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More Brands are Turning to Pinterest for its Gen-Z Audience and Organic Growth Potential


Late last year, luxury brands told Glossy that Pinterest was emerging as an important marketing channel to reach their customers. Now, brands are catching up on to another important demographic they can reach on Pinterest: Gen Z.

20 June 2024  |

Pinterest Is the Latest to Offer an AI-Powered Media Buying Tool, Called (Naturally) Performance+

Pinterest is introducing Performance+, its version of artificial-intelligence-powered media buying tools similar to Meta Advantage+ and Google Performance Max.
“The key difference with Performance+ campaigns from traditional campaigns is that the setup is optimized to drive the maximum performance possible for advertisers on Pinterest with significantly less effort,” Pinterest chief revenue officer Bill Watkins told ADWEEK.

14 June 2024  |

Introducing new AI tools for creative and performance, and brand safety updates

In advance of Cannes Lions, Pinterest is sharing new details about how they are leveraging AI to produce creative, improve campaign performance and measure brand safety for advertisers.

13 June 2024  |

Ganni CEO Talks ‘Progressive Luxury’ at the Vogue Business and Pinterest Event

In her first interview since taking on the role of Ganni CEO, Laura Du Rusquec spoke about her priorities for the Danish label — its elevation strategy, its retail expansion and why retaining authenticity will remain key as the brand grows. [...] Then, Kelly Emanuelli, head of luxury at Pinterest and Alexandra Bolten-Mercadier, global head of social and content marketing at L’Oréal, delivered closing remarks on the evolving attitudes of luxury consumers online.

12 June 2024  |

Pinterest Launches Promotional Campaign to Highlight Discovery

Pinterest has launched another new promotional campaign as it seeks to boost awareness among potential ad partners, this time by highlighting the benefits of the platform in connecting users with a wide variety of interests.

10 June 2024  |

Report Shows Pinterest Drives More Total Attention Than Other Apps

Pinterest has published a new study which underlines the value of aiming for both “passive” and “active” attention within your promotions, which can help to drive more interest, and action, in response to your ads.

5 June 2024  |

Pinterest in Time100 Most Influential Companies 2024

With its virtual pinboards providing inspiration for cooking, fashion, home renovations, and other projects, Pinterest has become a refuge from rage-baiting social media cesspools. Young people and the brands trying to reach them have taken notice.

31 May 2024  |

Pinterest Expands Inclusion Fund With Shopify Partnership

Pinterest has announced a new expansion of its Pinterest Inclusion Fund, which provides support for creators from underrepresented communities in order to help them grow and cultivate their business potential in the app. And now, Pinterest will be able to provide even more support on this front, with Shopify coming on board as a partner for the initiative.

30 May 2024  |

Pinterest Poaches Spotify’s Beth Horn to Scale UK Business

Pinterest has poached Spotify’s director of sales, Beth Horn, to be its UK managing director. Horn will be responsible for leading Pinterest’s sales strategy and execution in the UK, including heading the sales team and supporting relationships with advertisers. She begins on 24 June and will report to Milka Privodanova, Pinterest’s vice-president, head of EMEA sales.

29 May 2024  |

Pinterest’s Full-Funnel Performance: A Seamless Shopping Experience

Pinterest’s full-funnel performance: A seamless shopping experience
The boom in social media advertising has been largely driven by its ability to create cost effective awareness in the upper funnel, but platforms such as Pinterest are creating tools that help drive engagement right through to conversion.

27 May 2024  |

The Pinterest Summer 2024 Trend Report: Embrace big, bold style

This summer, trending searches show that people are embracing a bold and fearless approach to showcasing their unique tastes and personalities across all facets of their lives. From inventive twists on traditional summer foods and memorable dinner parties to colorful and eclectic decor choices that reflect individuality and flair, summer 2024 is all about breaking free from convention and letting personal style shine.

23 May 2024  |

Seven and Pinterest Come Together to Help Viewers Curate their Own Dream Home

In an Australian first for Pinterest, the platform has partnered with The Seven Network to launch an integrated experience in the new home renovation series, Dream Home. The partnership will capitalise on the room reveals in the new show, which launches 7pm Sunday, 26 May, on Channel Seven and 7plus. The partnership will allow viewers and Pinterest users to explore the room reveals, curate their own “dream homes” online and buy products from key program sponsors.

23 May 2024  |

Pinterest Shares New Report into Gen Z User Trends

If you’re looking to get a better handle on the interests of Gen Z, there’s one platform that you should turn to: Pinterest. Okay, maybe not, but according to Pinterest, it is becoming a bigger focus for young, shopping-ready audiences.

22 May 2024  |

Brands are Making Room for Pinterest in their Ad Budgets

Some brands are adding Pinterest back into their advertising budgets as the scrapbook-style social media company intensifies its online shopping push. “Pinterest is having a bit of a rebirth,” said Jack Johnston, senior social innovation director at Tinuiti. “What we’re seeing in the first quarter of this year is everyone came out of the gate incredibly strong, so Pinterest investment was up 45% agency-wide.” Johnston isn’t alone.

21 May 2024  |

Unwrap Success: Pinterest's Festive Formula for Christmas Joy

Many Pinterest users are avid planners, and Christmas is one of the biggest occasions on the calendar to organise. With numerous gifts to buy as well as celebrations and family activities to pack in, appetite for inspiration and festive ideas starts as early as the summer months with some pinners updating their boards all year round. For brands, too, Christmas is crucial. The Q4 golden quarter is when they can make a large proportion of their sales and profits.

17 May 2024  |

Pinterest Moves into Print with Shoppable Issue of Real Simple

Real Simple magazine will launch its first-ever shoppable issue in partnership with Pinterest on May 17. Under the theme “Best & Brightest,” the issue spotlights 120 products alongside QR codes that link each section of the magazine to corresponding Pinterest boards where users can buy the products they see.

16 May 2024  |

CEO says Pinterest’s Growth Strategy Centers on Positivity’ not ‘Engagement via Enragement’

Pinterest CEO Bill Ready told CNBC’s Jim Cramer on Wednesday the company is attracting new users, especially those in Generation Z, by focusing on positive content.
“Gen Z will tell you one of the biggest reasons they come to Pinterest is they see it as an oasis away from the toxicity they experience elsewhere on social media,” Ready said.

16 May 2024  |

Pinterest Hires Former Levi Strauss CEO to Board of Directors

Pinterest has announced the appointment of Charles "Chip" Bergh, the former CEO of Levi Strauss & Co., to its Board of Directors, effective May 9. This adds another seasoned industry expert to Pinterest's leadership team. Chip Bergh brings over four decades of retail experience to Pinterest's board. He is recognized for transforming retail and consumer packaged goods brands throughout his career.

14 May 2024  |

Pinterest Adds New Media buyer Certification Course

Pinterest has added another certification within its Pinterest Academy education element, with a new “Media Buyer” certification course now available to all users. Pinterest’s Media Buyer certification will enable media pros to showcase their Pin expertise, and is available for free to all Pinterest Academy subscribers.

9 May 2024  |

Is Pinterest The Golden Retriever Of Social Media?

[...] When people are tired of dealing with the constant intake of other people’s lives, ideas, and commentary, Pinterest provides a much-appreciated break. Now, users who struggle with burnout and opinion fatigue say it’s the one corner of the internet where they can really ~ chill out.

6 May 2024  |

‘Ads are Seen as Content’: How Pinterest is Attracting Gen Z as it Achieves Record Growth

In its Q1 earnings report, Pinterest has recorded its highest quarter of user growth and revenue growth, surpassing half a billion users. Melinda Petrunoff, Australian country manager at Pinterest, told Mediaweek it is “an incredibly exciting moment for the business.”

6 May 2024  |

Pinterest Says its AI-Powered Collages are Now More Engaging Than Pins

In the summer of 2022, Pinterest quietly launched a new iOS app called Shuffles that allowed people to put together collages using photos and image cutouts from its website. The app took off with Gen Z users, and the functionality later became integrated into Pinterest itself. Now the company says its collage feature, which is powered by AI and computer vision technologies, is seeing three times the engagement of its traditional Pins.

2 May 2024  |

Pinterest’s Latest Performance Update Shows Massive Rise In Active Users In Q1 Of 2024 With Steady Increase In Revenue

Pinterest’s latest earnings call for the first quarter of 2024 portrays positive results for the company including a decent increase in active users. The content discovery platform was also able to maintain a steady rise in revenue across the board during this time period which has been a consistent finding for the company YoY.

1 May 2024  |

Pinterest Shares Insight into Summer Travel Trends

With the warmer months approaching in the U.S., Pinterest has provided a new overview of rising travel trends in the app, which could be helpful for marketers seeking to tap into holiday-themed opportunities. Because while it may not get the attention that other social platforms do, Pinterest remains a key destination for travel-based research.

24 April 2024  |

Not-So-New Kid on the Block: Pinterest Moves in on Museums

The platform is making use of its reputation as a visual search engine to collaborate with art institutions. After a fashion: Pinterest has joined with the Victoria and Albert Museum to create four videos of the museum’s sold-out exhibition focusing on the couturier Gabrielle Chanel

3 April 2024  |

24 Must-Know Pinterest Stats for Marketers in 2024

Pinterest is a visual social media platform great for many different industries and types of brands. However, to decide on whether Pinterest is right for your brand, it’s a good idea to take a look at some Pinterest stats. Having a basic understanding of social media statistics gives you an idea of the type of people who use the social media platform, if they fit into your audience and what people expect from brands on each platform.

2 April 2024  |

Pinterest Shares Insights into How to Optimize Social Platform Algorithms for Positive Engagement

Pinterest has shared a new overview of the “non-engagement signals” that it uses to refine its algorithms, and improve user experiences, in order to avoid going on direct engagement indicators alone. Because by focusing on explicit engagement signals, like Likes, comments, etc., that can lead to negative outcomes.

28 March 2024  |

Pinterest Announces Trend Tips and an IRL Activation for Coachella 2024

Pinterest is heading to Coachella 2024, and to celebrate, it’s published some new data on expected Coachella trends, along with festival outfit inspiration for those preparing for the event.

20 March 2024  |

Pinterest Restructures Global Communications Function

Pinterest’s newly minted VP and global head of communications Caroline Nolan is restructuring the company’s communications function. Nolan, who joined Pinterest in October, is reporting to chief marketing and communications officer Andréa Mallard. In December, Nolan brought on Mao-Lin Shen for the newly created role of senior director of comms, based in New York; last month, she hired Caite Ray as director of internal executive comms [...].

14 March 2024  |

Pinterest Rolls Out its ‘Body Type Ranges’ Tool to the US

Pinterest announced today that its tool for filtering searches by different body types has officially rolled out to users in the U.S. The platform started experimenting with the feature last year and is currently testing it in Canada. As part of today’s launch, Pinterest now features size-inclusive brands on its search landing page, including Eloquii, Ganni, Mara Hoffman, Osei Duro, Gia / Irl, and more.

12 March 2024  |

Pinterest Shares New Tips on How Marketers Can Maximize Inclusion in Their Messaging

Pinterest has shared some new notes on how brands can incorporate inclusivity into their marketing and advertising approaches, in order to ensure that their messaging speaks to more consumers, and connects with a broader spectrum of people. Diversity has long been a key focus for Pinterest, from its skin tone search filters, to hair type discovery options, to its more recent addition of body shape filters.

