How to use Pinterest for Business

Want to increase traffic and online sales?

You can turn Pinterest into your best business friend. If you know how. It can send potential customers to your site for months and years to come. Whether you sell services or products, Pinterest can help you drive traffic and conversions.

Ready to get started?

Pinterest can get your business... 

More traffic & leads

Make Pinterest an integral part of your marketing funnel to generate traffic to your website and online shop.

Better SEO ranking

Pinterest is a search engine. Deploy the right keyword strategy to get found on Pinterest (and even Google!).

More visibility

Optimizing your Pinterest account, regular pinning and applying best practices will encourage the algorithm to distribute your content widely.

How does Pinterest work?

Think of Pinterest as a search engine and bookmarking tool that people use to plan their lives. People typically save – or “pin” in Pinterest jargon – images they find on the web or on Pinterest itself to different boards (collections of images around a specific topic). The pictures are clickable and link back to a webpage where further information about the image topic can be found.

The content saved by users is distributed to a wider audience by the Pinterest algorithm in people’s home feed and search results. As a business, your aim is to make your content inspirational and discoverable, so that it gets seen, saved (i.e. shared) and clicked as often as possible. Helpful content, keywords, and high-quality images are essential ingredients for success on Pinterest.

Where to start with Pinterest for your business?

If you're keen to get started with Pinterest, the articles below explain ways in which you can you use Pinterest to market your business and how to get started.

The Ultimate Pinterest for Business Starter Guide

Want to increase traffic and online sales? Start by creating a conversion focused Pinterest page for your online business.

Get your copy of the The Ultimate Pinterest for Business Starter Guide.

Pinterest for business

Pinterest works just as well for small businesses as it does for large brands. As long as you know your target audience well, you can obtain real business results with Pinterest.

Step inside the mindset of people on Pinterest.

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