyle for the first time, with searches for “sustainable living for beginners” up by 265 percent since last year.

17 February 2019 |

Pinterest Founder Ben Silbermann On Creating The Anti-Social Media Platform

​Founder Ben Silbermann said the app, which allows users to "pin" pictures from around the web onto personal "boards," says its primary goal is to inspire and ultimately get people offline. People can use Pinterest to gather recipes, help plan weddings or come up with ideas to redecorate their homes.

"At its most basic level, it's just about you," Silbermann told CNN Business' Laurie Segall in a recent interview. "It's not about following the news. It's not about accruing followers. It's not about following celebrities. It's really about your personal interests."

13 February 2019 |

​Pinterest’s CMO On The Company’s Unique Approach To Growth And Burgeoning Ad Business

Pinterest just might be the internet’s most undervalued platform.

The company, once grouped together with other social media giants like Facebook and Twitter, has managed to forge its own path and remain a place where people go to be inspired. While other platforms are plagued by ongoing harassment or data breach issues, Pinterest isn’t—which the company’s new CMO, Andréa Mallard, attributes to the founders who knew growth at any cost wasn’t the right path for them.

On Thursday, at Brandweek: Challenger Brands in New York, Mallard touched upon Pinterest’s status as a unicorn in the industry, how advertisers are using the platform and why context is everything.

12 February 2019 |

Pinterest Fully Automates Ecommerce With Shop The Look

Pinterest is bringing full automation to Shop the Look, a feature that helps users buy products from companies that work with Pinterest, so you can, for example, buy a pair of jeans you see in a picture.

Previously, Shop the Look, which made its debut in 2017, was powered by artificial intelligence to find objects in Pinned photos that resemble products in stock from vendors, but included a human in the loop for curation. The automated Shop the Look will begin with the home decor category.

10 February 2019 |

Pinterest Expands ECommerce Potential With Automated 'Shop The Look' Pins

Pinterest has long noted that it's not a social network, that it's a discovery tool, designed for connecting people with products and ideas, as opposed to users with one another. On one hand, that means Pinterest is not directly competing with Facebook, which can help in its market valuation and prospects, but on the other, it also enables Pinterest's engineering team to focus on more direct shopping and search experiences, as opposed to regular engagement and interaction options.

And this new innovation is, potentially, a significant development on this front.

8 February 2019 |

Pinterest dethroned Spotify, Tinder as the most-popular app in January 2019

Last summer, social network and idea-sharing app Pinterest ($PINTEREST) passed Tinder ($NASDAQ:MTCH) as the most-used app. It has since then held its place as the most-logged-into app according to Facebook token login data, dethroning 2018's most-popular app Spotify ($NYSE:SPOT).

That's an excellent thing for Pinterest, not just because it's the most-popular app but also because it's preparing to go public in an upcoming IPO.

6 February 2019 |

The top trends for February 2019

February is the month of love, and people on Pinterest have their hearts set on a whole new set of trends. From tiny cabins to mulled wine-colored hair, here’s what they’re crushing on this month.

5 February 2019 |

6 Wedding Trends That Will Be Huge In 2019

6 Wedding Trends That Will Be Huge In 2019
Getting married is basically like planning the biggest party of your life, so any tips from other brides are generally welcomed. And when those tips come from wedding central itself — aka Pinterest — we can’t help but listen up.

Pinterest has released its Pinterest 100 report, complete with plenty of ideas and inspiration for your big day. Analysing the trending decor ideas, dress colours and the food everyone is trying, the report breaks down what we can expect to be big in the year ahead.

4 February 2019 |

​Pinterest taps Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan to lead IPO

Pinterest, the owner of the image search website known for the food and fashion photos that its users post, has hired Goldman Sachs Group Inc and JPMorgan Chase & Co to lead its initial public offering (IPO) later this year, people familiar with the matter said on Tuesday.

Pinterest could raise around $1.5 billion in the IPO, which is likely to come in the first six months of 2019, the sources said, requesting anonymity to discuss the planning arrangements.

30 January 2019 |

How Pinterest got dragged into the UK's content moderation debate

Pinterest has been dragged into the ongoing debate over whether social media companies are doing enough to protect vulnerable users of their platforms from harmful content after the Sunday Times published an investigation over the weekend.

The Sunday Times found "multiple graphic images of self-harm on Pinterest that could be viewed by children as young as 13, including bloodied arms showing self-inflicted wounds, a cartoon of a young girl hanging and quotations that normalised suicide".

29 January 2019 |

Meet the 8 chief financial officers leading 2019's tech unicorn IPO spree

In the world of tech startups, the race to go public is often kicked off with the hiring of a chief financial officer.

With a mountain-high line up of extremely expensive private companies preparing for 2019 IPOs, there's no shortage of interesting CFOs who are about to hit a major milestone.