11 March 2024  |

Pinterest Shares Insights into Key Wedding Trends in the App

Pinterest has shared some new data on wedding-related searches in the app, and the key wedding trends that are gaining traction among Pinterest users. And weddings are a big focus in the app. Pinterest says that more than 10 billion wedding ideas were saved by pinners in 2023 alone, while many wedding planners also rely on the platform to map out ideas

8 March 2024  |

Junkee Media & Pinterest Australia Partner for "Quiet Pride" Content Series

Junkee Media and Pinterest Australia recently partnered for the publisher’s first content series with Pinterest, aiming to empower and inspire Gen Z LGBTQIA+ Aussies to celebrate Pride in the ways most authentic to them. The new series, exploring the theme of “Quiet Pride” delves into LGBTQIA+ trends and topics over 230 pins Junkee and Punkee’s Pinterest accounts [...].

7 March 2024  |

Leading Pinterest & Tourism Australia Marketers Join Cairns Crocodiles Awards Jury

Stacy Malone (right), Pinterest’s VP of global business marketing and Sarah Gallon (left), Tourism Australia’s general manager – brand, campaign and media, are the latest leading marketers to join the inaugural Cairns Crocodiles Awards jury.

5 March 2024  |

Eight Fast Facts From The Pinterest Predicts Agency Insights Guide

How agencies can use Pinterest’s trend report to help clients stay ahead of the curve. In a world moving at the speed of culture, brands not only have to maintain relevance, they need to stay ahead of the next big thing—a task they often charge their agencies with. It can be a daunting effort, but a new Pinterest Predicts Agency Insights Guide released last month in the U.S., UK and Canada was developed to lighten the load.

1 March 2024  |

Pinterest Launches New Campaign To Highlight the Opportunities of Pin Ads

Pinterest has launched a new global ad campaign to promote its evolving ad tools, which takes a comedic approach to highlighting the platform’s value for marketers.

22 February 2024  |

Pinterest Debuts Its First Streaming Show: ‘Deliciously Entertaining’ Features Lance Bass, Trixie Mattel, Joy Cho and More

Pinterest is readying the launch of its first-ever streaming show, cooking and lifestyle series [...]. Deliciously Entertaining” is one of Pinterest’s biggest original productions to date, developed and produced in partnership with media company Tastemade. The 10-episode series premieres Friday (Feb. 23), with new episodes to follow every other week, available for free on Tastemade’s streaming channel and apps.

21 February 2024  |

Pinterest Highlights Key Color Trends for 2024

Which colors are going to dominate trends throughout 2024? Pinterest has put together a new “Pinterest Palette” color trends overview, which is based on the dominant colors from Pins identified within its Pinterest Predicts report.

16 February 2024  |

Pinterest Adds New Collaboration Features to Business Manager

After previewing its upcoming Business Manager refresh at its Pinterest Presents event in September last year, Pinterest is now rolling out its latest updates to the app, which will make it easier to manage your Pin campaigns through collaboration with other staff.

15 February 2024  |

Pinterest Adds More Users in Q4, Announces New Google Ad Partnership

Pinterest added more users again in Q4, while also unveiling a new ad partnership with Google, which will help to boost its monetization potential.

9 February 2024  |

Anthropologie Partners with Pinterest for Wedding-Themed Pop-Up in NYC

Anthropologie has teamed up with Pinterest to showcase some of the year’s biggest wedding trends alongside its Anthropologie Weddings bridal collection in a new pop-up in New York City. [...] The shop features an immersive experience that also incorporates décor and lifestyle products from fellow URBN brands AnthroLiving and Terrain.

5 February 2024  |

Pinterest Partners With Coachella to Connect With Gen Z

Pinterest is heading to Coachella to meet face-to-face with people behind its recent resurgence: Generation Z. For many years, the visualization platform has been the go-to place for festival-goers to help create mood boards and plan out their fashion, makeup, beauty and hair looks. And this year, the app is heading to the desert to help its users turn their dreams into reality.

5 February 2024  |

Pinterest Publishes New Agency Guide to Pin Marketing in 2024

Pinterest has published a new “Pinterest Predicts Agency Insights Guide”, which takes a more brand-specific look at the platform’s overall predictions report, and provides additional tips for marketers looking to tap into these trends.

1 February 2024  |

Pinterest Shares Tips to Help Optimize Your In-App Product Listings

Pinterest has shared some new tips on how to optimize your product feed in the app, in order to improve the performance of your Pin listings, and create a more responsive in-app presence.

30 January 2024  |

The Top Home Trends For 2024, According To The Pinterest Predicts Report

[...] This year, Pinterest put out the Pinterest Predicts report, which is described as the “not-yet-trending report that shares emerging trends for the coming year.” If you’re interested in refreshing your home for the new year and trying something new, tune in. Here’s what the Pinterest Predicts report says will be the top home design trends for 2024.

29 January 2024  |

Pinterest to Announce Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2023 Results

Pinterest, Inc. (NYSE: PINS) will release financial results for the fourth quarter and full year 2023 on Thursday, February 8th, 2024 after market close. The company will host its quarterly conference call to discuss these results at 1:30 p.m. PT (4:30 p.m. ET) on the same day.

23 January 2024  |

Pinterest and Victoria & Albert Museum Team Up Via Exclusive Gabrielle Chanel Exhibition Video Series

Produced by the social media giant, the V&A will host a series of four videos on its Pinterest profile showcasing the exhibition’s key themes [...]. Each video will use footage filmed at the exhibition to explore the history, evolution and legacy of Gabrielle Chanel, showcasing how fashion can be a tool of empowerment and creativity in everyday life.

12 January 2024  |

Pinterest Shares its 2024 Trend Predictions Based on In-App Engagement Data

Pinterest has published its annual “Pinterest Predicts” trend report, which highlights some of the top rising trends, based on search activity in the app, as well as Pinterest’s own analysis of where things are headed based on such. The report aims to help Pin marketers identify key areas of opportunity, as they go about their future strategic planning in the app.

7 December 2023  |

Pinterest Begins Testing a ‘Body Type Ranges’ Tool to Make Searches More Inclusive

Pinterest is today expanding on its efforts to make its product more inclusive with respect to body type diversity with the test of a new consumer-facing tool that allows users to filter select searches by different body types.

30 November 2023  |

Aldi and Kevin The Carrot Announce Pinterest Partnership to Push Retailer’s New Festive Campaign

Leveraging a series of Pinterest’s new ad formats for the first time such as Lead ad, Premiere Spotlight and Breakthrough video, Aldi’s campaign also marks a category first by featuring a secret board, giving users the chance to access a Pinterest board full of festive cheer.

27 November 2023  |

Pinterest Shares New Insights Into the Value of the Platform for Promoting Luxury Brands

Pinterest has published a new report on the value of the app for promoting luxury brands, including notes on how and why users come to the platform to discover luxury products. The report, conducted in conjunction with PA Consulting, looks specifically at engagement with high-end fashion brands, and how Pinterest is helping to drive discovery and engagement with this market segment.

21 November 2023  |

Three of every five luxury shoppers use Pinterest to research luxury brands

A survey has found Pinterest is the platform where consumers who care about luxury brands spend most of their time. The data revealed that three of every five luxury shoppers use Pinterest to research and be inspired when shopping for luxury brands and products. Those affluent luxury shoppers also spend 87% more on luxury goods and, according to the Global Web Index, are 27% more likely to buy premium products.

17 November 2023  |

Pinterest Reports Steady Growth in Users and Revenue in Q3

Pinterest has published its latest quarterly performance update, showing a solid increase in active users, and steady revenue growth, underlining its rising relevance, and value, for millions of users.

31 October 2023  |

Pinterest Launches New Information and Education Hub for Creators

Pinterest has launched a new education platform for creators, which provides insights into how to make best use of Pins, how to monetize your on-platform presence, and more. The new platform, available in 13 languages, includes a range of guides and notes on how to utilize Pins, including info on how to be featured in Pinterest’s’ editorial surfaces, and how to align with platform-promoted trends.

25 October 2023  |

Pinterest is out to prove its more than just a mood board, but are advertisers convinced?

It’s been on a mission to show it’s a social media platform people use every day. Is that translating with big brands? Its earnings update earlier this year suggests advertisers were beginning to invest more in the platform. Sales were up 6% year-over-year in the second quarter [...]

20 October 2023  |

Pinterest’s director of strategy on how consumers use its platform to discover and buy products

Pinterest has always been a place to find inspiration. But now, with shoppable media formats and branded catalogs, the social media platform has become a one-stop shop where consumers can browse and buy all in the same session. Here are three insights from Brittan Bushman, director of strategy at Pinterest, on how consumers are finding and buying products on Pinterest.

18 October 2023  |

Anthropologie, Pinterest Partner for Brooklyn Heights Holiday Showhouse

With the holiday season quickly approaching, themes such as “vintage Christmas decor ideas” and “winter bedroom aesthetic” are trending on the Pinterest platform. Now, in their first partnership ever, Pinterest and Anthropologie are bringing those concepts to live in a curated Brooklyn Heights pop-up space using Anthropologie’s latest furniture and seasonal decor.

11 October 2023  |

Pinterest is Ready to Make Your Brand's Christmas One to Remember

Great marketing is all about reaching the right customer, at the right time, with the right product. But there are precious few places — particularly online — where that is possible. On Pinterest, customers are not only looking to find their next purchase but they’re very likely to be ready to buy soon.

9 October 2023  |

Pinterest Focuses on Possibility in New Global Ad Push

Pinterest launched the latest installment of the “It’s Possible” integrated global campaign today focused on how people use the platform to discover and experience new opportunities, places and ideas, according to information shared with Marketing Dive.

26 September 2023  |

Pinterest Shares New Insights into its Evolving Personalization and Recommendation Tools

[...] The discovery platform is steadily increasing its focus on personalized recommendations, through the use of AI, and its unique buyer intent signals, which Pinterest says has had a huge impact on overall engagement and opportunity. This week, Pinterest held its 2023 Investor Day to provide an in-depth overview of its future growth plan and development principles.

21 September 2023  |

Pinterest Debuts New Ad Formats and ‘Collages’ Feature for Users

Pinterest unveiled a suite of new features for its users as well as new advertising formats at its Pinterest Presents event Sept. 13, all designed to make the platform even more interactive, personalized and, most important, shoppable. For Pinners, the platform debuted its new collages feature, currently in early testing but scheduled to soon be rolled out globally. 

15 September 2023  |

Pinterest To Host “Pinterest Presents” Global Advertising Summit On September 13th

Pinterest Presents has all the product launches, vision-setting and updates you would expect from an advertiser summit but it’s delivered in a way that’s a bit more – Pinterest. This year, advertisers can expect to hear directly from Pinterest CEO, Bill Ready, chief product officer, Sabrina Ellis and chief revenue officer, Bill Watkins within a show that feels more like a scripted comedy than a tech company conference. Come for the laughs. Stay for the new product announcements and to hear why Gen Z is loving Pinterest.

11 September 2023  |

Pinterest’s new computer vision-powered body type technology to make search more inclusive

Pinterest today announced it’s introducing novel computer vision technology that will use shape, size and form to identify various body types across the more than 5 billion images on its platform, with the goal of making its search more inclusive. The company says the patent-pending technology will be used to shape its algorithms, allowing Pinterest users to see more diverse search results that include different body shapes. 

7 September 2023  |

Pinterest welcomes Adam King as sales manager for Australia and New Zealand

Pinterest has announced the appointment of Adam King as sales manager for Australia and New Zealand. King joins Pinterest to lead the emerging business focused on connecting Financial Services, Tech, Telco, Government and Entertainment industries with their audiences on the platform.

