How to Use Pinterest Trends Tool to Boost Paid Ads

March 24, 2021

How to Use Pinterest Trends Tool to Boost Paid Ads

Thinking about running a Pinterest advertising campaign? Before you dive in head first, check out the Pinterest Trends Tool. Capitalizing on the trend insights you can glean from this data is a powerful way for Pinterest advertisers to optimize ad campaign results. Read on to find out how you can use Pinterest Trends to set your paid ads up for success.

1. What's the Pinterest Trends Tool?

As its name indicates, Pinterest Trends is a keyword tool that helps you see what's trending, and when. It tells you what people are looking for on Pinterest, and when they're most likely to be looking. By simply entering a keyword for a product you sell, you can see search trends for that product. It gives an indication when it gained popularity over the last 12 months. Not only that, it also shows you associated search terms and sub-niches for your keyword. To give you an idea what the tool looks like and the kind of data it provides, here's an example for "barbecue":

Pinterest Trend graph of BBQ search

2. How to Use Pinterest Trends Tool to Boost Paid Ads

As you can see from the example above, Pinterest Trends provides highly relevant trend information about top search terms and topics that will help you plan a promoted or organic pin campaign. It's a great place to get started with campaign planning. Here are three ways to use Pinterest Trends to optimize paid ads.


There's no better time for an advertising campaign than when people are looking for your product

On average, people start searching for inspiration for future projects around 45 days in advance. Not surprisingly, in the barbecue example above, data from the last 12 months shows us that the peak for the US market is in July. From early March, barbecue search queries are starting to go up. High season is from mid-May to mid-July with a big peak for the 4th of July. If I were in the business of selling barbecues or related products, I'd plan to run one or more advertising campaigns on Pinterest from mid-April to mid-July.


Speak their language whilst optimizing for SEO 

Getting the timing right of your paid advertising campaign is one thing. The product in your ad also needs to be discoverable. You need to get in front of the right people. The suggested search terms match real searches on Pinterest. Use Pinterest Trends to make sure you're speaking the language of your potential customer. Are you using the keywords (and spelling variations!) that they use when they're looking for your type of product? 

See how, in the image above, using "barbecue", "barbeque" and "bbq" yield very different search volumes? Leaving out the search term "bbq" from your ad copy could significantly impact its distribution. Keyword research is an essential element of the ad planning and SEO optimization process. Besides Pinterest Trends, the Pinterest search bar and the keyword finder in the Pinterest Ads Manager are also great keyword resources.

Use the insights from keyword research to write optimal pin descriptions and titles.


Discover alternative marketing angles and target audiences 

Another way to leverage Pinterest Trends is to associate other relevant keywords to your main product keyword(s) to see what else people search for. To continue with the barbecue example, you could add the word "outdoor" to find out what else people search for. Notice how each of the terms also shows the historical search trends. 

Pinterest Trend graph of outdoor BBQ search

You can play around with a range of keywords to find new ideas. The related search results for "bbq" includes "bbq baby shower ideas" (see image below). It's a smaller proportion of "bbq" search results, but the search volume is significant enough to show up here. Use Pinterest Trends in this way is a creative way to brainstorm different angles for your Pinterest marketing strategy.

Pinterest Trend graph of  BBQ search

3 Ways to Use Pinterest Trends Tools to Optimize Paid Ads

Find out when they're looking


The best time for a marketing campaign is when consumers are actively searching and planning on Pinterest. Use Pinterest Trends for your niche to find out exactly what time of the year you can reach these folks on Pinterest.

Speak their language


Use Pinterest Trends to find the keywords (and spelling variations!) that your potential customers use on Pinterest when they're looking for your type of product. Use these keywords to optimize SEO and write the best pin descriptions and titles.

Find new Marketing angles


Associating other relevant keywords to your main product keywords, Pinterest Trends can help to generate new marketing insights.

Currently, Pinterest Trends data is only available for the US, UK and Canadian markets, so if that's where your target audience is, then dive straight in. If not, the Pinterest Trends Tool will not be relevant for keyword research, but can still be useful to look at search trends. 

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How to Use Pinterest Trends to Optimize Paid Ads

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