These are 8 CFOs expected to take companies public in 2019:

28 January 2019 |

How to use Pinterest to promote a fashion business

With its 250 million users, Pinterest is much smaller than other social networks: Facebook has a massive user base of 2.2 billion, while YouTube gathers 1.8 billion, Instagram counts 1 billion active users and Twitter, 326 million. But marketers looking to promote fashion brands shouldn’t overlook Pinterest just because of its smaller size, as it is a very powerful tool to reach out to new customers.

28 January 2019 |

Pinterest's diverse workforce helped it design a better skin tone filter

Last April, Pinterest began testing a search feature that allows users to filter results by skin tone. The idea being that those looking for beauty tips will be able to find relevant makeup and hair advice, regardless of their race. Today, the company is announcing that this feature will roll out more broadly across its user base, and that it's also coming to its mobile app. Not only is it a particularly useful feature, it's also emblematic of Pinterest's ever-growing efforts at increasing the diversity and inclusion within the company.

25 January 2019 |

Launchmetrics teams up with Pinterest to provide data to brands and influencers

Launchmetrics, the data insights company specializing in the fashion, beauty and luxury markets, has partnered up with Pinterest to educate brands and influencers on how to best use the visual search platform to gain insights into their audiences, find the right partners to work with and increase the reach and engagement of their campaigns.

24 January 2019 |

How’d You Get That Job? Questions for a User Experience Researcher at Pinterest

Larkin Brown, who studies how and why people use the social-media site, describes her role and how she got there in a new Wall Street Journal column that explores today’s career paths.

Wondering what a “user experience researcher” does all day? Meet Larkin Brown, who works as one at Pinterest. She studies how and why people use Pinterest, a site where users search for products and ideas ranging from this afternoon’s lunch to a maybe-someday dream house. In her role, Ms. Brown determines which features on the site need improving or what should be added to improve a consumer’s visit.

21 January 2019 |

Pinterest is interviewing bankers — a sign that the IPO is finally happening

Will the company go public before any looming recession? Pinterest, the search and discovery startup valued at $12 billion, interviewed some bankers last week hoping to underwrite its initial public offering later this year, according to people familiar with the matter. That’s a sign that the nearly 9-year-old startup is finally preparing to go public this year.

Pinterest is expected to decide on its lead bankers soon, although some people close to the company believe that Goldman Sachs has had the edge. Selecting bankers in January would put Pinterest on pace for an IPO as early as the second quarter of this year, perhaps once the company has a full quarter of 2019 financials to share with Wall Street.

17 January 2019 |

Pinterest's Secret Weapon: High Value Goods

Over the years, Pinterest has carefully crafted an image of a cheerful, do-it-yourself community center where users can swap ideas, photos, and videos--and of course buy stuff.

But the unicorn’s most intriguing asset might be its burgeoning relationship with people who sell expensive goods over its platform.

The more premium the user, the more premium the advertiser.

16 January 2019 |

Pinterest creates “travel personas” to help marketers drive conversions

Pinterest says 250 million people use its site each month to look for ideas and inspiration, and travel is one of its most active categories. “Travel pinner” is the platform’s term for people who have actively shopped for or bought travel in the past three months.

To help brands fine-tune their marketing messages on the platform, Pinterest has categorized these “travel pinners” into five personas [...]

16 January 2019 |

Pinterest misses 2018 hiring goal for underrepresented minorities in tech roles, hits other targets

In its annual diversity report, Pinterest continues to hit its hiring goals for women in engineering and underrepresented minorities in non-technical roles, while struggling to reach its goals for underrepresented minorities in engineering roles.

At the end of 2018, Pinterest’s employee base was 47 percent female, compared to 45 percent female last year. Also, 47 percent of Pinterest employees are white, 42 percent are Asian, 5 percent are Hispanic or Latinx, and 4 percent are Black. The company has more than 1,600 full-time employees.

15 January 2019 |

Pinterest Widely Rolls Out 'Scheduling Pin' Feature To Business Accounts

Pinterest has now rolled out some cool new features that are very much in line with the general direction that the world of social media is headed in.

The new update is going to allow business account users to schedule their pins in advance (currently this feature is not available for regular pinners however users can convert a personal account into a business one to get this built-in scheduler).

15 January 2019 |

Pinterest Releases Seasonal Insights Guide for 2019

Pinterest has released a new 'Seasonal Insights' guide to help Pinners plan out their 2019 approach, and tap into key opportunities.

The guide includes a range of stats and data points, including the latest platform usage trends. But the main focus is the seasonal activity guide - to start with, Pinterest has provided a planning chart which highlights when on-platform interest starts to ramp up around specific events throughout the year. The chart can help in planning when you should boost your advertising activity around each event.

9 January 2019 |

Three ways marketing will change in 2019

Good marketing doesn’t happen in a vacuum. The best strategies come from paying close attention to what people care about, and how their needs change over time. In today’s consumer-led marketplace, it’s not enough to be the loudest, or the brand that spends the most. You need to show you’re listening the hardest, too.

As we head into 2019, here are three marketing topics Jon Kaplan, Global Head of Partnerships Pinterest is especially excited about.

3 January 2019 |