24 August 2023  |

Pinterest rolls out new teen safety features, including wiping followers from users 15 and under

Pinterest today introduced a series of new safety features aimed at better protecting teens using its service. The features — which include things like private profiles, more control over followers and message safety controls — are similar to those introduced on other popular social media platforms with teens, like Instagram.

22 August 2023  |

Pinterest, BuzzFeed, and more apps and websites will start to show Amazon Sponsored Product ads

At Amazon, [...] we are excited to share that we’re starting down a new path in our Sponsored Products journey—extending Amazon selling partner campaigns to premium apps and websites, including Pinterest, BuzzFeed, Hearst Newspapers, Raptive, and Ziff Davis brands like Lifehacker and Mashable to name a few. We will start small, learn, and expand as we see meaningful opportunities to enable delightful discovery and shopping experiences.

17 August 2023  |

Images and Inspiration With AI: Pinterest’s Jeremy King

Jeremy King leads a team of 1,400 passionate engineers working on the continuous improvement of Pinterest’s image-driven platform. 

On this episode of the Me, Myself, and AI podcast, Jeremy joins hosts Sam Ransbotham and Shervin Khodabandeh to talk about some recent advances Pinterest has made in the image-recognition space and shares his views on how generative AI will transform image-based content like Pinterest’s.

15 August 2023  |

BBC Studios partners with Pinterest for short form content

New short films from two emerging creators have made their debut on Pinterest following a collaboration between BBC Studios and social media site. Backed by Pinterest, creators Emma Downer and Seun Ogunsola received commissions for a shortform series (6 x 2 minutes each) as well as bespoke training and development from BBC Studios TalentWorks.

8 August 2023  |

Pinterest Shares New Holiday Marketing Tips

Are still finalizing your holiday marketing plan? The holiday season is fast approaching, and you need to be updating your approach in-step. And this year, there’s a range of new opportunities and avenues to consider, with social media usage fragmenting, and more people looking for new inspiration for their holiday ideas.

7 August 2023  |

The Shift in Focus: Pinterest’s Embrace of Artificial Intelligence

During Pinterest’s most recent quarterly investor call, a notable shift in the company’s focus was revealed. While executives had previously emphasized the importance of creators, they have now turned their attention to artificial intelligence (AI). Pinterest’s executives, led by CEO Bill Ready, have been openly enthusiastic about the possibilities that AI offers. Although the specific details of their plans were not disclosed in the call, it is evident that AI has become a significant priority for the company.

4 August 2023  |

Pinterest Reports Slowing User Growth in Q2, More Engagement Among Younger Audiences

Pinterest has published its Q2 2023 performance update. It added 2 million more users in Q2, taking it to 465 million monthly actives. That’s Pinterest’s slowest growth rate in a year, though it is growing, which is welcome news after the platform suffered a decline in usage following the pandemic bump.

3 August 2023  |

Pinterest and Tyroo Partner to Enable Advertisers to Reach Global Audiences on Pinterest

Tyroo, a leading ad tech company based in Asia, and Pinterest, the visual inspiration platform, announce a global partnership to enable advertisers to reach audiences on Pinterest. Starting in July, Tyroo will offer advertisers in countries that Pinterest is not currently serving ads with the opportunity to place ads on the platform in countries around the world that Pinterest does serve ads.

31 July 2023  |

Volvo Taps Into Summer Denim Trend on Pinterest to Promote its Denim-Upholstered EV

Carmaker Volvo has announced a new partnership with Pinterest, the popular image-sharing social platform, to tap into consumers’ current fashion obsession: denim. New data reveals that searches for ‘denim on denim’ are up nearly 6,000% on Pinterest within the last month. Searches for ‘denim outfits’ have spiked 250%.

31 July 2023  |

Pinterest Adds Mobile Deeplinking to Drive More Purchase Activity

Pinterest is adding another way for brands to drive traffic from the app, with deeplinking from Pins that will direct users back to a specific page in the respective retailers’ mobile app. That’ll make it easier to capitalize on the attention of Pinners who come to the platform in a shopping mindset, by directing them along the path to making a purchase.

19 July 2023  |

Pinterest’s Testing a New System That Would Scan Your Emails to Understand Your Interests

Pinterest is experimenting with a new process, which it hopes could offer a solution for improved ad targeting in the app: scanning your email inbox to customize your Pinterest experience. According to Patent Drop, which tracks registered patents, Pinterest recently filed an overview of the new process, which would essentially scrape your inbox to glean more insight into what you might want to see.

3 July 2023  |

Brands Taking Action With Autodesk and Pinterest

Dara Treseder, chief marketing officer of Autodesk, and Andréa Mallard, chief marketing and communications officer at Pinterest, sat down for a seaside chat at Adweek’s Whalar House during Cannes Lions. The panelists talked about how they’re driving their brand missions, discovering new ideas and implementing positive change in the marketing industry.

28 June 2023  |

Pinterest Execs on the Ups and Downs of AI: 'Ideas Have to Come From Humans'

Xanthe Wells and Judy Lee are the driving forces behind the creative and marketing efforts at Pinterest, respectively. At the Cannes Lions Variety Studio, presented by Canva, they revealed that Gen Z plays a key role in their strategies.

26 June 2023  |

Pinterest Supports the Inspired Internet Pledge, an Initiative for a Safer Internet

Today, Pinterest is proud to announce its support of the Inspired Internet Pledge. The pledge, created by the Digital Wellness Lab at Boston Children’s Hospital in collaboration with Pinterest, is a call to action for tech companies and the broader digital ecosystem to unite with the common goal of making the internet a safer and healthier place for everyone, especially young people.

21 June 2023  |

Pinterest Doubles Down on Vertical Video for Seasonal Ad Strategy

Pinterest has appointed Westbrook, a media company founded by Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith, as its exclusive creative partner to offer marketers branded content services during the 2023 Halloween and holiday seasons, per details shared with Marketing Dive. Fueled by growing marketer demand for vertical video ads, the seasonal tie-up offers advertisers a custom content package inclusive of four co-branded videos featuring popular creators and one video on Pinterest Premiere Spotlight, the social platform’s new ad solution.

16 June 2023  |

Pinterest Launches Premiere Spotlight & Travel Catalogs Ad Formats

Pinterest has launched Premiere Spotlight and Travel Catalogs, two new ad formats that promise brands high-impact and travel-specific buyers, respectively.

15 June 2023  |

Crayola Extends Content Strategy to Pinterest, TikTok Following Strong YouTube Results

Crayola is expanding its partnership with digital content studio TheSoul Publishing following its success in growing the brand’s YouTube presence, per details shared with Marketing Dive. The partnership, launched earlier this year, will now also encompass TikTok and Pinterest.

15 June 2023  |

Pinterest Launches Next Stage of Data Clean Rooms Trial with Wayfair

Pinterest is launching the next stage of its data clean room trial, in conjunction with LiveRamp, with retailer Wayfair set to become the first business to incorporate the new process. Pinterest originally announced its clean rooms partnership with LiveRamp back in January, as a means to counter the loss of insights as a result of Apple’s iOS 14 update, and other evolving privacy measures.

9 June 2023  |

Tesco’s Retail Media Arm Inks Partnership with Pinterest

Tesco Media and Insight Platform has launched a media partnership in which FMCG brands can use Clubcard data to deliver personalised ads on Pinterest. The platform, powered by Tesco’s shopper data arm Dunnhumby, will enable advertisers to use various Pinterest formats: static, video, carousel, and collections. The supermarket giant then provides a conversion report by attributing sales to Pinterest users who saw the ads.

9 June 2023  |

Beyond Cookies: Tips for Campaign Success in Advertising’s New Era

Without access to third-party cookies, common strategies such as retargeting and last-click attribution will become more challenging. But cookies aren’t the only recipe for focused, effective campaigns. Platforms like Pinterest offer other ways to reach an optimal audience, while respecting consumer privacy and complying with changing laws.

8 June 2023  |

A Conversation With Pinterest’s Zak Kirchner On The Growing Need For Increased Emotional Intelligence + Neurodiversity To Drive Brand Growth

[...] I wanted to speak to someone who shares my passion for next-gen approaches to insights and how strategies related to them need to continue to be increasingly sophisticated, while also being powered by sharper levels of brand eQ. For my latest column, I had the pleasure of speaking with Zak Kirchner, who is Head of Global Consumer Brand Research at Pinterest and an insights visionary.

5 June 2023  |

Pinterest Outlines Themed Programming for Pride Month

Pinterest has announced a new slate of programming for Pride Month, including dedicated live streams, shopping spotlights, and a new partnership with RuPaul’s Drag Race winner Sasha Colby.

2 June 2023  |

Pinterest Underlines the Power of Positivity for Brand Outreach

When people feel better, they’re likely to spend more money, which is not a major revelation, but could point to new opportunities for your marketing and promotion efforts. According to new research shared by Pinterest, conducted in conjunction with Morning Consult, more positive environments are more beneficial for brand messaging, and Pinterest, in particular, is a more positive, beneficial space.

2 June 2023  |

Julia Brau Donnelly to join Pinterest as Chief Financial Officer

Today we’re announcing that Julia Brau Donnelly will be joining Pinterest as Chief Financial Officer. [...] As CFO at Pinterest, Julia will be responsible for financial management of the company, including leading the Accounting, Finance, Internal Audit, Investor Relations and Workplace teams. She will also lead the company’s planning processes as well as partner with the executive team to drive Pinterest’s next stage of growth.

31 May 2023  |

Promoting Inclusivity: Pinterest's New System Enhances User Experiences

In an effort to foster inclusivity and enhance user experiences, the popular social media platform, Pinterest has unveiled a new system to address representation within its discovery features. [...] In a recent update on the official blog of Pinterest Engineering, the company provided insights into its ongoing initiatives to enhance representation in key areas such as Related Products, home feed, and Search.

29 May 2023  |

System1 Launches Pinterest-Backed Ad Measurement Tool

Advertising platform System1 has this week launched Test Your Ad Digital, a measurement tool enabling advertisers to predict and improve the commercial impact of their online content. [...] System1 has additionally collaborated with social media platform Pinterest on a multi-market validation by using creative from a range of global brands to confirm that its digital ad metrics correspond with real business effects.

26 May 2023  |

Pinterest Shuffles Attracts Gen Z Females

Pinterest’s new Shuffles app allows users to create and share collages — digital mood boards. Launched in 2022, the app surged in popularity when users began setting their creations to music on TikTok. Shuffles is now available in 15 countries, including the U.S., but only on iOS devices. An Android app is reportedly in development. Even so, TechCrunch reports 607,000 installs to date.

22 May 2023  |

Pinterest's H2 2022 Global Transparency Report

Pinterest has announced,"Our mission is to bring everyone the inspiration to create a life they love, while ensuring that people have a safe and positive experience on our platform. We know that not everything on the internet is inspiring, so our mission serves as our foundation in drafting and enforcing our content policies. Today we’re publishing our latest Global Transparency Report, covering the second half of 2022."

19 May 2023  |

Pinterest Launches Simplified Pin Creation Flow, Adds Links in All Pins

Pinterest is looking to simplify its creation flow, by combining all of its creation features into a single stream, including functionality that up till now was only available in certain Pin formats. As explained by Pinterest:

“Pinterest users will now be able to access features that were previously only available to certain Pin formats or users with a business account, including links, post-publish editing, and flexible aspect ratios. All content creators will also be able to include expressive features like music, text overlay, and stickers to their Pins.”

