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People come to Pinterest with an intent to plan and purchase

More than ever, people come to Pinterest to find inspiration for their day-to-day life. Whether it's for furnishing their home, finding kids activities, sending gifts to their friends and loved-ones, planning future holidays, tonight's meal or how to start a vegetable garden. In April 2020, Pinterest reported that user engagement related to shopping on Pinterest increased 44% year over year.

Uploading your product catalog to Pinterest makes it possible for people to discover and save your products for future purchase and to buy products directly from your website

Why upload your product catalog on Pinterest?

Increase organic reach by uploading your product catalog to Pinterest. People on Pinterest can easily discover, save and buy products from your website for free.

Here are 6 good reasons why you should consider displaying your products on Pinterest:

  • A Shop link will be displayed at the top of your Pinterest page. With one click the products in your catalog are displayed. 
  • The products from your catalog become shoppable Product Pins. A click on the pin will take the user directly to the product on your website. 
  • Having a shop tab on Pinterest is free of charge, unless you decide to run a paid advertising campaign. Pinterest does not charge any commission on sales via their platform.
  • 97% of top searches on Pinterest are unbranded.* It's a relatively level playing field since people mostly search using generic terms, not brand names. It is not unusual for a smaller retailer’s product to rank higher in search results than a larger competitor.
  • Pinners are highly engaged. They are 3 times more likely to click through to an e-commerce or retail site after visiting Pinterest, than after visiting other social media.*
  • On average, Pinners spend 1.6 times more than people who don't use Pinterest.*

The Pinterest Shop Creation service is for e-commerce businesses who need a helping hand getting their products listed on Pinterest. Creating a shop on Pinterest, requires the upload of your product catalog, in a specific format, from a location that Pinterest can access. Depending on the platform your e-commerce business is hosted on, this can be a daunting task if you're unfamiliar with processing data feeds. If you're holding back from adding your products to Pinterest, because you lack the technical skills or simply due to lack of time, this is for you!

The Pinterest Shop creation service starts at 495€

Pinterest Shop Creation

Here's what you need to have in place to enable the listing of the products from your online store on Pinterest:

  • A Pinterest business account 
  • A claimed website associated with your Pinterest account
  • A file containing your list of products (minimum 10) and their attributes (id, title, description, URL, image link, price, availability, product group,...) in TSC, CSV or XML format. This file needs to be structured in a specific way to enable Pinterest to process it and create pins from your products dynamically.
  • A host location that Pinterest can access to process your product list once every 24 hours. This can be your own hosting on an FTP/SFTP server, or an HTTP/HTTPS direct download link.
  • To install the Pinterest Tag (a snippet of code) on your website to track conversions and create audiences that you can target with Pinterest ads. Tag installation is also required if you wish to apply for Verified Merchant status (currently only available for US businesses)

Does the mere thought of creating and uploading data and copying bits of code makes you feel nervous? Don't have anyone in your team to do this for you? We can help you with the implementation of your product catalog on Pinterest.

Shopify Stores

If your store is hosted via Shopify (applies to US and Canadian Pinterest accounts only), you can use the Pinterest Shopify app to upload your product catalog. You don't need to worry about uploading your data separately and adding bits of code. The app automatically creates the connection between your store and Pinterest. It also allows you to install the Pinterest tag. This is easy to do yourself, but we can lend a helping hand if you need it. Contact us here.

Want to do it yourself, but with expert guidance?

Book a 1-hour video Pinterest consultation with me

We can run through the steps to take, so that you have complete clarity on how to upload your product catalog. Ask me any questions you may have about the process.

During a 1-hour video consultation, I will explain how to construct the product file and what to watch out for. It will be recorded, so that you can concentrate on our discussion and watch it again at your leisure.

Any questions? Drop me a line.

Let's get your products on Pinterest!

I'm Mary Lumley, a Pinterest Expert, who LOVES helping online retailers grow their site traffic and attract new clients through Pinterest. I would be delighted to help you reach shoppers on Pinterest.

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