Pinterest Account Setup & Optimization 

Pinterest Account Setup & Optimization

Build a solid foundation for your Pinterest account. Organic website traffic growth starts here! 

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Driving website traffic with Pinterest, starts with setting up and configuring your Pinterest page, the right way. 

Your Pinterest page is your "shop window". It plays a pivotal role in your Pinterest marketing activities. First impressions count and by optimizing it for Pinterest SEO, you are more likely to attract the right audience.

Pinterest is intuitive and simple to use for people browsing around the platform. Using it for business is not quite as intuitive as the user experience, because it's very different from other platforms. People don't go there to follow other people. They use it to look for solutions, ideas and inspiration and you need to take this into account to build an effective Pinterest page that will help you to increase organic traffic to your website.

A professional, SEO-optimized Pinterest page for your business

Using Pinterest to drive traffic to your business website, requires an understanding of how people search for your product or service. People can come across your business in many different ways on Pinterest. To get the best results your account needs to be optimized to maximize these Pinterest touch points.

It's perfectly feasible to do this yourself. You can create some boards, add a few pins and see if you're getting any traction. However, if you're working with a page and content that are not properly optimized for Pinterest SEO, your pinning efforts will be less effective.

Using Pinterest for organic traffic growth starts with a professional and SEO optimized Pinterest page. It's a business asset that will support your future Pinterest marketing efforts. 

Account Set-Up & Optimization

The Pinterest Account Set-Up & Optimization service is for online entrepreneurs and brands that would like to:

  • Outsource the initial set-up of their Pinterest account, OR
  • Get their existing account reviewed, updated and optimized by a Pinterest professional

The Pinterest Account Set-Up & Optimization

Depending on where you are in your Pinterest journey, you can either opt for a Pinterest Account Set-Up service to create a brand new account or a Pinterest Makeover to freshen up an existing account. In both cases, your account will be SEO optimized and built or updated based on Pinterest Best Practices. These are one-time services. 

Pinterest Account Set-Up

For businesses that are starting from scratch and do not have any (or very little) content on Pinterest. It includes:

  • 1-hour video call to get an understanding of your business, your Pinterest marketing objectives and your target audience.
  • Assistance with the creation of a business account and activation of rich pins.
  • Creation of an SEO optimized Pinterest page containing 10 boards with content to attract your target audience and aligned with your branding.
  • Selecting and posting a minimum of 5 pins on each board.
  • A video consultation (30 mins) to discuss what you need to do next to start driving organic traffic with your brand new Pinterest page.

Pinterest Makeover

For businesses that have a Pinterest page with content and wish to give their account a professional makeover. It includes:

  • An overall assessment of your Pinterest profile, as well as your boards and their content.
  • 1-hour video call to discuss results of the overall assessment and agree on proposed changes.
  • A Pinterest page make-over aligned with your branding.
  • SEO optimization of board titles & descriptions.
  • Assistance with the activation of rich pins.
  • A video consultation (30 mins) to discuss what you need to do next to increase traffic to your website with your freshly optimized Pinterest page.

Price for each of these services starts at 1250€*

*Starting price for an account with 10 boards

Client Feedback

Hervé-Charles Léger

Business Owner

In a short period of time, I went from 30 to 1500 visits per month on my site.

Pinterest was a bit of a mystery to me. Step by step, Mary helped me to understand the benefits of using Pinterest for my business, as well as the subtleties of using this platform.

Meg Koett

Marketing Manager

Our results have been fantastic!

We have been seeing a lot of movement from Pinterest to our website. I just want to say thank you so much for your help and advice! You're clear with your suggestions and I would absolutely recommend your services to other people struggling with Pinterest!

Julia Lally

Business Owner

Grew my list from basically nothing to 50-100 sign ups per month - super happy with that!

Mary showed me a really good pinning strategy to increase engagement growth and also some great ideas around analytics. I really felt it helped me understand what to do in order to boost views - it worked basically!

About Mary Lumley

I'm Mary Lumley, a Pinterest Expert, who LOVES helping online retailers grow their site traffic and attract new clients through Pinterest.

Since 2014, Pinterest has been at the centre of my professional universe. I have built up a wealth of Pinterest expertise and have helped many businesses increase website traffic, get more mailing list subscribers and grow sales with Pinterest.

I work with online stores and brands in a wide range of industries. Most of my clients sell via Shopify, but I help e-commerce retailers with shops on other platforms too.

I would be delighted to help you get more traffic with Pinterest.

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