12 May 2023  |

B&Q Launches First Insights-Driven Trend Badge Campaign on Pinterest

Today, B&Q and Pinterest announce the launch of their co-branded campaign, marking the retailer’s first time utilising the platform’s unique Trend Badge feature. Pinterest’s trend prediction report released in December revealed that one of the big interiors trends for 2023 would be ‘Home Front’ – as consumers will be focusing attention on dressing and decorating the front of their homes.

5 May 2023  |

Maybelline, Pinterest Partner on Mental Health Campaign to Empower Young People

In honor of the start of Mental Health Awareness month, makeup brand Maybelline partnered with Pinterest to roll out a behavioral health campaign to empower young people. [...] The campaign was informed in part by a report released earlier this year by Pinterest, which examined trending searches on the social media platform to determine what mental health topics are particularly top of mind for Gen Z and millennial users.

2 May 2023  |

Pinterest Announces Multiyear Ads Partnership with Amazon Alongside Earnings Beat

Pinterest today announced a multiyear strategic ad partnership with Amazon aimed at bringing more brands and relevant products to its platform. The new deal will make the e-commerce giant Pinterest’s first partner on third-party ads, the company said in a blog post shared alongside its first-quarter earnings beat.

28 April 2023  |

Pinterest Partners with Zola on New Wedding Trends Report

What are the latest trends in weddings, and how can you tap into them with your promotions? This week, Pinterest has launched a new research report, in partnership with Zola, to provide insights into the big matrimonial planning trends of the season.

26 April 2023  |

Inspiring Action: Pinterest’s 2022 Inclusion & Diversity Report

Today, Pinterest is sharing its 2022 Inclusion & Diversity (I&D) Report. Under the theme “Inspiring Action,” this year’s report details [their] latest progress and efforts on I&D and building a positive place online.

21 April 2023  |

Pinterest Brings on Google Pixel VP to Fill Chief Product Officer Position

Pinterest announced today its newest hire, Sabrina Ellis, to take on the role of chief product offer. Ellis spent the last 12 years at Google, where she led the work on Google Pixel. Previously, she spent eight years at Yahoo (the parent company of TechCrunch) in numerous leadership roles. [...] In her new role, Ellis will lead the product management and design teams, reporting directly to Pinterest CEO Bill Ready.

20 April 2023  |

How Pinterest is Monetizing its Positive Corner of the Internet 

From the U.S. government to the general public, more people are closely scrutinizing the actions of social media giants. [...] Pinterest’s still relatively new CEO, Bill Ready, is doubling down on the platform being a positive environment in the increasingly toxic social media universe.

5 April 2023  |

Pinterest Expands its Creator Fund for Underrepresented Groups to Five More Countries

Pinterest announced today that it’s expanding its Creator Fund for underrepresented groups to five more countries, including Canada, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and France. The company debuted its $500,000 Creator Fund in 2021, and announced an additional $1.2 million for the fund last year.

5 April 2023  |

Analyst Praises Pinterest as It May Team Up with Google

With all the stories coming out about tech layoffs, there’s one new surprise afoot: a possible new partnership. This partnership would see Pinterest team up with Google. As a result, Pinterest is up, if only slightly, in Monday afternoon’s trading.

Word from RBC Capital Markets analyst Brad Erickson suggests that the duo would build a “media network partnership” arrangement that gives Pinterest even more room to run.

4 April 2023  |

Get Ready to Rave: Pinterest’s Latest Report Predicts a Surge in ‘Rave Aesthetic’ for 2023

If you’re a fan of rave culture and fashion, you’re in luck – Pinterest predicts that this year could see a significant spike in this trend. The platform’s annual report also predicts a rise in superfoods, front doors, mushrooms and other bizarre interests.

3 April 2023  |

Pinterest Offers Advertisers New Ways To Target Eco-Friendly Users

Pinterest claims that protecting the environment is shaping the way consumers are buying.
In preparation for Earth Day, the image-sharing social service is dishing out tips for how advertisers can incorporate sustainability messaging into their Pinterest ads, based on an internal study of 54 brand campaigns across Europe that took on sustainability.

30 March 2023  |

At Shoptalk, Pinterest Pitches Itself as a Friendly Social Ad Platform

Pinterest is attempting to make social shopping more fun for shoppers and brands. At Shoptalk this week held in Las Vegas, Pinterest CEO Bill Ready talked about some of the new shopping capabilities it added to its new Shuffles app and how it fine-tuned its AI to recommend content that would make users feel good. It was all part of a push to convince brands and retailers to advertise — and sell products — on its platforms, as other apps like TikTok come under fire.

28 March 2023  |

Pinterest Brings Shopping Capabilities to Shuffles, its Collage-Making App

Pinterest announced today that it’s testing ways to integrate Shuffles collage content into Pinterest, starting with shopping. Shuffles, which is Pinterest’s collage-making app, launched to general public last November. [...] Shuffles will now have all of the shopping capabilities as regular pins. Users will be able to tap individual cutouts used in collages, see the brand, price, and other product metadata along with similar products to shop.

27 March 2023  |

Pinterest Provides New Tips on Effective Pin Advertising Approaches

Pinterest has provided some new Pin ad tips, based on various brand lift studies, incorporating feedback from over 120,000 Pinners. The data shows that taking a multi-format, multi-stage approach can provide bigger returns, with brands that focus on awareness, consideration, and conversion seeing, on average, three times higher conversion rates than those aligned with just one objective.

20 March 2023  |

Dotdash Meredith Pens Pinterest Partnership, Joining Condé Nast and Tastemade

The lifestyle publisher Dotdash Meredith, which houses titles including Better Homes & Gardens and Southern Living, has partnered with Pinterest to produce 180 original, seasonally aligned vertical videos. Pinterest will fund the creation of the content, but it wouldn’t share financial specifics.

17 March 2023  |

Pinterest’s Quiet Battle for Ad Dollars is Getting Louder

For years, Pinterest has tried to fashion itself as a safe haven for people looking to escape the bombast of social media. With posts that let users “pin” everything from quick dinner ideas to home decor, Pinterest hoped advertisers would also see it as a safe place for their dollars. Some did, many others didn’t. Still, Pinterest persisted with the plan. And there are some early signs that its persistence is starting to pay off.

16 March 2023  |

Q&A with Kristie Painting, Pinterest's Country Manager for Canada

Last year, Kristie joined Pinterest as its Country Manager for Canada, coming from Wavemaker Canada where she was CEO from 2018 to 2022. With a wealth of expertise driving growth, Kristie has a strong leadership track record and an entrepreneurial mindset. Here’s what Kristie had to say about how her work is building a positive corner of the internet for consumers and advertisers in Canada.

16 March 2023  |

Northwestern Mutual's Pinterest Collaboration Connects Dreams to Financial Planning

Northwestern Mutual has teamed up with Pinterest to create an immersive experience that allows consumers to connect the dots from their dreams to the financial planning they need to accomplish those dreams. [...] “Northwestern Mutual’s collaboration with Pinterest was created to really meet the needs of those who are already in the planning mindset, but may not have taken the first step in making their dreams happen just yet,” said Lynn Teo, chief marketing officer of Northwestern Mutual.

15 March 2023  |

Pinterest Outlines Programming for International Women’s Day, Focusing on Health and Wellness

In celebration of International Women’s Day, Pinterest has shared some new insights into rising trends among female users, while it’s also launching a new Pinterest TV series that will focus on female founders and their health.

9 March 2023  |

Pinterest is Testing a New Premium Video Ad Format on its App’s Search Tab

Pinterest has begun alpha testing a new advertising product that allows brands to reach consumers from a more prominent position within the company’s mobile app. With the “Premiere Spotlight” ad, as the new format is currently being called, advertisers will gain access to a premium placement for 24 hours on the Pinterest app’s search page. This allows them to reach Pinterest users as they use one of the app’s key features — the ability to search for pins, inspiration and ideas.

3 March 2023  |

Shuffles by Pinterest Expands to Nine Additional Countries

[...] Shuffles allows users to cut, overlap and add elements and animations to images from their camera roll or from Pinterest Pins. Today, Shuffles is expanding to nine additional countries, including Germany, France, Austria, Switzerland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, and the Netherlands.

1 March 2023  |

Pinterest Leads the Charge on Shoppability

Even as Instagram pulls back on live shopping, another social platform is diving in further: Pinterest. The company has slowly leaned into shoppability over the past few years with more transactional features for direct commerce. Those moves include a “Shop” tab where products within videos and pins are shoppable. And on the merchant-facing end, Pinterest continues to provide tools that let sellers tag products so that they’re transaction-ready

24 February 2023  |

Pinterest Highlights Positive Benefits of Pinterest Use via New Study

Pinterest is looking to differentiate itself from other social apps, by highlighting how its systems are built to facilitate more positive, beneficial experiences, as opposed to addictive, compulsive behaviors. Via a new study with UC Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center, Pinterest says that daily interaction with inspiring content in the app helped Gen Z college students to buffer against burnout and stress, ‘even when they were studying for stressful college exams’.

23 February 2023  |

International Lineup Explodes for Cannes In Cairns Presented by Pinterest

Following in hot pursuit of Sir Martin Sorrell, Erin Elofson, the head of Canada and APAC Region at Pinterest, is joining the bulging list of international headliners booking their tickets to Tropical North Queensland in May. Other global talent hip-hips of late include Jean Lin (global chief culture officer, dentsu), who heralds from Tokyo, and Will Cady (head of creative strategy, Reddit) from California.

23 February 2023  |

Pinterest Expands Idea Pin Video Length to 5 Minutes

Pinterest is following the lead of TikTok by adding longer video clips in its Idea Pins format, providing another way to maximize engagement with your content. [...] Users can now upload 5-minute videos as Idea Pins, which is an expansion on the 60-second limit that’s been in place up till now.

15 February 2023  |

Pinterest Launches Refreshed ‘Pinterest Academy’ Platform Education Resource

Looking to get a better handle on Pinterest, and how to win via Pin in 2023? This will help – today, Pinterest has launched its refreshed Pinterest Academy learning resource, which includes a range of courses and insights designed to help you become a Pin marketing expert.

14 February 2023  |

Pinterest Reaches 450 million Monthly Users, will Focus on Making Videos ‘Shoppable’

Pinterest said during its latest earnings call that the service now has 450 million monthly active users globally, a 4% jump year-on-year. The company noted that while the user base in the U.S. and Canada stayed at 95 million, growth in other regions contributed to this milestone. The social media company, which debuted a short video product called Idea Pins in 2021, aims to grow its footprint over the format and monetize it as well.

13 February 2023  |

Pinterest Publishes its First Ever Environmental, Social, and Governance Impact Report

Pinterest has published its first-ever Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Impact Report, which outlines the company’s various efforts to address workforce diversity, product safety, environmental impact and internal governance. The report also provides some interesting perspective on Pinterest’s usage and growth, beginning with this overview of key stats.

9 February 2023  |

Pinterest Focuses on Travel Inspiration and Education for Black History Month

Pinterest is taking a unique approach to Black History Month, with a new ‘Find Your Routes’ Black Travel Hub initiative, which aims to highlight places that have strong connections to Black history, while also showcasing Black-owned businesses.

2 February 2023  |

Pinterest Announces New Video Partnership with Publisher Condé Nast

Pinterest has announced a new partnership with publisher Condé Nast which will see the lifestyle brand share exclusive content to the platform, including new video activations around major events, like New York Fashion Week. [...] Pinterest says that Vogue and Architectural Digest will produce over 160 exclusive videos ‘aligned with Pinterest’s key seasonal and cultural moments’, including Fashion Month in February, Wedding Season, Summer, and Back to School activations.

