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Diversify your marketing. Get highly targeted traffic.
Convert pins into clicks!

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Diversify your marketing. Get highly targeted traffic.
Convert pins into clicks!

Conversion focused Pinterest marketing

Pinterest Consult Call

On-demand consultancy sessions

The perfect option if you just need a one-off call or if you're looking for occasional tips, feedback & guidance to move you forward.

Whatever level you're at!

Ready to start?

  • This offer is for live one-on-one consultancy with Mary. We meet via Zoom for 1 hour whenever you need Pinterest assistance. You sign up for a 1-to-1 call by clicking on the button below. 
  • You schedule each call through the online calendar - at least 48 hours in advance. Just head to the online calendar and reserve an available slot. You will be sent a link to the calendar after you have signed up.
  • You can re-schedule the call at no cost through the online calendar max 48 hours before the call.
  • There is no expiration date - once purchased, you have unlimited time to book whenever you want.
  • After each meeting you will receive a recording so that you can fully focus on the discussion and play it back whenever you want. You will also receive a summary of next action points to work on.
  • If there are any particular topic(s) you would like to focus on for which you would like advice or assistance, you can let me know when you make the call reservation.

Any questions? Drop me a line.

"Our results have been fantastic!"

"We have been seeing a lot of movement from Pinterest to our website. I know if I had more time to apply your suggestions, we would be seeing even better results! I just want to say thank you so much for your help and advice! You're clear with your suggestions and I would absolutely recommend your services to other people struggling with Pinterest! I am definitely planning on using you as a resource in the near future!"

Meg Koett  //  Marketing Manager

"With your help, visits to my site have really increased."

"Thank you for your advice which truly helped me. With your help, visits to my site have really increased. It’s brilliant!"

Lucie Tillier  //  Image Consultant

Image Solene

"Even with a low number of followers we manage to get sales"

"I discovered your blog on Pinterest and I follow your advice closely to grow our company’s Pinterest account (e-commerce website). Even with a low number of followers we manage to get sales. Thank you for your work.”

Solène Gignet  //  Product Manager - Marketing & Communication

Mary Lumley - Pinterest Marketing Consultant

Mary Lumley 

I LOVE helping business owners grow their site traffic and attract new clients through Pinterest. I would love to help you get results from Pinterest. That is what drives me. If you're happy, I'm happy!

Let's build your Pinterest success story.

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