Pinterest Marketing Tips

Looking for practical advice and ideas to convert your pins into clicks?

You've come to the right place! Whether you're looking for inspiration to get traffic flowing from Pinterest to your website, for ways to optimize your Pinterest page, or want to learn about best practices. The Pinterest Marketing Tips below will help you to convert pins into clicks.

Get ready to roll up your sleeves! 

Step into the mindset of people on Pinterest

Marketing on Pinterest is different from other platforms. People come to Pinterest to seek ideas and inspiration. They are open to try new things and explore new brands. To reach your ideal clients on Pinterest:

Be helpful

More than ever, people come to Pinterest for helpful ideas and valuable resources to manage daily challenges and plan future projects. Attract them by responding to their needs.

Be visual

When it comes to a great idea, people know it when they see it. Make sure your images catch their eye. Create remarkable visuals. Get noticed. Get clicks!


People use Pinterest instead of other websites or search engines, because visually seeing something, inspires them to actually try or buy something. Inspire people to act!

Pinterest Best Practices

What to do and NOT to do to Pinterest

Being considerate of other users' experiences, as on any platform, is extremely important on Pinterest if you want to stay in its' good books. Creating quality content and avoiding spammy behaviour are key to your marketing success on Pinterest.

Start here to learn about Pinterest etiquette.

Your Guide To Growing Shopify Store Sales with Pinterest

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Pinterest Marketing Tips

Pinterest works just as well for small businesses as it does for large brands. As long as you know your target audience well, you can obtain real business results with Pinterest. Try out some of the Pinterest Marketing Tips I share on my blog.

Step inside the mindset of people on Pinterest.

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