31 January 2023  |

Pinterest Provides New Insights to Help Brands Reach Consumers at Each Stage of the Purchase Cycle

Pinterest is looking to get brands to expand their thinking about Pin marketing, with a broader focus on the ever-evolving customer journey, and reaching your audience at each different stage of the process. [...] Pinterest has put together a new overview of how you can use its ad options to reach users with targeted approaches at each stage of the sales funnel.

26 January 2023  |

Pinterest Combines Communications, Marketing Teams, Promotes Andréa Mallard

Pinterest chief marketing officer Andréa Mallard is adding external communications to her plate, taking on the new role of chief marketing and communications officer. The company’s communications and marketing teams are merging in order to align its communications channels with the goal of unifying Pinterest’s brand storytelling through earned and paid media worldwide.

20 January 2023  |

As Pinterest expands commerce features, chief shopping officer Julie Bornstein moves to advisory role

Announced to Pinterest employees on Tuesday morning, chief shopping officer Julie Bornstein has moved to an advisory role. The news comes as Pinterest ramps up its commerce capabilities, with plans to make “everything” on the platform shoppable, a company spokesperson told Glossy on Monday.

17 January 2023  |

Pinterest and LiveRamp Team Up on Clean Rooms

Pinterest detailed a new partnership with LiveRamp [...], under which LiveRamp will pilot clean rooms for select Pinterest advertising partners, starting with Albertsons Media Collective, the retail network of grocery company Albertsons.

The integration enables a protected, third-party space where brands can combine their own first-party data and data from Pinterest in a secure environment, with the clean room keeping that data private and providing aggregated insight into ad performance.

6 January 2023  |

Ecommerce Advertising Predictions for 2023

Marketing measurement platform Fospha explains how brands can leverage some of the key trends for 2023 to drive success in the eCommerce space. It expects Pinterest to solidify its status as a top-of-the-funnel ad channel in 2023. [...] and crucially it is consistently the best performing channel for ROAS when measured by Fospha. 2023 could be the year Pinterest follows TikTok into achieving the early stages of mass adoption.

5 January 2023  |

In Creators Crushing It, Pinterest Shares the Stories of Some of its Most Passionate Creators

Aiming to showcase how brands and people are using the platform to reach, inspire and interact with their audiences, the series provides brilliant tips for both aspiring and existing creatives.

24 December 2022  |

eBay Works with Pinterest Creators to Reach Shoppers with an Interest in Festive DIY

eBay has worked with Pinterest creators for the first time in order to reach potential customers looking for DIY and festive inspiration for their homes. The marketplace has run its first paid partnership campaign on the visual inspiration site in order to capitalise on the rising levels of searches for ‘Christmas decor DIY’ – which have grown by 3.5 times over the last year. It has run Pinterest’s new format Idea Ads, in which businesses collaborate with a creator to produce tell a story through images and videos in order to inspire the creator’s audience.

23 December 2022  |

Pinterest Predicts: Why forecasting Trends is the Platform’s ‘Superpower’

“Being able to look ahead rather than look back is Pinterest’s superpower,” Pinterest director of business marketing EMEA Visha Kudhail tells Charged. But, how can ‘Pinterest Predicts 2023’ benefit brands and retailers? And how can they leverage its insights to get ahead of the curve?

19 December 2022  |

The Top 5 Wellness Trends for 2023, According to Pinterest

According to the Pinterest Predicts report for 2023—the platform’s comprehensive trend forecast based on Pinterest saves and searches—phone-free self-care, emotional well-being, unfussy fitness, and mindful drinking are a few of the most noteworthy themes to watch out for over the next year. Here are five wellness trends we love, according to Pinterest—and why they're perfect inspiration for your New Year's intentions.

13 December 2022  |

Pinterest Shares its 2023 Trend Predictions, Based on Pin Activity and Engagement

Pinterest has published its annual ‘Pinterest Predicts’ overview, which looks at the latest, rising trends that are set to become even more significant over the next year. Based on user behavior, including Pins saved, boards created and overall search activity, Pinterest says that it’s uniquely placed to highlight the next big thing before it happens. [...]

So what are the key trends of note for 2023?

8 December 2022  |

Kohl’s Leans into Pinterest Collab for the Holidays, Focuses on ‘Agile Content’

Kohl’s and Pinterest have developed a series of online experiences as part of their long-term collaboration, leveraging the inspiration platform’s technology and data to tap into trends and feature products in new ways. [...] Insights from Pinterest allow Kohl’s to not only bring this to life through immersive experiences on the platform, but also are used to more broadly inform merchandising decisions and an agile approach to content creation.

7 December 2022  |

Pinterest is Hosting a Creative Tips and Insights Event This Week

Looking to make Pinterest a bigger focus in 2023? This might help – this week, Pinterest is hosting a virtual event, in collaboration with Picsart, to explore the best ways to approach Pin creative, and how to make your content stand out in the app using new approaches and technologies.

6 December 2022  |

Pinterest Ends its Creator Rewards Program for Idea Pins

Pinterest has announced that it’s ending its Creator Rewards program, with the incentive offering set to shutter later this week.

Pinterest’s Creator Rewards scheme provided a means for creators to make money by creating themed Idea Pins, based on monthly prompts provided by Pinterest.

That enabled Pinterest to both encourage Idea Pin activity, and guide those Pins towards more engaging elements – but now, it’s moving on from the project.

30 November 2022  |

This Is the Top Trending Thanksgiving Pie, According to Pinterest

Looking to bake the most popular Thanksgiving pie? Here's what everyone else is searching for this time of year. [...] Instead of choosing a pie recipe at random this year, why not please the rest of your turkey day guests by making the most popular pie in America? Or your state?

23 November 2022  |

Pinterest is now available in Afrikaans, Croatian and Bulgarian languages

"Today, Pinterest is expanding its language options and is now available for Pinners globally in Afrikaans, Croatian and Bulgarian. [...] With millions of Pins in Afrikaans, Croatian and Bulgarian already on the platform, it is now easier than ever for Pinners to discover fresh ideas and get inspired for their life’s projects in their preferred language. Pinterest is now available in 41 languages to all Pinners on iOS, Android, and web."

22 November 2022  |

Pinterest Reports Big Increases in Child Exploitation and Self Injury Content Removals in 2022

Pinterest has published its latest Transparency Report, which outlines all of the content removals and other enforcement actions it took throughout the first half of 2022. And there are some pretty significant shifts in these numbers [...].

21 November 2022  |

Pinterest TV Expands to Canada, Bringing First-Ever Live North American Holiday Shopping Experience

Following the launch of Pinterest TV in the US last year, Pinterest TV is now available to view in Canada with a focus on shopping inspiration for the holidays. [...] Pinterest is kicking-off ‘Shop the Holidays on Pinterest TV’ with 10 hours of daily programming running from November 15-18th in Canada and the US. Over sixty brands and four major North American publishers are taking part in the series, which will include over 40 hours of shoppable content.

14 November 2022  |

Pinterest Announces Wider Launch of its ‘Shuffles’ Visual Collage App

After initially launching its new ‘Shuffles’ visual collage app to selected users back in August, Pinterest is now making the app generally available, so that anybody can create their own artistic collages from Pinterest-originated images.

10 November 2022  |

Pinterest Outlines Recent Algorithm Improvements, Which Have Boosted Pin Engagement

Pinterest has seen a rise in engagement and usage of late, and there may be a good reason for that, with the platform publishing a new technical overview of how it’s improved its recommendation algorithms to maximize engagement – and specifically, how more recent, adaptive usage data has helped it boost engagement activity.

8 November 2022  |

Pinterest Unveils Curated Gift Guides For Shoppers This Holiday Season

Pinterest is launching its first-ever holiday gift guide, enabling brands to directly inspire shoppers through curated boards of shoppable items. People have always come to Pinterest to shop. And now, with increasing searches for gift inspiration for teachers, partners, co-workers, friends and neighbours, in particular, Pinterest has created a feature to highlight products that will help Pinners discover, browse and shop their ideal gifts for these groups in a new way, this season.

31 October 2022  |

Pinterest Reports Increasing Usage and Revenue in Latest Performance Update

Pinterest has posted its latest performance update, showing increases in both users and revenue, neither in a major swing, in broader terms, but both, most importantly, pointing upwards once again.

28 October 2022  |

Shop Pinterest Tablescapes IRL At This Brooklyn Pop-Up

Ever wish you could just sweep up those beautiful Pinterest tablescape photos and just instantly become a picture perfect host? It will soon be (mostly) possible in New York. While social media isn’t reality, two digital lifestyle brands are partnering to help those in a hosting mood with their inspiration and shopping needs before the holidays. Dine by Design, a new event by Apartment Therapy in partnership with Pinterest will take place from November 2 through 13 at the new Showfields location in Williamsburg.

27 October 2022  |

Pinterest Named in Fast Company’s Second Annual List of “Brands That Matter”

Today Pinterest has been named to Fast Company’s second annual Brands That Matter list, which honors 145 brands that communicate and demonstrate brand purpose. Pinterest is recognized for having achieved relevance through cultural impact and social engagement, while authentically communicating its missions and ideals.

26 October 2022  |

Pinterest Launches New Video Content Approach via Partnership with The Louvre

Pinterest has announced a new activation, in partnership with The Louvre, which will enable users to experience the historic art gallery via video elements within the app. The video series will take users behind the scenes, and showcase unseen elements of the space, providing more engagement opportunities.

25 October 2022  |

Pinterest Partners with Record Labels to Bring Popular Music to its TikTok Rival, ‘Idea Pins’

Pinterest’s TikTok competitor is gaining new music. The company announced today its video-focused “Idea Pins” feature will now include the ability to add popular tracks from top artists, thanks to new licensing deals with Warner Music Group, Warner Chappell Music, Merlin and BMG. This will expand upon the music already provided through Pinterest’s royalty-free music library from 7Digital, the company noted.

19 October 2022  |

Pinterest Provides New Insights for Marketers, Updated Conversions API

Pinterest has announced an update to its Pinterest Trends tool, which will help provide marketers with more insight into the latest shifts and opportunities, while it’s also launched a new API for Conversions, which will provide additional Pin shopping data for retailers.

18 October 2022  |

Pinterest Data Reveals Aussies Feeling The Pinch In Run-Up To Summer

Pinterest data has revealed that Aussies are feeling the pinch in the run-up to summer as shoppers look to scrimp and save as the cost of living rises. While sun-lovers are still looking to spruce-up their outdoor spaces, this year, shoppers are looking to save rather than splurge. Search data gathered by Pinterest shows that the time is ripe for outdoor hardware and furnishings brands to launch their advertising efforts.

17 October 2022  |

Foxtel Launches Pinterest Campaign for House of the Dragon Premiere

Foxtel has launched a multi-tiered campaign on Pinterest to engage with audiences in the run-up to the highly anticipated premiere of the Game of Thrones prequel series, House of the Dragon. Foxtel is leveraging the platform to grow awareness and viewership by tapping into Pinterest’s fast-growing entertainment audience, using a range of visually compelling formats to create an engaging and exciting campaign with ad formats not yet explored by Foxtel.

14 October 2022  |

Very, John Lewis, M&S Onboard with Pinterest Holiday Gift Guide

Pinterest is launching its first ever holiday gift guide, enabling brands to directly inspire shoppers through curated boards of shoppable items. In the UK, brands including Very, Sweaty Betty, John Lewis, M&S and The Cotswold Company, have selected products which align with the platform’s initiative, with a special ‘2022 Gift Guide’ badge spotlighting the selected items across feeds.

