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August 10, 2022

Top 5 Questions eCommerce Brands ask Pinterest Managers

As Pinterest managers, we help eCommerce brands from a wide range of industries market their products with Pinterest. When it comes to deciding whether or not to invest in Pinterest, certain questions come up over and over again. If you’re thinking about getting started or stepping up your game on Pinterest for your online store, you may be asking yourself the same questions. So, we decided to put together a list of the five most frequent questions (and answers!) we get asked.

Here are the Top 5 FAQs we get asked as Pinterest Managers:

"Will Pinterest work for our online store?"

Pinterest works for many different types of eCommerce brands. Home decor, fashion, fashion accessories, beauty, travel, wellness, sport, health, gardening, food & drinks, parenting are among the most popular categories. Online stores in a wide variety of industries are successful on the platform. How successful you are on Pinterest depends on:

  • The quality of your images and/or videos on Pinterest. Inspirational lifestyle and/or solution-focused content works best.
  • The quality of your website - Pinterest can send you traffic, but the actual conversions happen on your website. How clear is the messaging on your website? How easy is it to take the next step after arriving on your website from Pinterest?
  • Your target audience – Is your target audience active on Pinterest?
  • A coherent strategy – An SEO optimised Pinterest account (Pinterest is a search engine!), clear marketing goals and pre-defined KPIs to measure your success are essential.

"How soon will we see results?"

Patience is a virtue, especially on Pinterest! This is probably one of the hardest things to do on Pinterest. Firstly, it takes a while for the algorithm to learn about your products and your business. It needs time for the creatives, ads and keywords to warm up.

Secondly, the unique consumer behaviour on Pinterest means that conversions can take a while. On average it takes 20 days for a prospect to convert to a customer on Pinterest, but this totally depends on the type of product.

Delayed attribution is high. If you can be patient at the start, you’ll generally see a radical difference after 3 or 4 months. Just like people on Pinterest, successful advertisers plan too!

People see the image


People come across an image, either because they searched for it using keywords or because they’ve shown an interest in a similar topic or product previously.

People save the image


If they like what they see, because the image contains an idea, product or solution they're interested in, they may decide to save the image for future reference.

come back & purchase


When they're ready to buy, they will come back to their saved images to make a purchase decision.

"What kind of results can we expect to get?"

This is a very tricky question. ROAS (Return On Ad Spend) varies per client and depends on many factors such as image quality, online store experience, industry, product type & price, campaign type & objective. Typically, we generate a minimum average ROAS of 3:1, but often higher. 

"How much does it cost to advertise on Pinterest?"

There are a few things to consider when thinking about how much to spend on Pinterest ads, such as your budget and your goals. It is important to do some preliminary testing before investing larger sums of money. We generally recommend a minimum ad spend of $50-$100 per day. However, it's possible to spend less and get results. We have built successful campaigns with lower budgets. It totally depends on your objectives and the maturity of your Pinterest account.

"Can we just run paid ads without publishing organic content?"

We generally recommend doing both organic and paid, especially if your account has been inactive for a while or if you're just starting out. If you regularly publish blog articles, organic pinning is a great way to create brand awareness and engagement. When your business is new to Pinterest, publishing organic content is very effective to collect data to guide future paid ad campaigns. Organic posts and paid ads are very complimentary.

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5 Top Questions eCommerce Brands ask Pinterest Managers

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