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Pinterest drives website traffic forever. Literally.

Pinterest is a search engine, not a social media platform. It is where people look for ideas and solutions. It is where they plan their lives. People use it to search for information and inspiration by browsing through images or initiate precise searches with keywords. Images and keywords are what make Pinterest tick.

Did you know that any paid content you promote on Pinterest stays on Pinterest and lives on forever? Unlike other platforms, content on Pinterest will drive targeted organic traffic to your website for months, even years, whether it started out as organic or paid content. Especially if your account stays active. No other platforms do this.

Pinterest Account Management

If you're new to Pinterest, or if you've neglected your account, organic pinning will help to build initial momentum. Organic pins keep your account active and ensure that you keep showing up in your followers' feeds on Pinterest. They're also a great playground to test creatives and collect data for any paid campaigns you may be planning!

Either way, our organic Pinterest account management service is designed to pave the way for paid advertising success!

We offer organic Pinterest account management services as part of a global Pinterest marketing strategy or to help you kick-start a new account. 

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