13 October 2022  |

Pinterest and Chefclub Partner to Launch Prime Cooking Shows

Pinterest and Chefclub have collaborated to announce a strategic partnership to develop innovative food content. As part of the partnership, Chefclub is creating a cooking series for Pinterest, with initial programming launching this month.

13 October 2022  |

Pinterest Partners Up With Headspace for World Mental Health Day

Pinterest is marking World Mental Health Day Oct. 10 with a first-of-its-kind partnership with Headspace to aid creators on its platform. Thousands of eligible creators across 20 countries will receive free six-month subscriptions to Headspace so that they can access its tools for goals such as improving sleep, increasing positivity and managing stress.

07 October 2022  |

Here are the Top 10 Halloween Costumes for 2022, According to Pinterest

Pinterest has announced, "Halloween is right around the corner and, as the source of inspiration for the best ideas for every celebration in your life, Pinterest gathered this year’s top 10 looks to help Pinners officially get ready for the season. 2022 is all about costumes with pop culture themes. In sync with this year's major launches, searches around Stranger Things, Elvis, Top Gun and The Lord of the Rings are trending on the platform."

05 October 2022  | Read more at Notches up a Social Commerce First With Pinterest Campaign

Furniture and homewares retailer has launched its first Idea Ads with Paid Partnership campaign on Pinterest, making it the first brand to do so in the UK. To support its Never Ordinary campaign, the company’s collaboration with two creators on the platform (Kerry Lockwood and Little Big Bell) aims to inspire Pinners to style unique spaces in their houses with bright and colourful touches.

04 October 2022  |

Wanji Walcott to Join Pinterest as Chief Legal Officer

Pinterest have announced, "Wanji Walcott will be joining Pinterest as Chief Legal Officer on November 14. Wanji will join Pinterest’s executive team and report directly to CEO, Bill Ready. In her role at Pinterest, Wanji will be responsible for Legal, Compliance and Public Policy. She brings a wealth of expertise, with almost 25 years of experience as in-house counsel, a deep global perspective and a passion for diversity, equity and inclusion".

16 September 2022  |

First Lady Dr. Jill Biden Teams Up with Pinterest to Celebrate and Support Educators Across the Country

Today, Pinterest and America’s First Teacher, First Lady Jill Biden, announced a first-of-its-kind collaboration to honor and support educators, and invite the Pinterest community to show teacher appreciation all year long. “I’m thrilled to share that I am teaming up with Pinterest to help celebrate and support educators!” said First Lady Jill Biden. “I encourage everyone to find a way — no matter how big or small — to share your appreciation for a teacher in your community.”

15 September 2022  |

Pinterest Launches New Campaign to Highlight Freedom of Expression in the App

Pinterest is launching a new promotional campaign in which it looks to further distance itself from its social network roots, by framing Pinterest as a more positive space, free of the judgment and criticism that comes with those ‘other’ apps.

13 September 2022  |

Pinterest preps Beauty School launch in Soho, London

Pinterest is set to open the doors to a Beauty School for the first time. Taking place on 1st October, in partnership with beauty firms including La Roche Posay, this will feature brand activations and creator workshops directly informed by Pinterest’s trends. The aim is to demonstrate how brands and advertisers can activate a strategy informed by customer led data, to better engage with their audiences.

9 September 2022  |

Pinterest Outlines Latest Efforts to Combat Political Misinformation Ahead of the US Midterms

With the US midterms fast approaching, Pinterest has outlined its latest measures to combat political misinformation via Pins.
The visual style of Pinterest, and its Pins, probably doesn’t immediately spark thoughts of potential political manipulation. But as with all platforms, Pinterest has been the target of coordinated manipulation in the past, and as such, it’s important that it too takes steps to address the spread where it can.

9 September 2022  |

Pinterest commits to 100% renewable electricity for its offices around the world

Pinterest is committed to doing our part to promote sustainable outcomes on our platform, within our operations and communities to help create a greener world. Today, Pinterest is furthering those efforts by committing to purchase 100% renewable electricity for our offices around the world by 2023. This commitment builds upon our existing efforts to save energy in our offices, and reduce our global greenhouse gas emissions.

8 September 2022  |

Top 10 interior trends for autumn 2022, according to Pinterest

Research from Wethrift looked at what we’ve all been adding to our inspiration boards, and the results show a welcome move towards self-expression in the home. "For years we have seen the interior scene saturated with beige colours and minimalist living spaces, but now we are seeing interior lovers creating homes that are a statement of their personality," says Nick Drewe, Trend Expert at WeThrift.

7 September 2022  |

Pinterest updates public spaces with community activations

Pinterest’s Havens project turned public parks and spaces in Chigaco’s downtown area into community playgrounds offering free arts events, classes, workouts and more to encourage resident well being.

6 September 2022  |

Cannes in Cairns, Presented by Pinterest, is Back for 2023!

The countdown is on. Australian adland’s favourite creativity festival is back for its second edition – and it is bigger and better than ever. It’s the event Australia’s adland has been waiting for with bated breath (well, we certainly have). The festival where learning and inspiration come head to head with a bit – OK, a lot – of fun.

1 September 2022  |

Pinterest Appoints VP of Global Business Marketing from Meta

Pinterest has appointed Meta’s Stacy Malone as VP of global business marketing. Previously, Malone was senior director of global customer and business marketing at Meta. Based in California, she will report to CMO Andréa Mallard and set Pinterest's long-term vision for marketing itself to businesses and agencies across global markets.

26 August 2022  |

Shuffles, Pinterest’s Invite-Only Collage-Making App, is Blowing up on TikTok — Here’s How to Get In

Collage-style video “mood boards” are going viral on TikTok — and so is the app making them possible. Pinterest’s recently soft-launched collage-maker Shuffles has been climbing up the App Store’s Top Charts thanks to demand from Gen Z users who are leveraging the new creative expression tool to make, publish and share visual content.

25 August 2022  |

Pinterest Launches New Streamlined In-App Purchase Process for Shopify Merchants

Pinterest’s looking to help Shopify merchants maximize their in-stream sales with the addition of a new streamlined conversion process that will make it faster and simpler for users to buy direct from your Pin listings. [...] Pinterest’s new ‘Hosted Checkout’ process enables users to select all the relevant product order info within the app, rather than referring you back to a merchant website to make an actual purchase.

18 August 2022  |

Waitrose Creates First Pinterest Pin Extension for Summer Food Festival Campaign

Pinterest has launched Waitrose’s latest campaign on its platform, showcasing its “colourful variety in food choices for this year’s summer dishes”. Raising awareness of its “high quality products and everyday food range”, the retailer is looking to inspire Pinners to prepare tasty meals, utilising Pinterest’s immersive ad format, the Pin Extension, for the first time.

17 August 2022  |

Pinterest Launches New Board Sticker to Help Drive More Pin Traffic

Pinterest has added another way to drive traffic from your Idea Pins (the platform’s take on Stories) with a new Board Sticker option, which enables you to highlight a specific Pinterest board via your Idea Pins in the app.

9 August 2022  |

Pinterest debuts a new app, Shuffles, for collage-making and moodboards

Pinterest may be best known for shopping inspiration and design ideas, but the company’s newest product wants to inspire its users to tap into their own creativity. The company has quietly launched a new iOS app called Shuffles for putting together collages using photos, image cutouts and other animated effects. The app is currently in an invite-only status with the ability to join a waitlist from its home screen.

1 August 2022  |

Pinterest Launches Real-Time Analytics in its Mobile App

Pinterest has now officially launched real-time analytics elements within Pin Analytics on mobile, which will provide more data on exactly how your Pins are performing at any given time.

Pinterest is alerting users to the upgrade in the mobile app. Real-time insights are also available in the web Analytics platform, but now, you’ll also be able to access much of the same data on the go, which is likely where many more people are looking to check in.

29 July 2022  |

Pinterest Expands Content Slate With Creator-Hosted Shows From Jellysmack (Exclusive)

Pinterest has struck a content deal with the creator company Jellysmack for a slate of five shows hosted by popular DIY creators that will be available exclusively on the social platform.

The deal comes as Pinterest is rapidly expanding its original content production, including through a multiyear pact with Tastemade that will result in 50 new shows on Pinterest. The platform also recently hired Nadine Zylstra, formerly the global head of YouTube Originals, to lead original programming.

28 July 2022  |

Pinterest Reveals Multiyear, Multimillion-Dollar Partnership With /dev/color

Pinterest entered into a multiyear, multimillion-dollar partnership with /dev/color, a global career accelerator for Black executives, software engineers and technologists. [...] The partnership between Pinterest and /dev/color will focus on advancing the careers of Black engineers and leaders at the company, as well as recruiting Black technologists at all levels and specialties and forming relationships with historically Black colleges and universities throughout the U.S. for future partnership and sponsorship opportunities.

27 July 2022  |

Pinterest Unwraps New Approach to Holiday Shopping Season for Brands

Holiday shopping season isn’t all about the latter stages of December anymore, as Pinterest found that the pandemic and economic challenges have caused Pinners to pivot, leading to smaller but more frequent celebrations. [...] A survey Pinterest commissioned from TalkShoppe found that 80% of holiday shoppers plan to have more of those mini-moments throughout the holiday season, presenting an opportunity for brands to reach Pinners who are ready to shop across several holiday categories (décor, food, gifts) and moments.

27 July 2022  |

St-Germain and Pinterest Create First Immersive Custom Cocktail Experience

St-Germain has partnered with Pinterest to serve up cocktail inspiration through an immersive experience targeting Pinners who are looking for bartender hacks and ways to elevate their drinks. The partnership features an immersive and interactive experience and is replicated across multiple countries including the UK, US, Canada, France and Italy.

27 July 2022  |

How Julie Bornstein plans to transform shopping on Pinterest

Pinterest wants to become a significant player in online shopping. In June, the social network acquired a shopping startup called The Yes, an e-commerce platform powered by artificial intelligence which specializes in women’s fashion. The Yes founder Julie Bornstein, now the chief shopping officer at Pinterest, is helping the company to build specialized shopping experiences on the service.

26 July 2022  |

Pinterest’s Jeremy King on Getting Serious About Converting Inspiration to Sales

When Pinterest CEO Ben Silbermann shifted to an executive chairman role in June, bringing in Google’s Bill Ready as CEO, it left little doubt about the platform’s plans for eCommerce. [...] No stranger to creating shoppable catalogs for eCommerce sites, Pinterest Senior Vice President and Head of Engineering Jeremy King told PYMNTS’ Karen Webster that the famously image-centric site was already working on a shopping catalog a few years prior to Ready’s arrival.

25 July 2022  |

Ford Accessories Launched On Pinterest For 5 Markets

Ford Customer Service Division (FSCD) is teaming up with aftermarket parts maker ARB to offer even more new parts for the Ranger, while owners of any Blue Oval model can also now order Ford accessories from one of five different Pinterest accounts. Ford’s new Pinterest accounts are a more visual way to shop for and order parts for any Blue Oval vehicle for owners located in the UKGermanySpainItaly, and France.

19 July 2022  |

Nadine Zylstra is Pinterest’s new Global Head of Programming and Originals

"Today we’re announcing Nadine Zylstra is joining Pinterest in the newly created role of Global Head of Programming and Originals. Nadine will join Pinterest’s global content and creators team and report into Malik Ducard, our Chief Content Officer. [...] Nadine will be tasked with building strategy and driving execution for Pinterest’s programming and originals content efforts. This includes driving innovation in content development and distribution, and leading and building teams that work across various features and products to support creators and talent.

13 July 2022  |

Pinterest Shares New Insights into the Impact of Banning Weight Loss Ads in the App

Last year, as part of an expanded push to reinforce body positivity within its app, Pinterest banned all ads with weight loss language and imagery, which was a significant stance within the broader, visual-focused social media sphere.

So what impact has that had, and has it helped improve discussion and engagement in the app?

11 July 2022  |

Pinterest doubles down on Shopping, introducing API for Shopping and Product Tagging for Pins, Driving Merchant Success on the Platform

Today, Pinterest is introducing several new innovative merchant features to help retailers realize success on the platform, offering Pinners an even more expansive shopping experience.

8 July 2022  |

Pinterest Launches Pin Ads in Argentina, Colombia and Chile

As it continues to expand its ad offering, in order to maximize its business opportunities, Pinterest has today announced that Pin Ads will now be made available to all businesses in Argentina, Colombia and Chile.

7 July 2022  |

How new CEO Bill Ready may reposition Pinterest as an e-commerce platform

Last week, Pinterest was the latest technology company to announce it was ushering in a new top executive. Co-founder and CEO Ben Silbermann said that senior Google executive Bill Ready will take over the top job at the social media company. Previously, Ready was the president of payments and commerce at Google, where he was in charge of developing its marketplace and testing out videos and ad units conducive for shopping across Google’s suite of platforms. [...] Given Ready’s previous focus, many industry observers believe he is being brought in to encourage more shopping on Pinterest.

6 July 2022  |

Pinterest’s Ben Silbermann steps down as chief executive

Ben Silbermann, a founder and chief executive of Pinterest, stepped down from the top job on Tuesday after more than a decade of running the digital pinboard service and taking it public.

Pinterest did not give a reason for the change. Mr. Silbermann, 39, will become executive chairman. Bill Ready, who has run divisions within PayPal and Google, was appointed Pinterest’s new chief executive.

29 June 2022  |

Pinterest does Cannes Lions differently with Idea Pin Studio and a Futuristic Beauty Parlour

Pinterest is building a different kind of place on the internet, where people can be inspired for their life’s projects in a positive and inclusive environment, and this year, visitors can expect the same from its 2022 Cannes Lions line-up.

22 June 2022  |

Pinterest shows the vibrant side of creativity at Cannes Lions festival

With a whole host of immersive experiences, at Cannes Lions festival, Pinterest has crafted a positive creative space that encourages people to take a risk and try something new.

21 June 2022  |

Introducing New Ways for Advertisers and Creators to Inspire with Idea Ads

Pinterest announced, "today, we are sharing new ways for brands to creatively inspire their audiences with compelling new ad formats that bring ideas to life: Idea ads and Idea ads with paid partnership. In addition, we are also launching the new paid partnership tool for creators, which allows them to easily tag their brand partners in their content. These new formats and tools are now available in over 30 countries around the world."

15 June 2022  |

Pinterest Establishes New Content Partnership with Tastemade to Promote Pin Product Listings

As part of its continued effort to expand its network of creators, and provide more exposure opportunities for listed products, Pinterest has announced a new strategic partnership with lifestyle content platform Tastemade, which will see Pinterest and Tastemade work together on new scripted shows, live-stream programming and in-person events around the world.

14 June 2022  |

Knit Con 2022: Taking Inspiration to Realization for Pinterest Employees

"We are thrilled to announce the return of Knit Con, our largest event bringing together more than 3800 employees globally. During this year’s 7th annual event, more than 250 classes will be taught by employees, creators and innovators at multiple offices around the world on June 9 and June 10."

9 June 2022  |

Pinterest Acquires AI-Powered Shopping Startup 'The Yes', Co-Founded by Former Stitch Fix Exec

As Pinterest sets its eyes on improving the online shopping experience on its platform, the company announced this afternoon it’s acquiring the AI-powered shopping service for fashion known as The Yes, [...]. Deal terms were not disclosed, but the acquisition will help to establish a new strategic organization within Pinterest to help drive the company’s shopping efforts, including the development of features for both shoppers and retailers, the company says.

3 June 2022  |

Pinterest Expands Creator Fund as Part of Broader Celebration of Pride Month

Pinterest has announced that creators in the UK and Brazil will now be eligible to apply for its Creator Fund, while it will also put more focus on rising LGBTQIA+ creators, as part of the broader celebration of Pride Month within the app.

3 June 2022  |

Pinterest Launches Ads and Expands Shopify Partnership in Japan

"Today, Pinterest is launching ads for all businesses in Japan. Businesses of all sizes now have access to multiple types of ad formats and targeting options in Japan to reach new audiences with meaningful, useful content as they discover ideas and plan new projects. Japan is the next country to launch as part of the global expansion of Pinterest’s ad program."

1 June 2022  |

“A Black book of creative inspiration”: Pinterest UK launches the Black to Z alphabet

The alphabetical pinboard features a bespoke typeface by The Elephant Room and personal videos recorded by its 26 contributors.

Created in collaboration with cultural curator Irene Agbontaen, the new project showcases the work of 26 “game-changing” Black businesses and creators, sharing insights on what gets them creatively inspired.

26 May 2022  |

Pinterest has teamed with Samsung to launch the first ever ‘flippable’ Pin on its platform

The aim is to show people just how flexible the folding Galaxy Z Flip3 phone really is.

Through the ‘flippable pin’, Samsung will create the illusion of the Galaxy Flip3 folding out of thin air with the help of Pinterest’s Breakthrough Video ‘Portal’ technique , bringing 3-dimensionality to the ad and helping it stand out in the home feed.

25 May 2022  |

Pinterest's H2 2021 Transparency Report

Pinterest announced, "we believe that a more inspired internet starts with a more transparent internet. Today we published our latest Transparency Report, covering the second half of 2021. We started publishing a biannual transparency report in 2013, and since 2020, we’ve routinely expanded the content to include more information and deeper reporting detail."

20 May 2022  |

Pinterest and Campspot Team Up to Bring You the Top Travel Trends of Spring/Summer

More than 63 million people engage with travel content globally on Pinterest, which makes it one of the biggest platforms for planning and searching for new travel ideas to take inspiration to action. Searches for “travel inspo” increased by +87% during mid-March to mid-April alone and are continuing to rise. That's why Pinterest has teamed up with Campspot - leading online marketplace for premier RV resorts, family campgrounds, cabins, glamping options, and more - to share the top trends for 2022 Summer travel!

19 May 2022  |

Healey Brothers Auto Group Test Drives Pinterest’s Catalogs, Product Pins

Healey Brothers Auto Group became the first auto company to test and pilot Pinterest’s shopping solutions, and the platform shared details on that initiative at the Digital Dealer conference in Tampa, Fla., Tuesday.

Pinterest said Healey Brothers teamed up with media agency Dealers United to upload its vehicle inventory into catalogs, and the resulting Product Pins contained information on each vehicle such as availability, key descriptions and price.

11 May 2022  |

Pinterest Joins MTV Entertainment Group for First-Ever Mental Health Youth Action Forum

Pinterest announced, "this month, we are taking deliberate steps to lift the voices of young creators and drive a culture from awareness to action on mental health. On May 18, Pinterest will join MTV and other leading media and technology companies in participating in the first-of-its-kind Mental Health Youth Action Forum in Washington, D.C."

9 May 2022  |

Pinterest Quietly Launches a Livestreaming App for Video Creators

Pinterest on Monday launched a new app aimed at making it easier for creators to livestream to its platform. The new Pinterest TV Studio app for iOS and Android will allow select creators to go live on Pinterest as well as use multiple devices in order to achieve different camera angles, the app’s description states.

5 May 2022  |

Pinterest Details Mental Health Awareness Month Initiatives

Pinterest detailed its ongoing and new initiatives aimed at helping Pinners navigate mental health issues to mark Mental Health Awareness Month in May. The platform debuted its compassionate search feature in July 2019, and it is currently available in 12 countries Pinterest said it will be extended to 11 more countries in the coming weeks.

4 May 2022  |

Pinterest Shares Key Wedding Search Trends Ahead of Wedding Season

Tis the season for weddings, and Pinterest has published some new insights into key wedding ceremony trends, to help businesses plan for what’s coming, and highlight what people are looking for as they celebrate their big day in the coming months.

29 April 2022  |

Pinterest Head of Beauty Partnerships Rachel Goodman on Helping Brands Tell a Story

When Pinterest launched in 2010, it was pegged as a supplemental platform for bloggers. Fast forward to over a decade later and it’s now a regular go-to for beauty brands, beauty fans and far beyond with its buzzy ecosystem of content creators. At the helm of Pinterest’s beauty division is Rachel Goodman, head of beauty partnerships, who has been with the company for seven years. [...]

28 April 2022  |

Pinterest Hosts First-Ever Global Day of Service

Pinterest announced, "we strive to create a safe, inclusive and positive environment on the internet. On April 22, Pinterest is taking these efforts offline with our first-ever company-wide day of service. Led by Pinterest’s Social Impact and Philanthropy team, the day will commemorate National Volunteer Week in the US and Earth Day around the globe as Pinterest employees work together to benefit their local communities."

25 April 2022  |

Pinterest has More Women in its Workforce Now

Pinterest just released its latest Inclusion and Diversity Report, revealing a slight increase in the number of women in leadership and an increase in the number of women employees worldwide. The news comes on the heels of a rocky year with the departure of several senior-level executives.

20 April 2022  |

Pinterest 2021 Inclusion & Diversity Report

Pinterest's 2021 Inclusion & Diversity Report has been published. Nichole Barnes Marshall, the new Global Head of Inclusion and Diversity explains Pinterest is "ensuring employee representation becomes more reflective of the world we live in, actively engaging our Pinterest workforce in inclusive practices and equitable systems, continuing to build a platform that reflects our diverse population of 400+ million monthly global Pinterest users and partnering with organizations dedicated to justice, equity and wellness".

20 April 2022  |

Jameson and Pinterest Team Up for an Orange-inal Color Takeover

Irish whiskey brand Jameson is owning orange, the vibrant Spring color, in Pinterest’s first-ever color takeover partnership. Starting today, users who search for orange will see Jameson’s content for its new spirit flavor across top orange hits on Pinterest’s page. The break-through ads will appear in searches like orange chicken and orange nails, according to Pinterest.

18 April 2022  |

Pinterest Announces New Partnership with WooCommerce to Expand Product Listings

Pinterest has announced a new partnership with eCommerce platform WooCommerce, which will enable WooCommerce’s 3.6 million merchants the convert their product catalogs into Shoppable Pins on Pinterest.

WooCommerce is primarily an eCommerce plug-in for Wordpress, enabling Wordpress users to add a product showcase to their site. And now, they’ll also be able to post those same items on Pinterest too, expanding their opportunities for exposure and sales.

14 April 2022  |

Pinterest API (v5) Brings Open Access to Developers for the First Time

Open access has come to the Pinterest application-programming interface. Pinterest rolled out Pinterest API (v5) Tuesday, saying that it marks the first time in the platform’s history that it is offering a developer-centric, open API, which any developer can apply to access.

Pinterest API (v5) enables developers to quickly connect to the Pinterest platform and build apps that enable faster content creation, with access to analytics on ads, Pins and users.

13 April 2022  |

Pinterest announces ban on all climate misinformation

Pinterest is to block all climate misinformation, as the image-focused social network seeks to limit the spread of false and misleading claims.

Under the new policy the site is committing to take down content that distorts or denies the facts of the climate crisis, whether posted as adverts or normal “organic” content.

7 April 2022  |

Pinterest Announces New Activations for Prom Week, Highlights Key Prom Trends

With excitement around Prom Week ramping up, Pinterest has announced a new program to help users find prom inspiration, partnering with actress Peyton List to showcase the top prom fashions of the season. 

5 April 2022  |

PinFlex: Pinterest’s Version of ‘Work Where You Want to Work’

The company introduced its new work model Monday, combining the ability for its employees to work from anywhere they choose with a focus on “intentional in-person collaboration” at its offices. Those in the U.S. can work from any of the 50 states, while those in other countries can do so within the country or region of their office.

4 April 2022  |

Pinterest Celebrates International Transgender Day of Visibility

Pinterest is honoring International Transgender Day of Visibility Thursday with actions including highlighting trans creators, sharing data about related searches on its platform and supporting trans-led and trans-focused organizations.

1 April 2022  |

Pinterest Shares New Insights into How Women are Seeking Out Health Advice in the App

Pinterest recently conducted a new survey to find out more about how people are searching for and accessing menstruation information in the app. Pinterest partnered with Opinium Research for a survey of more than 1,000 Pinners in the UK, US, Canada, France, Germany and Japan.

30 March 2022  |

Pinterest to invest an additional $1.2 million in its Creator Fund for underrepresented groups

As competition heats up for creator talent, Pinterest today announced it was more than doubling its initial investment in its Creator Fund with an additional $1.2 million in a combination of cash grants, ad credits and other creator resources for underrepresented groups. 

29 March 2022  |

Halifax and Pinterest Join Forces to Launch 'Move or Improve' Initiative

Recently, Halifax and Pinterest announced the launch of their co-branded campaign, supporting the bank’s ‘Move or Improve’ initiative. In a first for Halifax, the banking brand will inspire Pinners to realise their home plans by raising awareness of the products, tools and services they offer, through Pinterest’s immersive ad format, the Pin Extension.

29 March 2022  |

Estee Lauder Launches its First Ever Idea Ad on Pinterest

The global beauty brand has launched a paid partnership with Sydney interior stylist, Steve Cordony, ahead of World Sleep Day on March 18th. [...]

The Idea ad with paid partnership campaign is a first for Estee Lauder, with the leading cosmetics brand keen to tap into fast-growing demand of Australian Pinners for beauty and self care inspiration while positioning its reformulated serum as a must-have for bedtime skin routines.

21 March 2022  |

Pinterest Now Lets You Share Idea Pins on Other Platforms

Starting today and in the course of this month, all users can download and share published Idea Pins on social channels including Facebook and Instagram. These Idea Pins will be downloaded as a watermarked video that stitches all the Idea Pin pages together, and ends with an end card that displays the creator’s name and username. Now, with Idea Pin Sharing and Downloading, a creator’s original Pinterest content can go even further reaching new audiences on and off Pinterest.

16 March 2022  |

Pinterest Unveils a Range of Shopping and Advertising Updates at its Annual 'Pinterest Presents' Event

Pinterest has announced a range of new updates and additions as part of its second annual ‘Pinterest Presents’ global advertiser summit, including in-stream shopping enhancements, promoted Idea Pins, improvements to its Pinterest Trends tool and more. Here’s a look at the key announcements from the event.

11 March 2022  |

Argos teams with Pinterest to launch The Argos Mood Hotel

UK retailer Argos and social media platform Pinterest have announced The Argos Mood Hotel. Located in Bethnal Green, London, this has been curated using interior design products from Argos, based on the hottest interiors trends emerging from Pinterest Predicts. [...]

For those unable to visit the hotel, they can experience it through 360° video and high-res photography, as well as shoppable digital formats, on the Pinterest platform and Argos social media channels.

7 March 2022  |

New Study Looks at How Static Ads Perform Against Video Ads on Pinterest

With over 431 million active users, Pinterest is a platform with huge potential for advertisers, especially given its high engagement and visual focus. But how effective are Pinterest's various ad options, and which drives better results?

The team from Creatopy recently ran a test to provide some additional insight on this, with the experiment specifically focused on two hypotheses:
- Video ads bring more reach than static ads
- Static ads bring more qualitative traffic

7 March 2022  |

Pinterest launches Ukraine Humanitarian Support Fund

Pinterest's Social Impact team has established the Ukraine Humanitarian Support Fund, composed of pre-vetted nonprofits committed to providing humanitarian aid to Ukrainians. Through a single tax deductible donation to the Fund, you will support a group of nonprofits/NGOs that are mobilizing resources to help those who are most vulnerable during this conflict. Pinterest is monitoring the situation closely and will adjust and provide additional support as needed.

2 March 2022  |

Pinterest Announces New Support Program for Female-Owned Businesses as Part of Women's History Month

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March is Women’s History Month, and Pinterest is marking the occasion with a new support announcement that will see ten female-owned businesses receive funding, training and more as part of its Pinterest Elevates program. The funding will also be focused on those from underrepresented communities [...].

2 March 2022  |

Pinterest Adds Hebrew Language Support, Expanding Access to Millions More Users

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As explained by Pinterest: “Today, Pinterest is launching in Hebrew for Pinners around the world. With more than 55 million Pins in Hebrew already on Pinterest, we want to make it even easier for Pinners to discover fresh ideas and get inspired for their life’s projects in their preferred language.”

That will help more users access the app, especially in Israel, where Hebrew is the main language spoken among the nation’s 9 million citizens (Pinterest is currently the third most popular social app in Israel).

2 March 2022  |

Pinterest Outlines 6 Ideas for Making Best Use of Idea Pins

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Idea Pins are Pinterest’s take on the Stories format, a full-screen, video-aligned content option that provides a range of new creative opportunities, aligning with broader consumption trends. And if you’re wondering how to make best use of the option, you’re in luck – this week, Pinterest has outlined six concept ideas for compelling Idea Pins, which could help you formulate a better approach to the option.

16 February 2022  |

Pinterest Announces Second Annual 'Pinterest Presents' Conference, Highlighting Key App Trends and Initiatives

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Pinterest has announced that it's bringing back its ‘Pinterest Presents’ conference for another year, with the virtual event set to provide new insights into key usage trends, while also enabling Pinterest to preview upcoming platform features and updates for your planning.

10 February 2022  |

Pinterest Sets Pinterest TV Series for Black History Month

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Pinterest kicked off a Pinterest TV series for Black History Month, Soul Food: Nourish Your Soul. The platform is working with creators across beauty, fashion, food and wellness including Tenicka Boyd, Kellie Brown, Vallery Lomas, Nory Pouncil and Bryant Terry. Pinterest also teamed up with The Creative Collective NYC, a Black- and woman-owned agency, to activate up-and-coming Black creators.

2 February 2022  |

Pinterest Introduces AR Try On for Home Decor for the Ultimate Online Home Shopping Experience

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"Today we’re introducing Try On for Home Decor, a new way for Pinners to shop for the home decor inspiration they find on Pinterest using augmented reality. This latest AR technology from Pinterest enables Pinners to virtually place items from US retailers like Crate & Barrel, CB2, Walmart, West Elm, and Wayfair in their home using the Pinterest Lens camera, and try before they buy."

1 February 2022  |

Pinterest Tests New Idea Pin Highlights to Showcase Specific Content

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[...] Pinterest is testing out a new ‘Highlights’ element for Idea Pins, which would enable creators to showcase their best Idea Pins at the top of their profile display.

1 February 2022  |

Pinterest Shares New Insights into How Men are Using the App in their Shopping Journeys

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Today, Pinterest has published some new insights into male Pinner usage, and how men vary in their use of the app versus other users, in order to help marketers better plan and strategize their male Pinner outreach.

14 January 2022  |

Pinterest Adds 'Profiles' Tab to Search Results to Better Highlight Pin Creators

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Pinterest is looking to improve creator discovery with the addition of a new ‘Profiles’ tab within Pin search, which will highlight relevant creators related to any search term. [...] That’ll enable Pinners to find the top creators for each subject, which will help improve creator exposure, and further build their presence.

10 January 2022  |

Pinterest Names New Global Head of Inclusion and Diversity

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Nichole Barnes Marshall joined Pinterest as global head of inclusion and diversity, succeeding Tyi McCray, who left the company last June after less than one year in the role.

Marshall had been chief diversity, equity and inclusion officer at Bath & Body Works, integrating DEI programs and efforts across the retail chain.

At Pinterest, she will lead the company’s I&D strategy and team, integrating principles into its people and business practices.

10 January 2022  |

Pinterest: Brands Debuting New Products Must Catch the Attention of Gen-Z

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Brands debut more than 30,000 new products every year, and roughly 95% of them do not see long-term success, according to research from Harvard Business School. How can brands beat those odds? Pinterest suggests courting Generation Z.

6 January 2022  |

Pinterest Business Boss Urges Brands to Chase Trends, not Fads, with 'Cheat Sheet' Report

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The Drum catches up with Pinterest’s director of business marketing, Visha Naul, following the release of its Pinterest Predicts 2022 report, which she calls a ‘cheat sheet’ for advertisers.

6 January 2022  |

The top Pinterest Engineering blog posts from 2021

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"In 2021, hundreds of millions of people turned to Pinterest as a positive source of inspiration through experiences powered by Pinterest engineers. [...] As we wrap up this year and look forward to 2022, here’s a recap of the most-read posts of 2021, to take you behind the scenes of some of the challenging and inspiring engineering work of our teams."

1 January 2022  |

From inspiration to action: the purchasing power of Pinterest’s full marketing funnel

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To celebrate how Pinterest is meeting the diverse needs of modern marketers today, The Drum Awards for Digital Industries (DADIs) 2021 sought out the best and most inspiring uses of Pinterest, shining a light on the breadth of capabilities of the platform, either to tell a full-funnel strategic story or as a one-off creative storytelling activation.

21 December 2021  |

Pinterest Publishes New Guide on Optimizing Your Product Catalog Feed for Product Pins

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As Pinterest works to build out its eCommerce features, and become a key hub for online shopping, attracting as many merchants as possible is central to that effort. [...] Pinterest has made several advances on this element over the past 12 months, and today, the platform has published a new, 57-page guide on how to set up your Pinterest Shop from a product listing perspective, which outlines the full details of each step to streamline the process.

20 December 2021  |

Pinterest Introduces New and Extended Parental Benefits for Employees and Supports National Paid Family Leave

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Pinterest announced, "as part of our work to advance a culture where employees feel supported to bring their full selves to work and create a life they love, we’re announcing an update to our parental benefits and highlighting our support of a national paid family leave."

9 December 2021  |

Pinterest Predicts: The trends to watch for 2022

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"Today, we’re announcing the findings from our annual Pinterest Predicts trend report, featuring more trends, local spotlights, new demographic info, and a multitude of new opportunities for advertisers, creators and consumers. Our insights aren’t a retrospective, or a round-up of what was trending — it’s a predictive look ahead into what will be trending in 2022 across home, beauty, fashion, food, wellbeing, parenting, travel, design and more."

8 December 2021  |

Pinterest Acquires Vochi, a Video Creation and Editing App

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Pinterest have announced, "we’ve acquired Vochi, a video creation and editing app focused on democratizing quality tools for creators. Acquiring Vochi is part of our commitment to helping creators bring more quality video content to Pinterest. Having more inspiring content can provide Pinners with more ways to watch, make and shop creator ideas."

7 December 2021  |

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